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Betting at formula 1 Silverstone Great Britain

Last update: May, 2024

Written by: Ferry de Groot Content specialist
Betting at formula 1 Silverstone Great Britain

The formula one returns this weekend with one of the GP classics on the Formula 1 schedule. At Silverstone the Formula 1 teams will battle for the GP of Great Britain, with Max Verstappen being the favorite to take home the tenth GP of the season. Can Mercedes surprise this weekend with Lewis Hamilton or George Russel grabbing a victory this weekend? or will top favorite take his third victory in a row. Or will team Ferrari get their revenche by winning the GP at Silverstone? We will find out in a few days. The Formula 1 returning this weekend also means new betting possibilities. Who are you betting on?

However, there are some nice odds for betting at the both Mercedes drivers. Most online bookies will pay the odds of 3.5 for a podium finish for Lewis Hamilton or George Russel. Silverstone being their homerace and the fact that Mercedes will bring new major updates makes us believing in a podium place for at least one Mercedes driver. Therefore, we believe in the following two tips:
Lewis Hamilton to finish on podium @ 3.5
George Russel to finish on podium @ 3.5

We believe that the winner of Silverstone will be a Redbull driver or a Ferrari driver. The bookies put their money on Max Verstappen to win the race making him the favorite with a quote of 2 against Charles Leclerc with the odds of 3.

Eventhough Carlos Sainz finished behind Verstappen within a second during the GP in Montreal, he is far from favorite to win the Grand Prix this weekend. The odds for Sainz winning Silverstones are massive @ 13. Sainz might be less favorite to win the GP compared to Verstappen and Leclerc. However, a podium finish at the odds of 2.1 might be an interessting quote for Carlos Sainz

Aussie Daniel Ricciardo is on the way to finding his Mojo back. This week there were some rumours that Ricciardo will also be a driver for Mclaren next season. This must be a boost in confidence for  Ricciardo after rumours about him leaving the team due to not living up to the expectations. Moreover, Lando Norris is one of the most talented drivers on the grid who is looking for a good result in a home race.

Therefore, finishing both Mclaren drivers in the Top 10 is our tip of the day. Betting on both drivers in the top ten pays the odds of 2.40.

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