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Roulette Tricks: Detailed Guide on How to Win at Roulette

Last update: May, 2024

Written by: Jaqueline Quintero Content Writer
Roulette Tricks: Detailed Guide on How to Win at Roulette

Roulette Tricks: Detailed Guide on How to Win at Roulette

Casino games are divided into the games of chance and the games of skills. And when it comes to roulette players, they know that their skills are really desired in this kind of entertainment. We also know that the right online roulette strategy can bring gamblers a good opportunity to increase their (and your) chances. For this reason, we’ve prepared the best roulette tips so that this article can answer the questions of both newcomers and experienced gamblers. So, are you ready to increase your chances of winning?

Online Roulette: Brief History & Types

If young roulette players are here, it will be quite interesting to devote a few minutes to learn the history of this casino game. We’ll help you learn the history of this entertaining game, explain why American roulette is different from European roulette, and tell the basic rules of roulette online.


Perhaps, you could have heard about French roulette. And the thing is that it’s the original version of this game French people used to play. They say that Blaise Pascal even represented a primitive version of the game in the 17th century. Moreover, it’s also considered that this wheel was combined with the Italian game called Biribi to represent the game we play today.


Pretty soon the number of zeros on the wheel was a bit changed that made the odds of players a bit lower. In 1842, Francois and Lois Blanc developed a game to play with one zero. This number wasn’t that crucial, though the bet was a bit less profitable after this improvement. America’s influence on this game also took place. A bit later, the people from the US shores started to play this game. And they decided that the bet and the odds still should be changed a bit. That’s why they added the second zero. Even nowadays, this number is met only in American roulette and should be considered by those who play this game.


Actually, you can meet several types of online roulette wheel. They are European roulette with a European wheel and the American type where double zero is met. The French wheel is also available. It’s really similar to the European type, but with fewer betting options. While the number of sections where the land can stop is the same, as well as the zero, it’s only one here.

Basic rules

In fact, it’s really easy to play roulette. You select the table where the betting range and the other parameters of the game are OK and start placing a number of bets. These bets can be:


  • on a certain colour;
  • on a certain number;
  • on a high or low number (group);
  • on an even or odd number.


When the bets and the outside bets are placed, the roulette wheel will spin. The ball is thrown and when it stops, it determines whether the bet is winning or losing. Just remember that the zero is a losing section. After that, gamblers can play another round of this table game. The ball is launched again, as well as roulette. Depending on your roulette strategy, you can increase your bet after you lose during the spin or decrease it.

Five Roulette Strategy Systems: Theory and Examples

Actually, the rules of playing roulette online are listed above and they aren’t that complicated. But if you are looking forward to increasing your odds to grab a massive winning, any betting system of the following ones can come in handy. Select any strategy from the list below not to lose and let your bets work for you!

The Martingale Roulette Strategy

The Martingale strategy is based on doubling your bet each time the stake doesn’t work. Via this method, you are supposed to win the amount of money to cover your previous losses. This approach is popular not only in roulette online: it’s also one of the betting systems on slots and is applied for many other real money casino games. And that’s what the Martingale strategy looks like.


  1. Your first task is to find a roulette table where the bet limits are varied: you need really low minimum and really high maximum limits. That’s essential because you can increase the stake for a long time.
  2. Place a small bet. It can be the colour (red/black), the type of a number (even/odd), or a certain section (1-18 or 19-36)
  3. After each winning, go on playing with the same stake, while the winnings should be collected.
  4. If you’ve lost, then you have to increase the current wager and play again. When you lose one more time, it’s necessary to increase the new wager again.
  5. When you win after several losses, grab the winning and decrease the stake.


But as with any other betting strategies, the Martingale method has a number of misses you should keep in mind. First of all, it doesn’t guarantee that you can grab a huge cash prize (none of the strategies can do it). Plus, consecutive losses can make you run out of money before you win a big prize. And another drawback of it is that when the max bet on the roulette table is reached, you can’t go on following this method.

