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This Weeks´ gambling news in New Zealand & Australia

Last update: May, 2024

Written by: Ferry de Groot Content specialist
This Weeks´ gambling news in New Zealand & Australia

This week there is a lot of news about gambling in New Zealand and Australia. We will tell you what happened this week in the world of gambling, online casino´s and casino operators.

The government of New Zealand announced that they are going to invest extra budget in the battle against gambling harm. The government is going to free up the biggest budget for this cause in 20 years’ time. NZ$76.12m is going to be spend in the next three years for an enhanced service programme that will address gambling harm and associated health inequities. The cost of this project represents an increase of $15.78m from the last levy period.

In Melbourne, Australia there is still a lot going on for the Crown casino. The Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission (VGCCC) started a new round (second) round of proceedings against the Melbourne Crown Casino. Earlier the casino failed in responsible gaming procedures regarding Chinese gambling tourists that used China Union cards to make payments at the Crown casino. This time, the hearing will be about failing to “adequately supervising or interacting with hundreds or possibly thousands of customers who exhibited signs of problem or risky gambling.”

“Crown’s responsible gambling obligations are a condition of the casino licence, designed to protect vulnerable patrons and to prevent gambling related harm to patrons, their families and the community. There is no more important obligation,” said Fran Thorn (VGCCC Chair) about the matter.

The VGCCC does not take this failure in responsible gambling very lightly. It will take appropriate disciplinary actions, which could consist out of a fine up till AU$ 100,000,000 and other actions regarding the Crown´s gambling license in Melbourne.

“We heard many distressing stories at the Royal Commission of vulnerable patrons being encouraged to gamble beyond their means.  The VGCCC will therefore be unflinching in its resolve to deal with the issues uncovered at the Royal Commission regarding Crown’s approach to responsible gambling, and to ensure the casino operator acts in line with its legal obligations and the community’s expectations.”

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