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Deposit Limits Not Working - AU Casino

All reputable online casinos take responsible gambling very seriously, and one of the main tools in place to help gamblers stay safe is the deposit limit function. You can usually set daily, weekly, or monthly deposit limits via your account dashboard or by submitting a request to the support team. In general, this works well and applies tight restrictions on your account, so you’ll never be able to deposit an amount that’s outside of your budget. In some cases, though, the limits you’re trying to apply might not work, which is a big issue for both yourself and the casino.

What’s gone wrong?

For responsible gambling reasons, you’re trying to set deposit limits on your account, or you’re experiencing trouble with a limit that you’ve already set.

What to do next

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Deposit Limits Frequently Asked Questions

Do you understand how to apply deposit limits?

Different online casinos might have slightly different mechanisms for applying your deposit limits. For example, most casinos allow you to set them yourself via your account dashboard, but others ask you to send a request to the support team. If you think your deposit limit isn’t working correctly, you might not have followed the procedure correctly to set them up, or you might have missed something in the T&Cs, so it’s a good idea to check this.

Did the casino take a higher deposit amount than it should have?

An online casino accepting a higher deposit limit than what you’ve set is a risk for you in terms of responsible gambling. If you’ve set a limit and immediately gone to make a deposit, it’s a possibility that the limit hasn’t been fully processed yet (even if the casino says that the process is instant). In this case, the best course of action is to get in touch with the support team immediately, as they can refund the extra money directly to the payment method you used.

Did your increased deposit limit not work?

Your deposit limits are set by you as a player, not the online casino, so it makes sense that you should have the flexibility to change these limits if you want. Online casinos do allow you to adjust your limits, but you might find that if you’ve got a £100 daily limit and you increase it to £200 a day, this change won’t be reflected immediately. You’ll need to check the T&Cs to see how long it takes to increase your deposit limit – but it can be up to a week, depending on the casino.

Final step

If you were unable to resolve the issue yourself, you’ll need to get in touch with the casino’s customer support team via live chat, email, or phone.

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