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Article by Ferry de Groot
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Thorsten Steins | 7 July, 2022 12:46 | Last update on: 7 july, 2022 12:46


The Crown casino had a special manager appointed by the Victorian government. This manager is going to asses the reform program by the Crown for a period of 6 months. The Crown had to implement a reform program since they failed to follow the responsible gaming rules that were set by the government.

Special Manager, Stephan O´Bryan was appointed with extensive legislative powers to monitor the improvements that are made by the Crown Casino. This was all after the Finkelstein Royal Commission found the Crown Melbourne unsuitable to retain its casino license. Even though the commission did not find the casino suitable to keep their license, it gave them the opportunity to get the casino back to standards so that they could retain their casino license.

Melbourne´s crown casino is the biggest casino facility in Australia. The Crown facilitates all different types of casino games such as Baccarat, Blackjack and pokermachines. However, even though they are the biggest casino in Australia, they did not live up to the responsible gaming standards. Normally, the government can close such casino´s. However, the crown is almost too big to fail with a 56,000 sqt gaming room in the Crown hotel which facilitates a lot of jobs in the area and which attracts a lot of tourists on a yearly basis.

In early 2024 the commission will decide whether the Crown will get their full license back or not. Until then the crown will stay under strict supervision of O´Bryans team.

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