Using AI for Gambling Strategies: Is This Possible in Canada?

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As usual, our BetSquare team has prepared for you an overview on a popular topic – the use of AI for gambling strategies in Canada. We note right away that it is forbidden to use third-party software for playing online casinos, plus, this will not bring positive results. Basically, AI is used to analyze strategies and maintain your own bankroll (BRM – Bankroll Management). Such tools help Canadian casino online gamblers play safely and responsibly. Therefore, we want to tell you more about all the functions of AI in the iGaming industry, including information about where it can be used and where it is prohibited.

Artificial Intelligence: What Is It in Gambling?

Artificial Intelligence in gambling is a software that helps to monitor the safety of the site and optimize the work of operators. Basically, AI is used to improve site performance or software development:

  • Online chat optimization
  • Bookkeeping
  • Content creation
  • Market and user analysis

Also, AI is often used as a tool for casino security, which will ensure that illegal activities do not occur on the site. Users cannot use AI to play online casinos as it is prohibited. It is also worth noting that AI will not be able to influence the outcome of events, since all casino games are developed based on RNG. However, many successful players use AI to improve their strategy. This way, Canadians can learn more about the rules of board and crash games.

CA Gambling Strategies: Basic Things to Know

As we said earlier, gamblers can use AI-based software to improve their strategy. Yes, such tools can only help for these types of games: poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and other table games. Please note that AI will help you learn the rules and strategy of games in more detail, but it does not guarantee winning. Of course, this study of strategies is a great way to delve into the rules of the discipline, so in the following blocks, we will talk more about this.

Table Games & Strategies

Thanks to robust AI-powered tools, gamblers will be able to learn more about strategy for popular gambling disciplines, such as poker and blackjack. Of course, in online games, it will be difficult to apply your strategy since you will not be able to follow the reactions of other players. Let’s look at a few examples of how you can improve your strategy with the help of AI in specific disciplines.

  1. Blackjack
    When playing this card discipline, you can use the blackjack chart which is absolutely legal and helps to learn the strategy. A blackjack chart is usually a table where the rows represent the player’s card combinations and the columns represent the dealer’s up cards. Each cell in the table indicates what action is recommended to be taken in this situation. Yes, this is not a panacea, but it is a great way to learn how to play safely.
  2. Poker
    Poker also has interesting and useful software. It’s Bankroll Management. This tool helps players to effectively manage their finances and minimize the risk of loss. The goal of bankroll management is to ensure stability and stability in the game on a long-term basis, allowing you to avoid sharp fluctuations and bankruptcy.

Please note that such software does not guarantee a 100% successful game, so always stick to the strategy that suits you best. Also, use only proven applications, and if you come across software in which you need to provide personal data and information to enter an online casino, such software is considered dubious.

Strategies & Slots: Compatible or Not?

Practically not, since it is impossible to predict the results in slot machines. All slots are developed using RNG, and because of this, no one can predict the outcome of events. Also, the use of third-party software for playing in the casino is prohibited. The only thing you can do is use classic financial applications where you can properly distribute your bankroll in order to minimize risks. Also, gamblers often use software from providers, in which you can specify volatility, RTP, and maximum potential in order to simulate what results can be after a certain number of spins (hit rate). By the way, the slots our BetSquare team can recommend include Mega Moolah, Sweet Bonanza, and 9 Masks of Fire.

AI for Gambling Strategies in Canadian Casinos

Here, our BetSquare team has added a table that indicates the possibilities of AI for strategies in Canadian casinos. Given that these strategies are not guaranteed, we’ve added explanations for why AI doesn’t work and can’t help. In general, we do not recommend using software that offers to optimize your strategy as gambling is an individual process and the approach may differ depending on your style, skill level, and financial capabilities.

Criteria Possible Impossible
Game session analysis You can do a detailed analysis of your past games. This way, you will be able to study your mistakes, count the number of winning/unsuccessful spins, find out your total net winnings, and analyse all losses. Thanks to this analysis, you will have a chance to build a more successful strategy. Of course, working on your mistakes or studying your victories is the right decision. But unfortunately, gambling is built on a random number generator and therefore, building a successful strategy based on past games does not give a guarantee of any kind.
Learning the rules Thanks to smart software, you can quickly and in detail learn the rules of gambling disciplines. For example, you are interested in the game of baccarat, but you do not know the rules, and here, AI can come to the rescue to give the correct answer to your questions. On the one hand, AI will tell you really quickly and briefly about how to play gambling disciplines. But on the other hand, AI can make mistakes and give you wrong information. Therefore, always additionally read the rules and conditions of games in online casinos.
Table game strategy AI can help gamblers develop a smart strategy for table games like poker or blackjack. Of course, this is not a panacea, but still, AI can tell your chances in different hands. For example, in poker, when the river is on the table with a specific hand, the AI ​​can show the percentage of your chances. Please note that these applications only work for table games and only when you play outside of establishments. Of course, AI software that shows your odds is often used in land-based poker competitions, but as a rule, only spectators are interested in this information. Why? It’s simple: professional poker players can calculate their own odds. Therefore, such a tool will not bring much benefit, especially for online games.
Selection of reliable casinos Many enthusiasts offer a special information base that works with the help of AI and it helps gamblers to select fast payout casinos or other reliable online gambling sites. Players can find casinos that are officially operating in their provinces, read reviews and see ratings. The same is with blacklisted casinos Canadians should avoid. Yes, such development is worth attention, but it is worth noting that such software only has the development status. Therefore, the software is not available in the public domain, and if a player has received an invite to this application, it is impossible to fully use the software. So everyone is looking forward to the official release.

