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Here at BetSquare, we position ourselves as gambling experts passionate about new releases, the best venues to gamble for CAD, and ultimate tips and strategies. We are an online casino guide for Canadians since our site features fair reviews and a rating based on our research and feedback of our readers and other real players. Please note that we don’t provide gambling services and stand for a responsible gambling approach for 18+ readers.

We don’t want to be an ordinary platform or a site where players find unfair reviews for sale. We want our Canadian casino rating to be fair and helpful. When working on it, our team checks each and every detail of the overviewed casino to make sure that everything will suit our readers. When there are minor drawbacks, we highlight them and inform our readers, and when the casino is fraudulent and we find lots of complaints from visitors, the site is ignored and will never be promoted on our site.

On this page, we’ll tell you how BetSquare forms an online casino rating in Canada. We’ll highlight our estimating & rating process, explain how we keep our rating and reviews up-to-date, and tell more about the safe gambling tips we adhere to.

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Main Ideas Standing Behind BetSquare Rating

Our Canadian readers should access fair and objective reviews, so our rating is based on a range of factors translating an helpful and honest approach where we serve as a gambling encyclopedia players trust rather than just an ordinary review platform. These are the top-4 factors we find crucial when estimating gambling sites in our Canadian casino rating, working on our reviews, and determining the direction of our BetSquare project in general.

  • Reputation and user feedback
  • Security measures
  • Software library
  • Bonuses and promotions
  • Licensing and regulation
  • Payment methods
  • Withdrawal methods
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Customer Support
  • Responsible gambling measures
  • User experience

Online casino reviews aim to assist users in making informed decisions, so our BetSquare team considers dozens of details about an overviewed site. Covering different topics in online casino reviews ensures that users receive a comprehensive and well-rounded assessment of the platform. On the right, you’ll find the top-10 parameters our experts consider when ranking Canadian online casinos.

How Our Canadian Casino Rating Can Help: Advantages

We believe that our casino rating in Canada is helpful for many reasons. First of all, it’s a helping hand for players who are new to gambling and don’t want to spend hours delving into details. We aim to provide fair and unbiased information so that our Canadian readers get help from any review and can find answers to any questions they may have.

Quality Explanation Example
Protection from scams A fair rating helps players avoid fraudulent or rogue online casinos. By highlighting reputable and licensed casinos while warning against untrustworthy operators, players can protect themselves from scams and ensure their safety and security, so fair ratings serve as a shield against potential risks and fraudulent practices. When a casino has lots of complaints and violates the rights of players, this casino isn’t added to our rating
Personalized selection A fair rating considers various aspects of an online casino, such as game variety, bonuses, payment methods, and customer support. This enables our readers to find a casino that aligns with their specific preferences and needs. You can choose a casino that offers the games you enjoy, convenient payment options, and reliable customer service. Due to our rating and reviews, you can find casinos according to your references and games according to your bankroll
Reliable information A fair rating ensures that players have access to a quality online gambling experience. By evaluating factors such as game fairness, security measures, and user experience, a fair rating holds casinos accountable for maintaining high standards. Our readers can trust that the recommended casinos in a fair rating provide a reliable and enjoyable gaming environment. You won’t experience unfair casinos in our rating and can trust all the reviews we highlight here
Better gaming experience By selecting a Canadian online casino based on a fair rating, players can have a better overall gaming experience. You are more likely to encounter a well-designed website or app, a wide range of high-quality games, fair gameplay, responsive customer support, and convenient payment options. Our readers can choose from the best games, get information about new releases, and be well-prepared for gameplay
Improved industry standards It’s also one of our goals since fair ratings play a role in shaping the online casino industry by promoting ethical practices and responsible gambling measures. When CA casinos strive to achieve higher ratings, they are incentivized to improve their offerings, enhance player protection measures, and provide better overall experiences. Fair ratings contribute to the growth and development of a reputable and trustworthy online gambling industry. The more demanding Canadian players are, the better conditions local operators provide
Exclusive promotions We are very attentive when it comes to promotions. Each of our reviews displays information about the welcome bonus, as well as regular offers, cashback, VIP levels, and other perks. In addition, if we have an opportunity to get an exclusive promo code, we add it to our review and give this operator an extra point in our rating. Our readers get information about the best casino bonuses, including personal offers

As a result, the idea standing behind our project is being helpful to gamblers who want to get familiar with the online casino industry in Canada and to seasoned gamblers looking for new operators or tips regarding new game releases or varied strategies.


Our Taboos: Prohibited Things We Avoid

We are a team of gambling enthusiasts who want the Canadian iGaming industry to be transparent, friendly, and honest. That’s why we’ve determined the factors which are against this approach, and we do our best to exclude all these aspects so that our results are true, unbiased, and relevant. Here are the 5 taboos which we find unacceptable in our project.

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No Reviews for Sale

When online casino reviews are unfairly influenced by financial incentives, they can provide misleading information to users. If reviews are purchased or biased, they may misrepresent the quality, reliability, or reputation of a particular casino. Users who rely on these reviews may end up choosing a subpar or untrustworthy casino, leading to a negative gambling experience. We know this and have zero tolerance to unfair rating positions for money.

