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Aquis Entertainment is on the verge of selling their Casino Canberra to Capital Leisure & Entertainment party for AU$52 million. Casino opened in 1994 and was the first casino to open in the Australian Capital Territory. The casino is specialised in live casino games and is he only Australian casino without a license to operate pokies. The Canberra casino also has a poker lounge called the Poker Pit. Moreover, it has a sports cafe with the possibility to do sportsbetting.

As mentioned before, Casino Canberra is specialised in live gambling tables. It is the only casino in the Australian Capital Territory that holds a license to operate live tables. On the other side, it doesn’t hold a license to operate slotmachines.

Aquis, the owner of Casino Canberra, is on the verge of selling the casino to Capital Leisure & Entertainment. Aquis declares that the sale of this casino is used to finance future business opportunities. Originally, Aquis acquired Casino Canberra to redevelop the casino and to place 500 pokies and casinoslots. However, they never were able to obtain a licence for these pokermachines.

Before the covid pandemic struck, Casino Canberra organised several poker tournaments. Such as the Summer Classic Poker Tournament in 2018. With an entry buy in for $350. Canberra casino is the only casino in Canberra that can legally organise live pokergames.

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