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WPT Poker gold coast tournament in June

Last update: May, 2024

Written by: Ferry de Groot Content specialist
WPT Poker gold coast tournament in June

Poker is life. Especially after a few years of harsh lockdowns due to the world wide COVID pandemic. This week, a nice week full of nice poker tournaments takes place at Star Poker. In this week there are also satellite events for the WPT Gold Coast main Event for the WPT poker festival. This poker festival takes place between June 9 and the 20th of June. The main event of the WPT Prime Gold Coast will be AUD $1350 + $150.

As can be seen In the schedule at the bottom of the page, there are several satellites this week for the WPT Gold Coast event. Which is an amazing event with a AUD$1500 buy-in with a 30.000 starting stack. The tournament has a relaced blind level structure, which gives you the best bang for your buck. The satellites that are taking place have a buy in of $175. Which means you can get yourself into a $1500 dollar event by just paying AUD$ 175.

For the real gambler there are also Main Event flips available in the casino. Which means 10 people pay $100. The person with the best hand (one time) wins the $1500 which represents a buy-in ticket for the Gold Coast WPT main event.

The Star Poker Full Schedule this week

Event Date Buy in
Treasury $75 Friday NLH Turbo Fri 13th May $75
Gold Coast Saturday $250 PLO Sat 14 may $250
Treasury Saturday Mega Stack Tournament Sat 14 may $180
Treasury $120 Monday Tournament Mon 16 may $120
Sydney Monday night Turbo Mon 16 may $220
WPT Prim Gold Coast Main Event Satellite Mon 16 may $175
Gold Coast two Bullet Tuesday Tue 17 may $200
Sydney Weekly Wednesday Big Ante Wed 18 May $330
WPT Prim Gold Coast Main Event Satellite Wed 18 May $175

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