Becoming a Professional Gambler: Working Tips to Teach You Play Like a Pro

Article by Jaqueline Quintero
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While some people try gambling for real money to have fun and withdraw unexpected winnings, others don’t find these winnings that unexpected and are sure that casino games can turn into a good regular income. This approach is rather risky and shouldn’t be applied by any. But the general tips on becoming a professional gambler are a helping hand for newcomers and those who want to improve their skills.

And to help you get familiar with all these things, we are going to discuss the following issues.

  • Who are professional gamblers?
  • How much do they spend?
  • Can casino software be your job or business?
  • What directions are available for a career in the iGaming world?
  • Do casinos always have an advantage?

Get ready to find the answers to the following questions and upgrade your iGaming skills!

Who Are Professional Gamblers and How Do They Make Money?

Actually, there isn’t only one definition of this term. There can be those whose knowledge allows them to get awards more often and make well-considered decisions. While the other type of players may consider this entertainment as the way to get the financial benefit. So, let’s learn more about each bettor!

Having Skills to Play Well

As we’ve already mentioned, many people gamble just to have fun. And if a certain betting system takes place, as well as the necessary skills, the chances of these players are much higher.

It can be called a time job for customers: they play and withdraw funds when they win. Nothing too serious, but decreasing the house edge via the iGaming knowledge is already something.

Make Your Living via Casino Software

This approach is rarer and riskier as well. These people are more than just advanced players: they know everything about casinos to live and breathe gambling. The income of these people is built totally on winning rounds, while these titles are their passion.

Some of these people play different games, while others prefer launching their business to teach other players to play professionally and win. They often write expert books or open schools all over the world.

The Most Famous Professional Gamblers

To prove that some people make regular profit from their betting wins, we want to represent several players, whose luck made them both famous and rich. Let’s meet the names of the gambling legends!

  1. Edward Thorp has one strong skill: he is good at math. This professor is good at card counting and managed to win $11 000 during his weekend in Las Vegas and Reno. He is also an author of a book dedicated to blackjack.
  2. Amarillo Slim was a great poker player who assembled a team of Doyle Brunson and Puggy Pearson. His bets were both sly and risky, which made him a famous table games expert. Unfortunately, this guy died in 2012, being 83 years old.
  3. Archie Karas has a thrilling history as he used to be a Greek immigrant who started playing when having only $50 in his pocket. And this person managed to turn this bet into $40 million due to card games. Unfortunately, he lost his assets in the future and managed to get caught for marking cards.
  4. Billy Walters is a person whose skill of playing slots and dice games made him a lucky player who turned the pocket change into the income of millions of dollars weekly.
  5. Chris Moneymaker is another story of a guy who had a regular and a side job and played poker as his hobby. He also managed to take part in a range of tournaments, including WSOP Main Event, so that he could make good money and change his life fundamentally.

Of course, many of these players used to be popular some years ago. But they are still popular, while the generation of young players is following their lead. And you can also become a professional gambler by using our tips.

Types of Professional Gamblers in the World of Casinos

There are various games in the world of iGaming, so no wonder that the types of professional gamblers are also different. And our article will highlight the most popular ones: let’s find out what types of betting for money are popular and what directions can you try out.

Sports Betting

This is the way to make money on popular sports events of different kinds, including football and basketball matches, e-sport, etc. In this direction, a bettor is free to predict the total of the event or try to add some details to increase the odds. For example, to determine not only what team will lose but the minute of the goal or the player who will lead the team to the winning.

Horse Racing

This direction is similar to the previous one as it’s connected with speed and sports spirit. You place a bet to predict the horse that will happen to be the first. And as the online gaming industry is developing so rapidly, the bets can be placed at an online casino or at a real horse track.

Bonus Hunting

A professional gambler who is searching for bonus offers is also called a bonus hunter. These users prefer online gambling and visit various casinos to grab as many promotions as possible. These players know that the value of the gift is determined not only by its amount but by the wagering requirements so that players could not lose much while wagering.

