Real Money Casinos in Australia

Australia has always been good at going remote, and online Australian casinos are just an addition to this trend. Aussies have been doing remote schooling by radio since the 50s and by the time that online gambling came around, getting your business settled “remotely” wasn’t anything new. Let’s face it – we’re used to it.

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Casino games have been one of the first things to go online as soon as it became possible to process payments online. What came next was a proliferation of rules and regulations that would be used to keep online gamblers safe and free from being taken advantage of.

Today, you can legally play for real money – wherever you are in the world. Although online casinos want to keep their clients safe and happy, there are many sites that are dodgy, to say the least. Betsquare has compiled all the most trustworthy and fun online casinos on the Australian market, so you don’t have to worry about not getting the absolute best deal when it comes to fair play, getting the best value on your first deposit bonus, or just about anything it is that both new and experienced gamblers worry about when they join a new casino. We’ve got you.

All of the below listed real money Australian online casinos are carefully selected on the following criteria:

  • Return to player percentage
  • Withdrawal speed
  • Gambling licenses
  • Customer service & Reliability

Best Rated Real Money Online Casinos in Australia - March 2023

1. 1Red

A$6000 Bonus + 100 Free Spins
20% Cashback

  • Rated with 5 / 5
  • Easy registration
  • Free spins
  • Lightspeed payouts
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2. Goldencrown

A$10,000 Bonus + 100 Free Spins

  • Rated with 4,9 / 5
  • Live casino
  • Free spins
  • Several Minutes Payouts
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3. Playzilla

A$1500 Bonus + 500 Free Spins

  • Rated with 4,9 / 5
  • Live casino
  • Fast payouts
  • Free Spins
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4. Slots Gallery

A$1000 Bonus + 225 Free Spins

  • Rated with 4,8 / 5
  • Live casino
  • Cash spins
  • Easy registration
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5. Stay Casino

A$5000 Bonus + 300 Free Spins
20% Cashback

  • Rated with 4,8 / 5
  • Lightspeed withdrawals
  • Easy registration
  • Live casino
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6. Luckzie

A$4500 Bonus

  • Rated with 4,7 / 5
  • Live casino
  • Premium cashback
  • Fast payouts
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7. Zoome Casino

A$2500 Bonus + 250 Free Spins

  • Rated with 4,7 / 5
  • Easy registration
  • Fast payouts
  • Free spins
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8. Kosmonaut Casino

A$1500 Bonus + 100 Free Spins

  • Rated with 4,6 / 5
  • Live casino
  • Easy registration
  • Fast payouts
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9. Zotabet

A$6000 Bonus + 100 Free Spins
20% Cashback

  • Rated with 4,6 / 5
  • Live Casino
  • Fast payouts
  • Free spins
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10. Amunra

A$750 Bonus + 100 Free Spins
10% Cashback

  • Rated with 4,5 / 5
  • Easy registration
  • 1 hour withdrawal time
  • Free spins
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Real Money Casinos for AU Players in 2022

Image displaying Online pokies Australia

Australia is famous for its gambling – it’s no big deal here – it has been legal for quite some time in every region and territory. This is what makes Australian players really hard to please and hard to impress. When you’ve been exposed to some of the best gambling games and have the most gambling games than any other nation, then nothing that you can find online will really surprise you.

The trick for most online casinos is to woo their Australian players with something that’s better than anything you can find at your run-of-the-mill poker clubs, pubs, or hotels. It’s too big of a market to miss – Australians spend about 20 BILLION Australian dollars on gambling each year.

This includes pokies online, poker machines, one-armed bandit-type slot machines, dog and horse racing, not to mention games like Bingo or some actual human interaction at a high-stakes card table.

When you have a well-informed customer base that has a lot of money to spend on entertainment, you have to bring in the best in order to satisfy them. And online gambling casinos have certainly brought their best games to the Australian table – whether you want to play on mobile, tablet, or desktop, or are interested in pokies, live casinos, a good bonus to go with your sign-up, or the certainty that the casino is trusted, reputable and will give you a fair chance at winning big.

Some Best Online Casinos in Australia

There are some classic Aussie favourites that are definitely worth mentioning when someone asks about the best Australian online casinos:


Joe Fortune

This casino is the most visited one by numbers. All of those people can't be wrong, and half a million Aussies that signed up and kept on returning must really know what's good!

Aussie Play

Here we have the largest number of pokies available in an online casino - definitely an added bonus, since a lot of people turn to online gambling because of the crazy choices. Probably a good bet to try first - with the available sign-up bonus, you can. test out some of this crazy variety before you make your first deposit.


This one isn't popular for its pokies or video slots - it's for those who would like to spend some time playing live casino games with great croupiers and professional card dealers. It's great playing with real money AND real people.


This is a new site - some people don't like that. But PlayAMO has been around since 2020, and that's enough "testing" for most people. Its games, banking system, mobile platform, and frequent promotions sure make it worth giving a try.


Here is a casino that's great at customer service. In fact, it's famous for it, and won the vote for the best Australian customer service in an online casino. If you've had trouble with customer service in the past, this is a great place to start to get your confidence back.

Why are online games for real money more profitable?

Image displaying cartoon real money

When’s the last time a casino, whether at a pub or a hotel, let you test out their games for free? Did you know you can run free tests for games when you sign up with an online casino? And a lot of the time, they’ll give you a big bonus wad of cash when you sign up?

