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We have listed out the 10 best online casinos that offer countless roulette tables for you to enjoy!

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If you love to play online roulette and want to do so on one of the safe and reliable online casinos reviewed by our team you have come to the right place! Whether you prefer to take a spin on the countless live tables, want to play with small or large stakes we have done our best to map out the most reliable online casinos for you to enjoy the best possible roulette tables available. You can simply make a deposit using your favourite payment methods like Neteller or Creditcard.

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There is no soul on this earth that wants to be disadvantaged while playing their casino games online. Our practical experience prevents you from playing on online casinos that aren´t reputable and reliable. We have spent quite some hours to find out which casinos are the most reliable and have some good and bad experiences. Luckily you don´t have to figure that out for yourself, all the casinos on our website hold the required gambling licenses and are regulated by numerous european gambling authorities.

These online roulette casinos are thoroughly selected based on the following criteria

  • RTP percentage
  • Withdrawal speed
  • Customer service & Reliability
  • Live roulette selection

Our best rated roulette casinos

1. Playluck Casino

£500 Bonus + 100 Free spins

    • Rated with 4,9 / 5
  • Easy registration
  • Fast withdrawals
  • Live Casino
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2. Casiplay

£900 bonus + 120 free spins.

  • Rated with 4,8 / 5
  • Live Casino
  • Free Spins
  • 24-7 Live Chat
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3. Tonybet

£400 bonus + 100 free spins.

  • Rated with 4,8 / 5
  • Fast withdrawals
  • 24-7 live chat
  • Easy registration
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4. Spinhill

£250 bonus + 500 free spins.

  • Rated with 4,7 / 5
  • Free spins
  • Live casino
  • Fast Withdrawals
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5. Williamhill

£500 bonus + 50 Free spins

  • Rated with 4,3 / 5
  • Live casino
  • MGA licensed
  • Free Spins
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6. 32red

£150 bonus + 32 free spins

  • Rated with 4,1 / 5
  • Great loyalty programs
  • Live Casino
  • UKGC Licensed
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7. Unibet

£500 bonus

  • Rated with 4,0 / 5
  • Complete offering
  • Live Casino + Sportsbook
  • Fast withdrawals
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8. Pokerstars Casino

£500 Bonus + 100 Free spins

  • Rated with 3,9 / 5
  • Free Spins
  • Big Pokerrooms
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Increase your chance of winning with the right roulette strategy

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced roulette player, we all want the same thing, and that´s winning! Once you realize that roulette is a game of chance, your goal gets a bit more complicated. How do you beat the casino and keep winning in the long run?

Fortunately, there are numerous roulette stategies that could overcome the mathematical advantage of the online casino. So if you want to make the casino pay, roulette betting strategies are definitely worth trying. Keep in mind that there are no guarantees of beating the casino, but it does increase your chances to have the right strategy in place. Keep reading to get an understanding of the most popular online roulette strategies available!

The Martingale strategy

The martingale system is not only one of the most popular roulette betting strategies. It is also the most common betting system for other casino games such as slot machines. Many casino players use some form of the Martingale system without even realising it as it involves increasing your bet to make up for your losses. In fact, the martingale strategy requires you to double your bet when you lose. The idea behind this is that you actually can win your losses back if you repeatedly double your bet. Clearly there is a flaw in this strategy, but we´ll get to that later.

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Like all roulette strategies, the Martingale strategy works best when the betting options are limited to betting on odd and even, low or high and red or black. When starting a Martingale betting session, it is a good idea to start betting on the table minimum. So basically you play your first round with, for example 2,-EUR and when you loose the first round, you have to double your bet to 4,-EUR. When you lose the second spin, you bet 8,-EUR on the next spin. If the losing continues, you have to keep doubling your bet. Even if it takes ten tries, when you finally win you still have a profit of 2,-EUR and you can start the cycle again!

Weakness in the Martingale strategy

As you might have noticed, the Martingale strategy has a significant flaw in it called the table maximum bet. There are no guarantees that you can win within 10 tries, even when knowing that the chances of winning once out of 10 tries are high. However, if the table maximum were 1000,-EUR, you wouldn´t be able to bet again after nine bets.
Thus, like most betting systems the Martingale strategy will backfire if you hit the table maximum during a losing streak. But to be honest, we advise you to look for another table or another online casino when the maximum bet of the table is very low.

The Fibonacci roulette strategy

If you ever had math in school you might be familiar with the Fibonacci spiral. Without getting too mathmatical the Fibonacci spiral is simply a sequence of numbers where each number is the sum of the two numbers that precede it in the sequence. For example we will show the following sequence: 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34 and so on.

Since Gambling is a game of numbers, it was only a matter of time before the Fibonacci roulette strategy was born. The strategy is also quite simple. In this example we will just assume that the table minimum is set at 1,-EUR, but if it isn´t you can easily use a proportional system where 1 counts as 0,50,-EUR or 5,-EUR or otherwise. It might be a good idea to use a calculator when trying out the Fibonacci roulette strategy.

Betting on roulette using the Fibonacci strategy

When using this betting strategy, you start betting on the first number in the above sequence without counting the zero, so in this case we would start of with betting with 1,-EUR. If you lose a second time in a row, you must bet the second number in the sequence. If you keep losing you have to bet 2,-EUR 3,-EUR 5,-EUR 8,-EUR 13,-EUR 21,-EUR and so on for each subsequent loss. The system is more interesting when you win because you don´t get back to the beginning as with the Martingale strategy.

Instead, you have to go back just two steps. If you win a bet of 21,-EUR, your next bet must be 8,-EUR. If you lose the 8,-EUR bet your next bet must be 13,-EUR. This is a roulette strategy that is not very easy to apply when you are in a land-based casino. However, when playing on the online roulette tables it is far more easy to take notes and calculate what your next step should be when following the sequence of numbers.

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Regardless of which roulette strategy you use, it is essential that you understand where most gamblers go wrong. Despite what your instincts may tell you, roulette is a game of chance. Each spin is completely independent of what happened on previous spins.

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You should not assume that the roulette ball will fall on red because 18 out of the last 20 times the numbers were black. With every spin on the roulette table, the odds start again: 48,7% Red / 48.7% Black / 2.7% on zero