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A casino wouldn´t be a casino without a large selection of online slots! Since we at Betsquare know better than anyone that online slots are the most popular casino game by far, we have listed a juicy list of the 10 best online casinos with the range of the best online slots.

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Online video slots are by far the most popular online casino game. The online slots on the internet are equivalent to those of land-based casinos; they even have huge advantages over real slots. It proves to be a lot cheaper for online casinos to offer online slots. There are no maintenance and hardware costs involved which in turn allows online casinos to offer you slots with a higher RTP percentage. Meaning a higher chance of winning than if you spin the slot in a real land-based casino!

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At all of the online casinos that Betsquare has reviewed, the chances of you winning are a lot higher than normal and all online casinos are in possession of the necessary gambling licenses which protect you as a player. We also offer you the ability to play real online slots for free in our slots room. So if you´re not ready to gamble for real money, you can always have a look at our slots room to get a taste of what it´s like to play real casino games without having to make a deposit or register an account.

These Online Casinos Have Been Thoroughly Selected on the Following Criteria:

  • Huge selection of video and jackpot slots!
  • Higher RTP percentage
  • Withdrawal speed
  • Reliability and customer service

Our best rated online slots casinos | July 2024

Bluvegas mockup

1. Bluvegas

€2000 bonus + 200 free spins

  • Rated with 5 / 5
  • Easy registration
  • Free spins
  • Live casino
  • Huge welcome bonus
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Crazeplay casino mockup

2. Crazeplay

€500 bonus + 150 free spins

  • Rated with 4,9 / 5
  • Easy registration
  • Free spins
  • Fast payouts
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Nordslot Casino mockup

3. Nordslot

€700 bonus + 150 free spins

  • Rated with 4,8 / 5
  • Easy registration
  • Fast payouts
  • Free spins
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Lapilanders mockup NL

4. Lapilanders

150% welcome bonus with a max of €200,-

  • Rated with 4,7 / 5
  • Live casino
  • Easy registration
  • Fast payouts
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Sonsofslots mockup nl

5. Sons of Slots

150% welcome bonus with a max of €300,-

  • Rated with 4,6 / 5
  • Live casino
  • Easy registration
  • Fast payouts
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Locowin Mockup

6. Locowin

€1850 bonus + 500 cash spins

  • Rated with 4,6 / 5
  • Live casino
  • Cash spins
  • Easy registration
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Woopwin casino mockup

7. Woopwin Casino

€1200 bonus + 300 free spins

  • Rated with 4,5 / 5
  • Brite + Paysafecard
  • Fast payouts
  • Free spins
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Sugar Casino mockup

8. Sugar Casino

€1500 bonus + 100 free spins

  • Rated with 4,4 / 5
  • Live casino
  • Free spins
  • Fast payouts
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Nitro Casino Mockup

9. Nitro Casino

€100 bonus + 10% weekly cashback

  • Rated with 4,4 / 5
  • Live casino
  • Fast payouts
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Scatters casino mockup

10. Scatters

€25,- risk free bet

  • Rated with 4,3 / 5
  • Fast payouts
  • Risk free bet
  • Live casino
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How to Win Real Money at Slot Games?

If you want to bet real money online and win big sums of cash, you need to learn how to play online slots. At first, it may seem straightforward and effortless, as you simply press the spin button. However, it doesn’t make you the winner, and you potentially can lose a lot. Before you start to play slots online in casinos betting real money, you need to understand that slot machines work completely randomly. This means every player has a fair chance to win a jackpot. Luckily, there are a couple of tips and tricks to improve your chances of winning real money in online slot games.

Step number one is to realise that slot machines are programmed similarly; however, some differences play a huge role in helping you land a big reward.

The Mechanism of Real Money Slots

The real money slots deliver a fair game to every player regardless of the slot games. Every online slot machine at a reputable casino uses what is known as a random number generator (RNG). RNG makes sure the outcome of your game is illogical, unreasonable, and unpredictable. This means there is no way to cheat the system and get ahead of everyone else. Every casino with online slot machines maintains and checks the system regularly; thus, there is no way to legally trick the slot machine. Instead, there are other ways that can help you increase your chances of winning.

How to Increase Chances in Winning Big at Any Online Slots Casino?

You can find the best online slot machine and still work hard on winning a big reward. And, more often than not, you will lose most of your bet because you either chose a slot machine with a low RTP (return to player) percentage or you are not betting enough to be eligible for a win, among a few other factors. These details can greatly change the outcome in your favour. Even though you don’t need to master a skill to play slots online, you need to be selective and make smart decisions, especially betting on real money. Here are some tips that will help you win more money at your next slot game:

Claim All Bonuses

If you are only a beginner and do not know where and how to play online slot games, you have a great chance of receiving a welcome bonus. A welcome bonus may include some slot credits to play and free slots – this is a great opportunity to play a couple of online slot games and see how they work. Later, depending on the slots casino, you can receive various boosters, deposit bonuses, and other things during different events.

