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Payment Not Accepted - AU Casino

A declined payment is one of an online casino player’s worst fears, and it might even make you worry that the online casino site you’ve chosen might not be as legit as you thought! Luckily, payment issues tend to be small issues with quick fixes, but you often need to get in touch with the customer support team to rectify the problem.

What’s gone wrong?

You’ve attempted to make a deposit using one of the casino’s accepted payment methods, and your deposit has been rejected, or your withdrawal request has been rejected.

What to do next

Follow our tips below to figure out what the root of the problem might be and how you can solve it.

Declined Payment Frequently Asked Questions

Can you try a different method?

One very simple way to combat a failed payment is by choosing a different method. Almost all online casinos offer multiple different payment methods, so it might be as easy as switching from your bank card to your PayPal account to get your deposit or withdrawal successfully processed.

Have you checked your internet connection?

Sometimes, your payment might fail just because your internet connection is poor. Try turning the Wi-Fi on and off, and make sure that you’ve disconnected any software like VPNs that could be blocking your payment from going through.

Did you enter all of your payment details correctly?

The most common reason why your payment will be declined is if you didn’t enter your details correctly. This applies to both deposits and withdrawals. For example, if you’re using a bank card, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve entered the card number, your name, and the CVV number on the back correctly.

Does your payment provider block online casino transactions?

In very rare circumstances, your bank might block a transaction. This can happen when you’re trying to deposit, for example, if you fail to verify your deposit through a code sent via SMS or app push notification. One way to solve this issue is to get in touch with your bank directly, and in fact, the online casino might suggest this as the first port-of-call.

Have you verified your account?

Your payment (deposit or withdrawal) might be rejected if you have not yet verified your online casino account. It’s always a good idea to do this right at the beginning of your online casino journey, as it will really help with avoiding any payment issues down the line.

Did you check the payment T&Cs?

While online casino T&Cs for payments are usually standard, there might be certain things that differ a little between different casinos, so you should always ensure that you read the T&Cs in full before you make any deposits or request any withdrawals. If your payment has been rejected, there might be something in the T&Cs that can help you solve the issue.

Final step

If you were unable to resolve the issue yourself, you’ll need to get in touch with the casino’s customer support team via live chat, email, or phone.

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