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Casinos coming to New York

Last update: May, 2024

Written by: Ferry de Groot Content specialist
Casinos coming to New York

Gambling might be allowed and legalized in all the Australian states and territories. However, In the United States it is totally different. Gambling and betting on sports is not allowed in most of the American States. Although there are more and more states that are choosing to regulate online gambling. Just like the state of New York. They already legalized online sportsbetting, now they are giving out licenses to three land based casino operators. Each license costing 1 billion dollars to open a land based casino in New York city.

Three casino´s will make a chance to get their hands on a new you land based casino license. Which are going to be the first three casinos in the Big Apple. Each license will cost 1 billion dollars, which is a large income for the New York state treasury. “We’re looking forward to about $2.5-$3 billion in revenue and educational funds and good jobs,” Senator Joe Addabbo said of the casino licensing in the downstate, according to PlayNY. “You’re talking about thousands of construction jobs and post-construction jobs, and as an elected official, that’s what your dream is: to find work for your people, especially after the pandemic.”

Moreover, due to the large costs for even getting a license, and then building a casino, you can expect that only the biggest and most known casino´s in the industry can settle in New York. According to Addabbo, the Senate realistically sees industry parties willing to pay $1 billion for the license. “We know the value of having a gambling license in New York, especially in the downstate,” the senator said, claiming there is “a party” willing to pay $1 billion upfront.

The field of casino operators eyeing the opportunity includes Bally’s Corporation, Las Vegas Sands and Hard Rock. The latter just opened a hotel in midtown New York. The introduction of land based casino´s might also open up the possibility for the best online casinos to come to New York as well.

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