This doesn’t happen when you walk into a brick-and-mortar casino, does it? This is only one of the reasons that real money online casinos are way better than their brick-and-mortar counterparts.

And what about your odds? It shouldn’t matter if you play for real money in a brick-and-mortar casino or an online casino. The tech and security level, as well as modern algorithms and number randomisation, mean that you’re playing a fair game online – our casinos are audited, certified, and always trustworthy.

Why are real money online casinos better in Australia?

There are a few simple answers to this:

Play and gamble anytime, anywhere

This is an easy one, but you don't have to go outside or even get dressed to play your favourite game. Whether it's poker, blackjack, live or videogame style - or if you enjoy slot machines or even sports betting - it can all be done quite easily from your bed, your bathtub, or even campsite if you prefer (provided there's internet access).

Neverending choice

Speaking of choice, you get a better choice in a real money online casino. You cannot possibly get the same kind of choice in a hotel or pub gaming floor, even if your hotel is in Las Vegas or Crown Melbourne. They just do not have enough floor space!

Free spins

every once in a while, online casinos like to reward their customers with free spins. This can be a present when you first sign up for a casino, or as a reward for depositing cash into your casino account. Sometimes, casinos just love to give you free spins on anniversaries, birthdays - anything to get you to test out new amazing games. This makes it way easier to pick a favourite and not waste money on games that you end up not liking. It's basically a "free experimenting" bonus. Not very likely to happen in a brick-and-mortar casino, or at your local pub.

Sign-up bonuses

sign-up or sign-on bonuses are a great free money gift that online casinos like to give out when you first sign up with them. We'll give you a heads up about the best available sign-up bonuses down under! This is perfect when you're testing out a new casino before you decide to deposit money.

Playing games

We start playing the games to test the software (at least a game from each provider) and spend bonuses. In this way, we test the software and find out whether it’s available on mobile devices.

First deposit bonus

this can be either free cash or free spins - usually, when you make your first deposit into a casino account, you get a little extra love from the casino. See our best online casino lists to get the best first deposit bonuses in Australia!

Payout and payment options

Could you pay with Crypto at the last dingy pub you happened to be gambling at? Or had unending choices at a fancy casino complex? They like to keep the options down - after all, having unlimited choice costs money. Online gambling has made it easy, and with the set up of a good e-wallet, you can pay in crypto, credit, bank transfer or pretty much any type of transaction that you want.

How to deposit and withdraw from real money casinos in Australia?

The ease of withdrawal and deposits is something we take very seriously. After all, you don’t want to wait too long or pay too much when you want to see the “cash” that you won – and sometimes you just want to take it and have fun with it outside of the online casino. Some casinos make withdrawals though – they take a long time and the fees are unfair. We don’t pick those casinos to join our lists, as most of them are blacklisted anyway. We want you to get your money easily.

So – how can you deposit your money at an Australian casino? It depends on the casino of your choice. However, you should be able to do it via PayPal, after submitting your bank details and other personal information. If you don’t have a PayPal account, no worries – a credit or debit card will suffice, too.

How to withdraw money at an online casino? It’s time to enjoy your winnings – if you hit the jackpot big time, it’s time to reward yourself and do whatever you want to do with all that cash. But in order to. turn it all into actual cash, you need it to be transferred over to you.

For a faster processing time, some people choose to use prepaid cards, like options from Visa or MasterCard pre-paid – this includes having a card from PayPal, Venmo, or other e-wallets that have services by major credit card companies. Some people don’t mind using their bank cards, especially if they live in a country where gambling is legal – just like in Australia.

Other methods of payment and withdrawal in online casinos include:

Neosurf – most popular online casinos in Australia offer Neosurf
Bank wire transfer
Pre-paid cards
Debit cards
Other cryptocurrency

Hint: make sure that your desired form of payment is both on the deposit and withdrawal list for a specific online casino!

Find Real Money Australian Casinos

We have not only the most trusted online casinos in Australia, but the ones that get you a sweet bonus, great customer service, multiple convenient forms of payment and withdrawal, but also the biggest choice of online games and pokies on this side of the world!

You can find the best Australian casino sites in 2022 right here on this site – we go through a strenuous vetting process so you don’t have to. Usually, people are scared to pick a casino that looks great graphically but just happens to be on a black list because of poor payout practices or lack of good customer service. We have it all perfectly curated for you.

Australia Online Casinos FAQs

Image displaying the text FAQs

Is real money online gambling legal in Australia?

Yes, gambling is legal in Australia, and this includes online casinos.

What are the most popular real money casino games in Australia?

Slots or pokies have always been an Aussie favourite. Another all-time favourite is Blackjack.

What's the best online casino bonus?

The most generous bonus is the welcome bonus – hands down. Casinos want you to sign up and they want you to love the games they offer. This bonus is to welcome you to the casino, thank you for signing up, and it’s meant to convince you to stay and try as many games as you can – for free. Why for free? It’s not easy to get discouraged when you don’t have to pay for it. You can go ahead and play any game you think is interesting until you finally settle on some favourites. This bonus definitely wins.

What do you think of the Real Money casinos listed on this page?

Rated 4.8 out of 5
4.8 out of 5 stars (based on 1522 reviews)
Very good16%

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