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Online Poker with Friends: Where and How to Play?

Last update: May, 2024

Written by: Jaqueline Quintero Content Writer
Online Poker with Friends: Where and How to Play?

It’s good fun to play online poker, but when you are going to play poker online with friends, the real adventure begins. You can feel that realistic atmosphere of bluffing, discussing previous private games with friends, and even winning something nice. Though this time, unlike the other table games, you won’t play against dealers, so the bankroll should be determined by the whole company, while each of you shouldn’t forget about the etiquette of this game.

At any rate, we are going to explain the following poker home games:

  • How to play poker online with friends?
  • Where to launch a private poker game?
  • Why are cash games and tournaments so popular?
  • What is the difference between Pokerstars poker club and 888poker?

After learning some of our tips, you will be able to invite your friends via apps or reliable sites and enjoy the home games as if you were a participant in exciting poker tournaments. Don’t hesitate to turn poker with your friends into an amazing pastime!

What Is Online Poker with Friends?

Actually, it’s a classic poker game when you enjoy the benefits of team games. But this time you aren’t doing it with strangers as all the people you are going to play with join the poker room you create. Some players prefer the private company, so it’s a good opportunity to find out how good players your friends are and which of their habits can reveal that they are bluffing. And due to the technical opportunities of modern poker apps and sites, your home game turns into a realistic tournament that is held for real money and promises good rewards.

Choosing the Type of Games

Before you start a poker game with friends, it’s necessary to find out your goals and the preferences of the team. And there are two ways to create a poker club. The first one is more advanced – poker tournaments. And cash games are perfect for those who want to play quickly and with no difficulties. Let us explain what the difference between these types is and what is the best way to play poker with friends!


A poker tournament is a more competitive way of playing online poker. Players have an opportunity to bust each other and get awards for that. And that’s a lot of fun, but not for those who are busted. Especially when the tournament is long and users are sitting around and getting bored. So make sure that no one in your poker rooms minds this detail.

So it’s not the best option if you are going to create only one game for the whole evening. And to improve things, users can change the settings to activate rebuys at least for the first levels. This approach will allow gamblers to go on playing even after being busted by other players.

Cash Games

As for cash games, they are provided for playing online more lightly and aren’t considered that seriously. It’s both a strong side and a drawback, depending on your preferences. A good idea is to start with cash games and arrange a tournament afterward to enjoy both an easy and quick game of poker and a more serious event.

When it comes to the team rounds, the beauty of cash games is that there is no need to wait as players are never eliminated and buy-in again when being busted. So newbies will definitely appreciate this option: it lets you play constantly and without taking risks.

Platforms to Enjoy Online Poker Together with Friends

Whether you’ve selected cash games or tournaments, it’s still necessary to find out on which platform to create a poker club. In fact, there are two giants that can offer online private game poker rounds. They are 888poker and Pokerstars. Users can play with friends and enjoy many other benefits of these platforms, including free poker apps. So, which platform to join to play online poker with friends?


Undoubtedly, Pokerstars is a leader in the world of this card game, so private poker with your friends will also be top-notch due to the options of this platform.

And here comes a guide to create your own poker game and let your friends join it.


Set up an account

Set up an account on the PokerStars platform and make sure that the other players are also registered. Keep in mind that registration is always free.

Visit 'Manage Games'

The other step is to visit the ‘Manage Games’ section where all the details of your future home game can be determined.

Customize the home game

Customize the upcoming home game and make sure that the conditions meet the demand of all potential participants.

Send Pokerstars invitation

Send a unique PokerStars invitation code to those who want to play these home games with you.

Enjoy the game!

Wait for everyone to join and enjoy the games with friends online.

By the way, it isn’t a must to play money games online. Free poker is as engaging as real money poker when your goal is to have fun. And a tip for our readers is to try out free poker and then join real money games and tournaments.

And when you opt for a private poker game for real money, the stakes can vary between 0.01/0.02 through 0.5/1.

Arranging poker tournaments is also a straightforward case. Choose a type of game (Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Card Stud) and set up the buy-in. When your unique code is available for other users to join this home game, send it and enjoy.


Another giant to provide players with an opportunity to create and enjoy private poker home games is 888poker. The platform provides both cash games and tournaments. Additionally, there are free online poker games and an opportunity to play money home games. And the thing the 888poker brand is proud of is mobile poker: a convenient mobile app that is free and offers to launch a cash game at any time.

Let’s find out what game online to pick here and how to play with friends for real money at 888poker!



Get registered on the poker site.


Download the client and select the option ‘Play with Friends’.

Set up a new game

Use the link that will set up a new online private game.

Modify the settings

The interface will change to provide you with the options to modify the settings of the future home game.

Share & Play

When you are provided with the necessary details, share them with other players to play poker with friends.

As you can see, the process of launching home games at 888poker isn’t that different from the process at PokerStars. The interface isn’t complicated, so you can hardly ever face difficulties with installing the client or using it.

Alternative Options

PokerStars and 888poker are the giants in the world of card games. But if you are just going to have fun and aren’t interested in the numerous other advanced options these projects have, you can play online poker for free by downloading any app that provides a free game mode. It can be an application or a desktop version for fun: you don’t spend real money and enjoy the realistic atmosphere of great fun.

Basic Rules of Playing Poker

When you join a cash game or a tournament for real money, you definitely want to be aware of the rules to make the home games online with friends both engaging and profitable. For this reason, we want to provide a brief description of the guide on learning to play money games.