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No Unfair Facts & Details

We understand that reviews with wrong or unfair information exploit users who are seeking genuine and trustworthy information. Users rely on reviews to make informed decisions, and when they encounter manipulated reviews, their trust is betrayed. For this reason, we double-check the details specified in our reviews and never add wrong information to influence the rating results.

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No Secrets Regarding Cons

Including the cons in a review provides a balanced perspective on the online casino. While highlighting the positive aspects is important, acknowledging the drawbacks and limitations gives users a more comprehensive understanding of what to expect. Our users appreciate honesty and authenticity in reviews, and by openly discussing the downsides, reviewers establish credibility and transparency.

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No Outdated Information

Over time, an online casino’s reputation, performance, and quality of service can change. A review that was accurate and positive in the past may no longer reflect the current state of the casino. An outdated review may fail to address important updates, such as changes in ownership, customer support responsiveness, payout reliability, or licensing status. That’s why we always refresh our reviews and adjust our rating accordingly.

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No Bonuses with a High Wager

Wagering requirements determine the number of times a player must wager the bonus amount before being able to withdraw any winnings associated with it. Bonuses with high wagering requirements make it more challenging for players to meet those requirements. As a result, players may need to place a significant number of bets or wager a large amount of money before they can access their winnings, so we recommend bonuses with a low wager.

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BetSquare Team: Who We Are

Our BetSquare experts have a deep understanding of specific games, strategies, and bankroll management techniques. We are professional gamblers who have years of experience and a track record of consistent success. Our gambling analysts and researchers specialize in studying various aspects of online gambling. We conduct in-depth research, analyze data, and monitor industry trends. In addition, we have a deep understanding of multiple casino games, sports betting strategies, bonus structures, and responsible gambling practices.

Our expertise helps our readers in Canada make informed decisions and navigate the online gambling landscape. And finally, have knowledge of the licensing requirements, compliance standards, and responsible gambling initiatives implemented by regulatory authorities. As a result, our team consists of professional gamblers who have a deep understanding of the gambling industry in Canada and know exactly what players need.

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Helpful Gambling Guide: What We Overview

  • Reviews of varied payment methods available in Canada, such as Interac and PayPal, and guides to depositing and requesting withdrawals
  • Since we overview loads of varied games, Canadians can find information about the latest releases, find out about live shows 2023, and more
  • One more aspect we don’t pass by is the range of bonuses, be they welcome packages of the casinos we overview or personal promo codes
  • We cover all the aspects connected with the local regulations and the gambling laws, so we tell our readers everything about licences like Kahnawake and Curaçao
  • Our experts know a lot about different games, so we check the available range and give tips regarding varied strategies and technical features like RTP

In addition to the best Canadian casinos rating available at BetSquare, our team also boasts a lot of other helpful tips and guides for players.

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BetSquare Responsible Gambling Position

Here at BetSquare, we don’t provide gambling services, don’t promote gambling, deliver content to only 18+ players, and recommend all our visitors to play responsibly. Gambling addiction is a serious issue that can have severe consequences for individuals and their families. Some CA users may be more vulnerable to the negative impacts of gambling, such as those who are underage, experiencing financial difficulties, or struggling with mental health issues. Responsible online gambling measures, including age verification protocols, financial limits, and self-exclusion options, help safeguard these vulnerable individuals and prevent them from engaging in harmful gambling behaviors. In case of gambling problems, make sure to use special tools like self-exclusion and contact helping organizations like GamStop.

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Blacklisted Casinos in Canada

Blacklisted casinos in Canada may have a history of refusing to pay out winnings to players or deliberately delaying payments for extended periods. This behavior is a significant red flag as it indicates a lack of financial stability or a deliberate attempt to withhold rightful winnings from players. These casinos may provide inadequate or non-existent customer support, making it difficult for players to address issues or resolve disputes. Plus, such sites may lure players with enticing bonuses and promotions but include unfair or misleading terms and conditions. Here at BetSquare, we never recommend casinos of this kind and make sure that our readers stay away from sites with such reputation or qualities.

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Diversified Topics Covered

Here at BetSquare, we understand that different users in Canada have varying priorities and preferences when it comes to online casinos. That’s why our rating covers different topics, such as game variety, software providers, bonus terms, and payment options. Covering different topics allows our expert reviewers to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the casino, considering its strengths and weaknesses in different areas. This holistic approach helps our readers gain a deeper understanding of the overall performance and features of the platform.

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Our BetSquare rating of the best online casinos in Canada is a complex system we thoroughly analyze to make sure that our readers get fair, objective, and helpful results. It’s regularly updated and based on a range of essential factors.

We ensure that the online casino holds a valid license from a reputable regulatory authority in Canada (Kahnawake Gaming Commission, the British Columbia Lottery Corporation, and the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario), consider online casinos that offer attractive bonuses and promotions, including welcome bonuses, free spins, and loyalty programs, and look for online casinos that offer a wide range of games from reputable software providers.

According to these qualities and the results of our casino rating in Canada, players are welcome to choose the highest payout casinos for Canadians to enjoy fair and reliable gameplay!

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