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Article by Ferry de Groot
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It is now possible to experience a little bit of Macau In a digital world called the Metaverse. Asia Pioneer Entertainment had created a Metaverse experience that gives you a little taste of the gambling capital of Asia. In this Mini Macau world you can visit and explore the city´s tourist attraction, in a digital Minecraft-like world.

There are less and less visitors in Macau since the covid pandemic began in 2020. Even now the vast majority of the world moved on while letting most of the covid regulations go. However, Macau is still struggling to get back al the tourist that normally bring a visit to the casinos of Macau. Even now, tourist who visit Macau will have to get into quarantine for at least 14 days. Therefore, a lot of tourists stay away from Macau.

When visiting the Mini Macau Metaverse in the Sandbox, it is also possible to visit real life companies such as Choi Heong Yuen Bakery, Sen fung Jewellery and the O Junco de 9 jades restaurant. Next to these companies it is possible to visit a couple of tourist attractions such as the Ah Ma Temple, Macau Tower, the ruins of St. Paul´s and the Senado Square.

It is not possible yet to visit the Macau casino´s like The Grand Lisboa and the Wynn. However, it is possible to play 2 skills-based game in the mini Macau Metaverse. With these two games, called Fortune Cookie and Avoid the tourists, you can win prized at are real-life redeemable in Macau.

“Mini Macau will serve as a prototype for the future development of our own metaverse travel and hospitality platform, called the ‘Resortverse’,” said Chain, the CFO and Executive director of Asia Pioneer Entertainment. Hopefully it is possible to visit a metaverse casino in Macau in the near future to give an even more detailed experience of Macau.

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