In general, players can enjoy several types of online poker games: Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Card Stud. When the cards are dealt, players must decide whether to go on playing by calling or give up by folding. The winner must have the highest hand value, but when you are good at bluffing, you can win even with weak hands.

Winning Hands

Playing Texas Hold’em with friends online requires learning the winning hands in poker, and here they are. The strongest combinations are above and they are more valuable than the ones below.

Royal Flush

10♥, J♥, Q♥, K♥, A♥

Straight Flush

5♥, 6♥, 7♥, 8♥, 9♥

Four of a Kind

A♣, A♦, A♥, A♠, 9♥

Full House

Q♦, Q♠, Q♥, J♠, J♦ 


2♣, 5♣, 8♣, J♣, Q♣


5♣, 6♥, 7♦, 8♠, 9♣

Three of a Kind

5♣, Q♦, 2♥, 2♠, 2♦

Two Pair

A♣, A♦, K♥, K♠, 9♦

One Pair

A♣, A♦, 4♥, 6♠, 8♦

High Card

6♣, 7♦, J♥, Q♠, A♦

And almost any app displays this table to explain the rules to new customers. So those who are using poker apps will always be aware of the basic rules.

And as we’ve mentioned, those who are good at bluffing don’t have to collect strong hands. But be careful: your friends may know your habits and your bluffing may not work.

Tips for Playing Poker with Friends

When you are launching home games at PokerStars or wherever else, you can use several tips to make the game at the poker room more convenient for all customers of your club. So, how to create a game where everyone will enjoy playing?

Realistic Atmosphere

Whether you are using an app or a desktop client, the members of your club definitely want to feel the realistic atmosphere of the room. That’s why many players are sure that some snacks, music, and items that are related to this theme will make private games more realistic and attractive. It’s also a good idea to develop a home game schedule. For example, you can meet with friends on Fridays. A good event that turns into a tradition is adding to the experience.

Determining the Budget

The other thing to consider is the budget. When you are playing for free, it doesn’t matter. But at the club where cash stakes take place, it’s important to determine beforehand what amount each of you is ready to spend. Due to this tip, your friends won’t be surprised by the high stakes you offer. And on the contrary. We’ve already described the PokerStars limits, so you can keep it in mind.

Online Poker at Home: the Good and the Bad

Being a member of a home game club is great fun. Especially when you are using convenient apps and playing for real cash. But pros and cons take place in every issue, so let’s compare them one more time. And coming ahead, the drawbacks are not essential, so no need to get worried.


The benefits of this entertainment are in the majority, so players can be sure that the idea is worth the time.

  1. A home game is easy to create and launch.
  2. You can arrange your own club and play with friends at any time.
  3. PokerStars and other giants provide this option.
  4. Users can play both for cash and for free.
  5. The rules are easy to understand and players can modify the settings.

These things prove that almost any player will enjoy the opportunities this entertainment is providing users with. Even newcomers will find everything they need: a simple interface of platforms, cash games, and tips. While experienced users can enjoy tournaments with dramatically big rewards.


As for the weak points of playing with friends, here they are:

  • if you opt for tournaments, the friends who are busted have to wait until the end of the tournament and can get bored;
  • you need to have enough players to arrange the club.

These drawbacks are minor and definitely won’t be able to spoil you PokerStars or other games with friends. And as the advantages are much stronger, you can rely on this opportunity of having fun with friends online.

Final Thoughts

Arranging home games online with friends is an opportunity to create and join poker games where your company can visit the best poker rooms for free. You can enjoy the presence of each other, having fun, bluffing, and having winnings. Besides, you can use a poker app or a browser version to enjoy private games. In other words, the range of opportunities seems to be endless, while the basic options are easy to access and the interface is simplified. What about having a striking game online?


We also provide a shortlist of frequently asked questions to explain how home games work, what poker apps support playing with friends, and how to create a room to enjoy the game. Don’t miss these tips!

Can I play online poker with friends?

Sure, you can play poker online with friends by creating a home game at an online poker club where this option is available (Pokerstars or 888poker). Users can select tournaments or cash games.

Do I have to play for real money or for fun?

You can play money games online when having a private session. Additionally, players can use an app or launch a free online version of the game to play online poker for free and practice.

Where to find poker games to launch together with other players?

For now, private poker games are provided by two leading poker clubs: Pokerstars and 888poker. They are considered to be the best poker platforms with numerous stunning conditions for players.

How to play poker professionally?

When it comes to real money poker games, gamblers definitely want to upgrade their skills to win more. The best tips for this are learning the rules, mastering the basic strategy and advanced tips, and even watching the games of other professionals.

What is better: to play alone or with friends?

Actually, poker sites can allow you to play poker both alone and with other users: this game is engaging at any rate. But if you want to feel the realistic atmosphere of the game, having fun with your friends at the same time, it’s better to play private poker games.

Can I get awards for inviting friends?

Yes, an online poker game may be profitable for this feature as well. When you invite your friends, you can sometimes get awards from PokerStars and other operators when these friends are newcomers to the platform and are ready to play for money.

Do I have to play on poker sites?

You can play with friends both on a poker site and via a poker app, whatever you find more convenient. And games of this sort can be found on both Pokerstar and 888poker sites. Plus, you can download any free app if you are not going to play for money.

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