The Reverse Martingale Roulette Strategy

Taking into account the previous method and the fact that this one is the opposite of the previous, some of you have already guessed that it’s necessary to double the stakes to play for money. But when to do it now?


The Reverse Martingale betting method states that players have to do it not after they’ve lost, but each time they win. The number of stakes you double is also determined by your luck. The more you win, the higher your stake becomes.


And again, you should keep in mind that this is just another way to place a bet. But it doesn’t guarantee to increase your odds of winning. And you have to determine an amount of bankroll or the time session to find out when to stop. Roulette tricks are useful, but responsible gaming always comes first!

The D’alembert Roulette Strategy

Actually, roulette is one of those games where there are dozens of variations of roulette tricks. And The D’alembert system is the result of this variation. The concept of this real money game method is also to increase or decrease the bet. But now you don’t double it: the stake will be decreased or increased only by 1.


Due to this approach, the system is much safer and gamblers don’t take high risks (though gambling is always about certain risks). And the disadvantages of the method are, as usual, no guarantee to win big, and the fact that it’s pretty complicated to keep track of the number of lucky and unlucky rounds.

The Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

This mathematician is famous in the world of gambling as well. His famous ‘Fibonacci sequence’ is applied in the world of betting. His numbers chain consists of numbers that are increased by the sum of the previous and the current number. For example, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, etc.


And when you are going to play with the wheel and win, your bet should be the following. You have to add the last two bets together. Each time you’ve lost, add the previous bet to the current. And when you win, move back two numbers to decrease the bet amount. Here comes a number of stakes (winning or not) to serve as a guide.


$1 lose
$1 lose
$2 lose
$3 lose
$5 win
$2 lose
$3 win
$1 win
$1 win

The James Bond Roulette Strategy

Due to Ian Fleming, players found out about this strategy. If you have at least $200, it’s the method to go. There are several kinds of bets you have to place. So, how are roulette tips of this type working?


  1. $140 go on high numbers (19-36).
  2. $50 is placed on numbers 13-18.
  3. $10 is placed on 0.


If any number between 1-12 is on the wheel, then your bet doesn’t work and you can use the Martingale method to bet on red/black and double every time you lose. But when the spins of the wheel allow you to win, you can benefit from it quite a lot.


The first stake (high numbers) can bring you $80, the second – $100. And your luck is on your side, you could have won $160. The only risk is when the ball stops on the numbers between 1-12. But if Agent 007 isn’t scared of it, why not give this strategy a shot?

Other Strategies You Can Meet

There are some more ways to place a bet, and each of them varies. The ones we’ve described above are the most popular and worthy, so if you are searching for another method to place a bet, keep in mind that it can be rather risky. Of course, you are free to bet whatever and whenever you want, but don’t forget that this bet should be appropriate according to the type of the game and the other details.


This method is the one you should avoid! This is an aggressive approach when you place a bet on almost every number and betting option. Some players state that the bet should be at least $66 per spin to follow this method. And it’s hardly ever worth it.

Other Tips to Win at Roulette

We’ve prepared some more winning tips so that you can minimize the house edge or even avoid losing at all. So, use this article so that your bet on the wheel could turn into a huge casino payout!

Pick the Right Roulette Wheel

Remember the difference between the European wheel and any other roulette type you can find. First of all, double zero isn’t the thing that can help you win more, so keep it in mind. Plus, the roulette strategy for each type of wheel can also vary. That’s why it’s important to understand on what wheel you are going to play table games like roulette. Plus, take a look at the bet range of the roulette table you pick as some strategies need a really high max amount to bet.

Choose the Right Casino

No doubt, you should spin the wheel of the roulette game at the right casinos. And where to find these payout casinos? That’s right: we have a list of recommended platforms that are tested backwards and forwards. If your bet can win, you definitely will be able to withdraw the winning and spend the money as soon as possible. Not to mention the number of available roulette wheels these casinos have: European, American, etc.

