Online gambling grows in Australia

Article by Ferry de Groot
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The online gambling industry is growing rapidly in Australia. The Australian market experiences a steady growth for the last 6 to 7 years. In 2019 the online gambling market had a value of AU$225 billion. In next two years after that, the industry grew another 78%. Western Australia is the state with the most online gambling revenues. However, due to the growth in the last years there are more critics from the public about the increasing amount of gambling ads about online casinos on television and other (social) media. So, change might come to the Australian betting industry

Gambling is not only popular with the Australian people, tourist also like to spend money in the Australian casino´s and the pokies that can be found in almost every hotel. Tourists spend on average for about AUD 151 million per year on gambling in Australia. However, this is incomparable when looking at the total gambling turnover for sportsbetting in Australia. The annual spend on sportsbetting like Australian football is more the 11.6bn Australian dollar per year.

Sportsbetting is popular in Australia, especially among young men. Especially since the covid-pandemic the online sportsbetting market is growing exponentially. Also, betting advertisements are all over television. Therefore, it is getting more and more normalised in the Australian society.

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Online Blackjack and online roulette are also getting more popular. Mostly due to the improving quality of the online games. Games like Blackjack can now be streamed online. You can experience a real casino like experience without the need to travel kilometres do a nearby land based casino. These live blackjack games work the same as in a real casino. The advantages it provides that you can play for lower stakes than you normally can do in a casino. At  the same time live blackjack is much more nicer to play compared to the old online video blackjack games.

The same goes for online live roulette. Just like live blackjack, online roulettes gives the player a live casino experience. You can talk against real casino dealers and you can chat with fellow players. Moreover, you don´t have to wait for a free spot at the roulette table. There is always a free spot for you.

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