Other Qualities Making AI Helpful in Gambling

It is worth noting that AI is of great help to real money online casino operators and gambling software developers. Thanks to trainable intelligence, developers can optimize routine work, improve security tools, and make in-depth analysis of the iGaming market. On this list, we have added the more popular use of AI in the gambling world.

  • Responsible gambling tools
    Online casino operators offer unique AI-powered features to help gamblers play responsibly. For example, players will be able to set deposit/bet limits and set a time limit.
  • Restricted countries analysis
    Thanks to AI, gamblers can find out if there are restrictions on gambling in their region. This way, customers can find out which site has the appropriate licenses for official work, for example, in Vancouver.
  • Perfect match of the best casinos
    We have talked about such software more than once because its capabilities can find the perfect casino for the preferences of each gambler. Let’s say, a player from Quebec only likes table games and participates in tournaments, and AI-based software will find similar legal casinos with such opportunities.
  • Deeper analysis for operators
    It is important for casino operators to study the requirements of gamblers, trends, and the work of competitors. Therefore, for such work, companies are often using AI tools that can roughly help operators in this matter.
  • Getting informed about the rules
    The possibilities of AI are very versatile and useful, for example, let’s take this example: the player liked the crash games or a live show, but they did not fully understand the rules. At such a moment, the player can use the AI ​​to learn about the rules of the discipline they like.

Books & Other Sources for Gambling Strategies

Successful board game players regularly develop their skills and improve their strategy to make their game unique. Therefore, we advise you to study the famous poker and blackjack players in more detail as they often share their skills and strategies. If you study the path of successful players, then you can build your own unique strategy on their example. Here are some popular books:

  1. ‘Beat The Dealer’ – Edward O. Thorp
    This book is a classic in the blackjack world that popularized the concept of card counting. There, the author provides counting methods, strategies, and probabilities for playing blackjack successfully.
  2. ‘Play Blackjack Like the Pros’ – Blackwood Kevin
    In this book, the author helps players understand the basics of blackjack and improve their skills in this discipline.
  3. ‘Professional Blackjack’ – Stanford Wong
    It’s another blackjack classic that talks about strategies and improving bankroll management.
  4. ‘Every Hand Revealed’ – Gus Hansen
    In this book, the author takes a detailed look at his hands from winning poker tournaments, explaining his decisions and strategies at different stages.
  5. Dan Harrington
    This successful poker player has released a series of books about his strategies and aspects of tournament play

BetSquare Tips for Your Gambling Strategy

Here, our BetSquare team has added some important tips to help you play responsibly and safely:

  1. Always properly allocate your bankroll and do not use credit funds for gambling.
  2. Before launching any game, read about the features of the software, find out the RTP parameters, and estimate the max win potential.
  3. Remember that online sessions are different from land-based ones, and therefore, your strategies will be different.
  4. Remember that you should always play responsibly, adhering to the terms and conditions of existing and new online casinos in Canada.
  5. Choose only proven and legal casinos.
  6. Watch your bets and try to play with more restraint.
  7. Study similar literature which we talked about earlier.
  8. Do not use third-party software to play online casinos.
  9. Remember about the risks and the fact that playing in a casino is not income but entertainment.
  10. Don’t forget to read reviews from other gamblers.


The BetSquare team is always on the side of gamblers. Therefore, we regularly prepare up-to-date reviews that help players understand the iGaming industry. This way, our readers will be able to distinguish a good casino from a dark one, use our fair rating, choose only high-quality content, and play responsibly in order to get only pleasure.


Can AI help Canadians form gambling strategies?

Definitely yes, but only with limitations. For example, AI will help build the right bankroll, plus, such software will tell you your chances in your scenario.

Does AI create 100% winning casino strategies?

No, AI gives general information that is known to everyone even without its participation. Artificial Intelligence ​​simply optimizes and gives advice from past competitions to successful players.

What games are good to apply gambling strategies to?

Basically, these are table games, such as poker, blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. Please note that this applies only to real casino games, and online strategies do not work this way.

Where do I find Canadian gambling strategies and tips?

You can find useful tips in our previous reviews from BetSquare or in the literature. Such books can be read online or even downloaded as audiobooks.

Can Artificial Intelligence work in gambling without humans?

No, since AI is created, programmed, and regulated by a person. Because of this, AI cannot exist on its own. Such a tool must always be operated under human supervision.

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