When it comes to in-game bonuses, they also depend on a slot machine. Some slot games have different payout lines, some have symbols that add an extra free spin, and other bonuses.

Limit Your Budget

Once you register your account and claim bonuses, it is crucial to set an amount of money you can spend per online slot game. Since you are betting on real money, you don’t want to spend too much; otherwise, it may lead to grave circumstances. An online slots casino is a means of entertainment, and gambling should be responsible and reasonable. In some slots casino account settings, you can limit your spending and deposit amounts to prevent significant losses. This is a helpful setting for those who tend to take risks.

You will only enjoy playing real money slot games if you are aware of your bankroll. There is an abundance of online slot games that can fit your budget, too.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you should keep in mind that gambling is not a way of earning money. This means that once you start losing spin after spin, it is best to give a break rather than work on winning back the money.

Check RTP Percentages (Return to Player) of Online Slot Games

When playing online slots, you increase your chance of winning in comparison with real land-based slots; on all of the online casinos tested by our team you can always benefit from great free spin bonuses when making your first deposit! Have a look at the most attractive free spin bonuses of the moment here to be able to spin for free on one of the thousands of online slot machines available. The RTP percentage of an online video slot is 93% on average, which means that for every 100 euros wagered on slots at an online slots casino, an average of 93 euros goes back to the player. The RTP percentage of slots in a land-based casino is a lot lower; the RPT percentage in land-based casino slots is 84% on average, which is considerably lower. That is why it is wiser for you as a slots player to win real money playing online.

RTP is used in quite a few casino´s to measure your chance of winning in the game. Imagine that a slot has a payout percentage of 92%, of course, you would assume that for every 100 euros you wager, you would get back 92 euros. However, in real life, this turns out to work in a different way than you might expect. The RTP is calculated and based on very large numbers, so it could be that if you wager 100 euros on an online slot game, you could immediately win a huge jackpot prize in the millions. But, on the other hand, you might only see 20 euros of the 100 euros you have wagered back. In other words, the RTP ( return to player percentage of payout percentage) is the average of millions of spins and bets.

Be Eligible for a Win

There are many slot machines that award big rewards; however, to be eligible to win them, you need to make a worthy bet. The reason why the rewards continuously increase in slot games is that players make small bets. If you want to win, you need to make a higher or a maximum bet in a slot game, but only if you can afford it. Making a bigger bet in an online slot game increases your odds of winning a jackpot.

Determine the Variance of Online Slot Games

The variance, or volatility, of slot games, can be either high or low. And there is no way of knowing the truth since the developers do not reveal this information anywhere. You can read about a particular game online and check the previous players’ comments and discoveries.

High variance means the rewards are big; however, it is harder to win them. In contrast, low variance means smaller rewards but more frequent.

The online slot games with low variance are a perfect option for people who prefer to play small and safe. While real money slot games with high variance are an ideal choice for players who like to take risks, have patience and resources.

If you are wondering which variance you are playing at, you can read comments of previous players, observe the game and try to see the patterns, and note how often and how big is the payouts are.

Read Guidelines and Instructions of an Online Slot Game Before Playing

Every slot game is different in its gameplay, so before you bet real money online, make sure to have a look at the instructions. Playing blindly will cost you a lot, so it pays to understand the rules. The rules will help you understand how you can land a win, what symbols or numbers you need on reels, how to align them, and what various features mean. This way, you will know what combination to bet on and how much.

The most popular symbols you can see on reels are Wild and Scatter that grant you a bonus game or another bonus before the next spin. There is also Sticky that remain on the reels for the next spin, increasing your chances of winning a reward.

Types of Online Slot Machines

There are different types of slot machines that have small and big rewards. Below is the list of the most popular slot games that you should play online to understand which one suits your preferences. Each of them has its own characteristics and unique gameplay. Once you find your favourite slot game, you can master your knowledge of it and increase your odds of winning. There are hundreds of slot machines that can also fit your budget.

3-Reel Slots

3-reel slots were the very first ones to appear on the casino floors, they are retro, and they are still popular, although a bit outdated. The 3-reel machine has 3 rows, and you can win only when three identical symbols are aligned in a row. There are of a low velocity, meaning you can often win small amounts.

5-Reel Slots

New technology allowed slot machines to be brighter, funnier, and diverse. In order to elevate the level of entertainment and increase the number of rewards, 5-reel slots were invented. From the name, it is clear that these slot game machines have 5 rows, but also there are more payline combinations available. This means there is a higher chance of landing a reward. In contrast to slot games of the previous generation, 5-reel slots can be both of low and high velocity; thus, the reward amount can vary.

Unlike a 3-reel, a 5-reel slot game has more interactive and engaging gameplay, new features, and bonuses, for example, Scatter, Wild, and many others.

Video Slots

Similar to 5-reel slots, video slots are very interactive, loud, and have engaging gameplay. The only difference is that there are no reels. Video slots are digitalised, and they can have slots with up to 7 reels. They also have several paylines and special bonuses.

