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ACMA blocks new illegal casino´s

Last update: May, 2024

Written by: Ferry de Groot Content specialist
ACMA blocks new illegal casino´s

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) have blocked more than hundreds of illegal gambling websites in the last couple of years. Online pokies website thepokies.net is the next website that is going to be blocked by the Australian ACMA. Besides thepokies.net, Abo casino, Betroom, 777Bay, Space Lilly and more are being blocked from operating in Australia.

The Australian government has asked the Australian internet providers to block thepokies.net. After they have asked the same for hundreds of other illegal gambling websites in the last couple of years. In recent years they have blocked popular websites like Pokies Parlor, Ninja Spins and Pokie online Casino. The reason why they have blocked these particular websites is because they have breached the Interactive Gabling Act of 2001. By blocking these operators, the ACMA tries to protect the Australian players from illegal and fraudulent websites.

ACMA thinks that thepokies.net was one of the bigger online casino´s in Australia due to the large amount of complaints compared to other illegal websites. By block such a popular website, ACMA tries to protect their players.

The ACMA declares:

“By blocking access to sites like these, we are sending a strong signal that the ACMA can and will take action to prevent illegal operators from targeting Australians. If one of these sites decides to keep your money, and we know this happens quite regularly, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Since 2019 the Australian government has blocked 426 illegal websites. However, not all these websites are websites with a lot of complaints such as not paying their customers. There are also websites on the list that have licenses in other countries and are operating in a fair way. However, due to the strict measures taken by the Australian government, more and more illegal casino´s are leaving Australia.

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