Games of Skills

This part is adored by those who enjoy controlling the situation. The games these players prefer are blackjack, online poker, roulette, and other tables where the result can partly be predictable. These players give a piece of advice to use a strategy and tricks for each game so that the trade will increase the odds and minimize the house edge. By the way, many of these players prefer visiting Vegas to play in real-life casinos.

Playing Slots

The point of this direction is not about the strategy as video slots are also called the games of chance. The deck is replaced by the reels, while the bets can provide a random stock of money.

Here, the games are more for having fun, and the result is always unpredictable. Some of these players prefer streaming their games and earning on their Twitch and YouTube channels. But your bet should usually be for real money to attract the proper audience.

Top-10 Working Tips to Become a Professional Gambler

If becoming a professional gambler is your goal, here are the tips to make your dream come true. We don’t promise the secrets that will make you get prizes round the clock (though we would like to), but these pieces of advice will help you minimize the risk and make money on almost any bet you place. So, let’s boost your financial issue!


Choosing a Reliable Casino

The first thing we recommend taking into account is picking a trustworthy casino. Several years ago the choice wasn’t that wide, but now players access dozens of reliable sites (including the list of the recommended casinos we have). These venues should:

- be licensed and controlled;
- have a wide range of betting software;
- possess live poker and other titles with dealers;
- represent sports betting section;
- be packed with bonus offers;
- provide mobile-friendly interface;
- boast of several ways to get in touch at any time.

And we totally check each venue before recommending it to players. So those who choose a site from our list can be sure that they will have quick payments, thrilling games, amazing bonuses, and much more.


Claiming Bonuses Wisely

A professional gambler never misses a chance to get an additional advantage and make a game more profitable. And iGaming promotional programs are of great value.

Even if you’ve claimed a deposit offer several days ago, you can still count on regular offers that can bring you a good profit. In addition to a good game, players can get funds on the bonus account that can be withdrawn after meeting wagering requirements.

The most common types of promotions users can meet are match bonuses, VIP gifts, cashback, Free Spins, no-deposits, etc. Just keep in mind that only online casinos can provide this opportunity.


Responsible Gambling as a Must

The other important detail is to remember that players can both make money and lose it. So you shouldn’t forget that betting may be risky and your bet should be well-considered. And the point is that you should play responsibly to prepare yourself for any outcome. There are several tools to make your game safe.

1. Determine the betting limits beforehand.
2. Use the option of setting limits of the casino.
3. Decide beforehand how much you are going to spend playing.
4. Don’t try to win it back when the games aren’t lucky: you can come back at another time.
5. If you want to find out whether you have problems with gambling, take the test at any responsible gaming site.
6. When you face problems with gambling addiction, feel free to use a self-exclusion option.

By following these simple tips, you can effortlessly relax during the game and save your money when the game isn’t lucky enough. Remember that you can come back at any time and you shouldn’t spend all your funds at once.


A Good Strategy Goes First

A professional gambler always knows that a real money game of skill has enough room to develop a good betting strategy. It’s about poker, blackjack, and other games where the outcomes aren’t random, and some tricks, such as card counting in blackjack, may bring a valuable result. Keep in mind that each game has its own rules and approach, while the basic strategy and advanced betting systems may also vary.

Reading the Rules Attentively

This skill is of great value in any area: when you are attentive, you never face any troubles or hidden conditions. So reading the rules is a must. If it’s an online slot, you must take a look at the RTP and the conditions when the bonus game is launched. While the rules of table games are even more crucial: the more the bettor knows, the more efficient their strategy is and the higher the odds of winning are.

Watching the News to Stay up to Date

The experience of other people always inspires. So when a professional gambler or a lucky newcomer hit the jackpot, you might be interested in what slot and how big the award was. And if it’s a game of skill, you may also take into account the strategy that the winner was using. Plus, winners usually explain what helped them to achieve this result and give useful tips to other players. So even the event that took place some time ago may be useful for you.

