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The new ClubsNSW gambling policy is just public relations

Last update: May, 2024

Written by: Simon Young Editor
The new ClubsNSW gambling policy is just public relations

ClubsNSW, the representative body for clubs registered in New south Wales, just introduced their new gaming code of conduct regarding gambling in the NSW clubs. However, critics argue that is pure for public relations exercise.

Money laundering through pokies in clubs and hotels is a big problem in NSW and Australia. The regulators are trying to come up with anti-money laundering ideas such as cashless gaming. However, clubs and hotels consider these ideas about cashless gaming cards a threat to their gambling revnues. Therefore, the ClubsNSW came up with a new gaming code of conduct which should end problem gambling and money laundering. However, critics find this code of conduct is purely for public relations and is not actually battling problems regarding gambling on pokies.

One of the important pillars from the ClubsNSW plan is to exclude suspected problem gamblers or criminals form their gambling machines. However, this is something that should have already been introduced when pokies were introduced in clubs. Also, the new conduct provides family members of problem gamblers with the possibility to exclude gamblers that are a harm to the family.

NSW is an important state in Australia regarding pokies in hotels and clubs. New South Wales has 200,000 pokermachines and about 100,000 problems gamblers. Whether the politics think that the new code of conduct is enough or whether cashless gaming card are a must for the NSWclubs is what we will see in the coming period.

Gambling on pokies in land based locations can prove to be less of a problem in the coming years due to the increase in popularity of online casinos. During COVID-lockdowns more and more people started to visit online casinos to have a little gamble on digital online pokies.

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