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The Star Casino Sydney fails to add another 1000 casinoslots

Last update: May, 2024

Written by: Ferry de Groot Content specialist
The Star Casino Sydney fails to add another 1000 casinoslots

The Star Casino in Sydney, Australia failed to add the 1000 casino slots that they had planned. It all had to do with the failures that the casino demonstrated regarding illegal gambling transactions from Asian gamblers. The Star casino brought Chinese gamblers to the casino in Sydney and allowed they to illegally China UnionPay cards.

The Star casino had plans to add another 1000 casinoslots to their existing 1500 slots and pokies. However, the NSW gaming commission did not find it appropriate to give out a license for an additional 1000 gambling machines after what happened with the fraud with gamblers from Asia.

Instead of adding more pokies, the Star casino will have to wait for the findings of the Bell review about the Star falling short of anti-money laundering controls on Chinese gamblers. “The Palaszczuk Government takes the allegations of money laundering and integrity issues very seriously,” Fentiman said, referencing the findings of the NSW inquiry

Although there will be a review about the case, the Attorney-General is not looking to shut down the company´s operations in Queensland. “We’re basically going to accept the finding of the Bell Inquiry in New South Wales. OLGR have now got to the point in their investigations where they do think that we do need an independent expert review to look at the ongoing suitability of Star to hold a casino license [in Queensland]. The terms of reference and public hearings and compulsion powers will be released next week,” the Attorney-General said.

Next year the Star Casino is planning to open the Queen´s Whard development in Briasbane. Which costed about 3.6 million Australian Dollars. This project is expected to provide jobs in the area for more than 800 people. Moreover, it should attract an additional 1.39 million tourists per year.

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