Leaving Your Emotions out

When you played a game, in which luck wasn’t on your side, remember that things of this kind happen in online gambling and there is no need in trying to win everything back. Plus, you shouldn’t rely on your feelings when placing bets.

Even when you feel that luck is on your side and you are going to exceed the bankroll limit, remember that it’s not the best idea and you’d better rely on facts only. Don’t go out of your bankroll and don’t make unconsidered decisions.


Looking at the Bigger Picture

This tip will be especially useful for table game players. When you are considering a strategy, you have to keep in mind that it’s not reasonable to estimate it according to the results of only several games. Take a look at the bigger picture to determine the continuous losses and compare where they are less to pick this approach.

Joining a Gambling Community

Getting in touch with other professional gamblers is also a good chance to find out the necessary information you may use for your future betting for money. When you join a community of other players, you can discuss your bets and get tips to improve your skills. In addition, you can read about the experience of other players to take into account their achievements and mistakes.

Reading Books on the Subject

Betting professionally means having enough knowledge about gambling. And as almost every professional gambler shares their experience with others via books, you may read these books to find working tricks of increasing the odds, find a good betting system, and get more profit from your games. The books about gambling you can find are:

- Bringing Down the House (Ben Mezrich);
- Fortune’s Formula (William Poundstone);
- A Man for All Markets (Edward O. Thorp);
- The Biggest Bluff (Maria Konnikova);
- Soccernomics (Simon Kuper).

As you can see, these books may be about sports, poker, counting cards in blackjack, etc. And it’s a big advantage if the book you pick is written by a professional bettor who has enough real experience.

Pros and Cons of Being a Professional Gambler

When you play iGaming titles like a pro, there are obvious benefits and some minor weak points. So you should take into account both to be prepared!



There are numerous directions, including sports betting, table games, horse racing, etc.

It hardly ever becomes your job, so don’t count on a gambling career

When you are aware of the essential tips and crucial details, you can get more money

The stock of money you spend while mastering the games may be huge

You can play at any place: on the casino site, in Las Vegas, with friends

There is no certain formula to lead users to winnings

There are different ways to share your experience, including writing books and launching expert projects on social media


And that’s not all as everyone can find a certain benefit for themselves. Whether it’s having fun, getting valuable awards, or even making new friends.

Final Thoughts

Placing any bet for money at the casino may be a risky deal. But when you are prepared and know the crucial details about this entertainment, you can minimize your losses and dramatically increase the chances of winning. The value of your bets will be higher, as well as the awards you can get.

Of course, the single secret to getting big awards doesn’t exist and the house edge always takes place, but the lower it is, the better for you. Use our tips for becoming a professional gambler to enjoy your games and forget about misfortune!


Being a professional gambler isn’t that easy. And we do our best to help readers master these risky bets. So here are the FAQs to learn a bit more about this issue.

Who are professional gamblers?

A professional gambler is a person who has mastered gambling so that they are able to win big and base their games on certain strategies.

What directions are available for gambling?

They can be sports betting, horse racing, slots for money, various table games, which are the games of skills and are usually played with a deck of cards, etc. Plus, many players can become authors of their own books to share their experience with other gamblers and benefit from it.

Do experienced players claim bonuses?

Some experienced players really do it. They are called bonus hunters and these users always know what promotions are worth grabbing.

How to become a professional gambler?

There isn’t a certain secret that may help you turn into a professional at once. But there are certain tips to help you: using an efficient betting system, placing each of your bets responsibly, and choosing the right online venue to gamble.

Is this hobby risky and how to mitigate the risks?

Playing any casino game is really a risk as the house edge always takes place and players always consider that they can lose. The most efficient tricks to mitigate the risk are to have good bankroll management, using strategies, and choosing the games with a high payout percentage.

Can gambling be a substitute for a full-time job?

In most cases, it’s a big risk and players cannot make money on a regular basis. Those who earn on it regularly have other assets, including gambling schools and books that bring regular income to their authors.

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