Get Bonuses

Every time you accept table games promotions, your odds of getting high winnings are much higher. While the risk of losing is lower. Operators who launch bonuses of this kind, can provide several free spins of the roulette wheel or give players a certain amount of funds to place a bet for free. If your bet doesn’t work, don’t worry, you don’t lose anything. While the bet that brings you an award is always an additional boost to your bankroll. Spin the wheel for free by using bonus money!

Determine Your Bets

Whether they are outside bets, high/low, and any other types of bets take place, you should determine the number of spins you can make and the time you can devote to playing beforehand. When you know how much you can afford betting, then it won’t be that bad when your roulette bet doesn’t work as you want. Responsible gaming rules when placing the bet are always important and determine how safe your gambling experience will be.

Practice for Free

Remember to practice as much as necessary so that you could understand the rules and wouldn’t get lost when making the wheel spins for money. The title you launch in demo mode is usually a title without a dealer, so you can play with a machine and get familiar with real croupiers after having enough roulette experience. But the fact that you don’t have to pay for these spins while the title features all the technical characteristics it has to simplify your acquaintance with roulette.

Learning All the Rules

The more difficult your strategy will be, the more you can win from the bets you place in a roulette game. And to make your betting odds higher and the house edge lower, learn all the available rules to play with the knowledge of what outside bets are, what high/low bets are, what other types of roulette bets are available, what a zero is, why the house edge matters, etc. When the rules of the game are clear, your betting brings you a good payout.

Final Thoughts

If you are a fan of online roulette wheel and the results it provides, why not learn more about winning roulette tips? In this article, we provide the most actual and profitable strategies we could find. Even when you have lost when playing at any gambling casinos, we ensure that it can be a part of a special system that will let you turn this loss into a huge payout in the future. Are you ready to practice for free or for real money to try out your luck?

FAQ about roulette tricks

In this article, we don’t only describe how to get profit from gambling but also answer the questions of those who take a look at the roulette table for the first time. Whether it’s European wheel or American roulette, we’ll explain the details so that you can minimize the house edge and let the bets in this game bring you a really big winning payout. Here we go!

What kinds of roulette can I find?

The most popular types are these two kinds: American roulette and European roulette. The difference is in the amount of 0: the European wheel has only one, while the American roulette wheel – twice more (double zero). Plus, there is French roulette that is similar to European and is also extremely popular. At any rate, all of them can bring you profit.

Is it necessary to use a strategy when playing table casino games?

When playing any online casino games for money, it’s not necessary to develop strategies. Roulette players can also rely on their luck, though a good strategy increases the odds and minimizes the chances to lose. But don’t worry: if you don’t want to delve into details, just place a random game and enjoy the outcome.

What is the best winning strategy for winning roulette?

Actually, any betting strategy is a good chance to understand what way to go. But it won’t make the ball stop on a certain place of a roulette wheel. That’s why players can lose as well. And when you are aware of this risk, you can use Martingale, Fibonacci, and other methods described above to increase your odds to win at online roulette.

Can casinos or players cheat to get profit?

If you choose a licensed and reliable casino, for example, from the list we highlight, neither operators nor players are able to influence the house edge or the odds of players to receive winnings. The place where the ball stops on the roulette wheel is random, that’s why it’s safe to play the online roulette game for money when you know where to do it. Just follow our guide on choosing a reliable and licensed operator.

Can I play roulette with real dealers?

Yes, you can. Even online casinos have this option. There is a separate Live section where players can find titles with dealers. They are available only for real money, so remember to sign up to launch them. There are various kinds of the game, so you can choose the one with the bet range and other parameters that suit you. Plus, you can use any strategies we’ve described when playing with dealers.

Why should I play for free to master roulette tricks?

When you play and bet for real money, you definitely face a number of losses. Of course, it’s impossible to avoid them. But when you are only learning the rules and trying to understand what bet works the best way, playing for free is an essential part to get the necessary skills and use the strategy that will make your every bet turn into the number of cash prizes.

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