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Biggest Slot Machine Win Ever

Last update: May, 2024

Written by: Jaqueline Quintero Content Writer
Biggest Slot Machine Win Ever

There is a popular rumor stating that the casino system is designed in a manner that players don’t win, but instead lose in the long run. Apparently, you’ll be influenced by psychological tricks at the casinos. One such trick is offering you a rare opportunity of winning a certain amount, luring you to spend more at the game, just for the casino to take the shirt right off your back.

But saying this couldn’t be less true, especially to someone who’s scored a massive win at the casino. If you have never won anything, the romour above still holds true. But as the popularity of slot machines increases, so do the opportunities for players with regards to what to and where to play.

As the technology used in designing slot machines improves and more casinos become available – online and at the land-based level – players are presented with a growing number of games and venues to pick from. The result is a more entertaining and innovative way of gaming. However, even as the experiences are becoming more appealing and interesting to players, what everybody wants is to score the biggest slot machine win. To some of us, the D-day is yet to come, but for some lucky players, this long wait is over.

On this page, you are going to find true stories of players who appeared to be dashed lucky. They managed to record their names in the book of the biggest slot machine wins of all time. We will mix and match a few examples of wins at the land-based casinos, as well as online casinos.

Game: Progressive Megabucks Jackpot (International Gaming Technology)

When: March, 2003
Amount won: €32,593,860.94

There are those moments when things happened that you hadn’t planned for and ask God if it was really a sign. Such was a moment in March 2003, when a young lad of about 25 years walked away with €32,593,860.94 playing Progressive Megabucks Jackpot.

The young man who preferred to remain anonymous was a software engineer from Las Vegas. He’d visited town to support his favourite team, and before heading to the court, he decided to pass by the renowned Excalibur casino in Las Vegas. Interviews online indicate that he couldn’t find a spot and when he did, he quickly started throwing coins into the machine hoping to score big. And boy, did he score big!

By the time he’d spent $100, the big “jackpot” sign that every player wants to see appeared on the screen. The progressive Megabucks Jackpot music started playing in the background and in a matter of minute, our anonymous engineer was in the history books. As a smart young lad, he decided not to take all his winnings at once. Instead, he asked the Excalibur casino management to credit his account with approximately $1.5 million yearly.

Game: Progressive Megabucks Jackpot (International Gaming Technology)

When: January, 2000
Amount won: €28,651,329.50

This is usually an untold story – because of course the internet hadn’t been popularized then. However, a cocktail waitress by the name managed to score Cynthia Jay Brennan managed to score a massive. After a long day’s work at the Desert Inn Casino where she worked, she decided to have a go at Progressive Megabucks Jackpot. After an hour of spinning the reels, she was lucky to trigger the massive €28,651,329.50 jackpot at that time. She ended up as the second biggest winning on the Megabucks slot, after our lucky engineer.

Game: Mega Moolah (Microgaming)

When: September 2018
Amount won: €18,910,668

You don’t have to travel to Las Vegas Nevada or work at the Desert Inn Casino to score big wins. Players have scored big wins playing from the comfort of their homes and it’s evident in one British soldier. Jon Heywood, born and raised in Cheshire, UK, became an overnight millionaire by playing Microgaming’s popular progressive jackpot slot – Mega Moolah. And the best part about it, he scored this big win after spending only 25p while playing at one of the top UK casinos.

At about 2337Hrs on Tuesday 6 October, Jon visited one of UK’s top online casinos site and made a £30. This may not be much when you compare to what some of us have spent playing slots online but it was the lucky deposit. He wasn’t lucky enough to win on his first spin. However, seven minutes later, lady luck smiled down on him. He hit the right combination of symbols that helped him scoop the coveted prize pool of €18,910,668.

Jon – who had served during the Afghanistan war and had just retired from the army – was so elated but he kept the big news to himself until it was officially announced. The following day, he went to work like nothing happened.

Game: Mega Fortune Slot (NetEnt)

When: January 2013
Amount won: €17,861,800

With all the publicity surrounding the heroics of Mega Moolah in 2018, it is easy to forget yet another slot game that shuttered an important record. Net Entertainment’s Mega Fortune slot hold the record for the highest progressive jackpot paid out on a mobile phone. This record was set when a lucky player from Finland won the life changing amount of €17,861,800. The most interesting part of this win is that he scored the massive win using wins from a free spin no deposit bonus. Like Jon, he staked 25p on the and after a few rounds on the slot, he scored the required symbols.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Mega Fortune slot, it’s a game that plays across 5 reels and 25 paylines. It has a theme that enables you to have a taste of true luxury and wealth thanks to the French Riviera theme, which matches the huge progressive jackpot.

Game: Jackpot Giant (Playtech)

When: October 2018
Amount won: €10,096,639.50

It is not just Microgaming and NetEnt who have enjoyed the jackpot headlines in the past decade. Of course, they have the lion share of attention but there are also other renowned software providers who’ve shined too. One such provider is Playtech. The company got in on the action in October 2018 when a lucky player scored €10,096,639.50 playing Jackpot Giant progressive jackpot.

Jackpot Giant online slot is an entertaining 3D game that puts you in the same space with a jolly Incan chief. Your task is to follow him as he goes about his business on the screen. Spend money playing the game and he will generously fill back your wallet. If luck is on your side and you manage to line up five wild symbols on the 1st payline, then you’ll have hit the jackpot.

Game: Arabian Nights (NetEnt)

When: November 2012
Amount won: €8,635,872

Arabian Nights is a popular progressive slot in the NetEnt portfolio of games. As a million jackpot, the slot does not give out big wins but when it does it goes all out. One winner who defied odds to win big was a Finish player who’d visited a popular European casino. Without much thought, he said he was passing time playing on his way back home. That’s when he landed the five wild symbols on an active pay line. Unfortunately, he may be the only huge scorer in this game as years later, the slot is yet to produce a big winner. It, however, pays out a million more often.

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