Multi-Payline Slots

If you are looking to maximise your earnings, you might try to play slots with multi paylines. Remember to always check what paylines are applicable, which ones you can bet on, and in time, you will discover the most profitable ones. With multi-payline slots, the combinations are not limited to horizontal and vertical lines; they can be diagonal or simply a set of symbols. Depending on a slot game, you can bet a little on every possible payline, or you can select two-three of them and bet bigger sums.

Mobile Slots

Mobile slots are perfect for people who want to play slots but do not possess a personal computer. Mobile slots are available for devices like smartphones and tablets. It is also convenient for those who are always on the move. Mobile slots are no less interactive, they are constantly regulated, and they also use a random number generator that delivers a fair game to every participant. Depending on the online casino and the slot machine, all games should be available for both Android and iOS users.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are one of the most attractive slot machines at casinos. All because of the reward that doesn’t stop going up. Little do gamblers know that reward keeps increasing because of the small bets they make. Progressive jackpot slots are the hardest to win because the reward is so huge it is paid seldom. And if you want to try your chances, you need to make a bet worthy of being eligible for a win. Otherwise, you simply lose money, and the slot game automatically disregards your bet.

There are different progressive slots with various values and maximum rewards, and it is recommended to aim at lower rewards as they are paid more frequently.

Other Slots

Some of the best online casinos have unlimited options for slots that greatly vary in rewards, gameplay, and rules. You should always check for in-game bonuses, maximum rewards, and bets. Some casinos even have mega spins, where you have multiple reels that you spin simultaneously.

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Which Type of a Slot Machine Is Better to Play?

The best online slot is the one you fully understand, enjoy and that fits your budget. If you feel nostalgic, you can try 3-reel spins with simplistic rules and frequent but small rewards. If you are a risk-taker, you should play 5 or more reel spins. And if you have patience and resources, you should try to land a big reward at progressive jackpot slots.

You should also remember that the bigger bet you make, the higher are the chances to win. And remember about keeping your bankroll under the limit because gambling is a means of entertainment only.

Strategy to Winning at Slots Online

There is no universal strategy to play slots because they have a random number generator that prevents players from finding the perfect strategy to win. Since slots work randomly and illogically, you cannot change or crack them in legal ways. Instead, you should follow the tips that will help you increase your odds of winning:

  • Take advantage of game bonuses
  • Set a limited bankroll
  • Find the highest RTP (return to player) percentage
  • Make an eligible or maximum bet (only if possible)
  • Observe the payout amount and frequency
  • Learn the rules

Following these tips, you will choose your slot machine wisely and bet the amount of money that you can afford.

Payment methods for playing on online slots

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If you want to play online slots at an online casino and benefit from the much higher RTP than when playing at a land-based casino and want to know what payment methods you can make a deposit, Betsquare is the right place for you. Fortunately, we at Betsquare have thought about this and thoroughly tested it, and we are pleased to inform you that the most popular payment methods are all easy and quick when wanting to play on your favourite online slots! Find a brief summary of the accepted payment methods below:


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Online Slots Game Developers



Netent is a game developer who basically offers its services to online casinos. Netent is a premium provider of casino games with a niche for online slots, and they offer a huge selection of interactive online slots. Keep in mind that Netent is not an online casino itself but only offers the software and games used by online casinos. Netent is definitely a premium supplier, so almost every online casino uses the services they offer. All games offered by Netent have been tested and reviewed by Betsquare, overall the games developed by Netent are very reliable games, and all of the games they offer are very mobile friendly. In addition the company is governed by the Danish, Maltese and English gaming authorities so they hold a total of 3 gambling licenses.



Microgaming is also a big player when it comes to offering online casino games; together with Netent, Microgaming has the largest market share in the field of offering their game development services to online casinos. Microgaming is regulated by both the UK as well as the Maltese gaming authorities and is licensed in both jurisdictions. The online casinos tested by Betsquare offer very exciting online video slots. In 80% of the cases, these games are offered by either Microgaming or Netent. The slots provided by Microgaming are just as mobile friendly and if you are already familiar with playing online slots, you are bound to be familiar with one of their most popular online slots named Avalon!


Gambling is a fun way of spending your leisure time if you know your limit and can play responsibly. There are plenty of slots to try out and lots of bonuses to use for newcomers. In-game bonuses help you land rewards, and free spins assist you in learning new slot games and trying different types of them. Playing online slots is secure as online casinos that are licensed are required to run maintenance of their games regularly. There are lots of safe payment methods that protect your privacy and data from unwanted intruders.

Thanks to technology, new slot games are being developed that have exciting bonuses and unique gameplay. When choosing a slot game, make sure to read the instructions and check available payout combinations. Don’t forget to take breaks, and try to be observant in order to find a game of suitable velocity and highest RTP.

Since every licensed casino advocates responsible gambling, if you feel that you need help or support in preventing yourself from spending too much, you can always contact the customer care of the casino and ‘freeze’ your account for a definite period of time.

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