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In the early days of online casino gaming, it was difficult to imagine the possibility of a live dealer hosting card games in a digital interface. 

As technology evolved and became more accessible, games like live dealer baccarat became an instant hit with online gaming enthusiasts worldwide. 

At Betsquare, we’ve been following the development of live casino baccarat and other games since their debut on the internet, and we’re excited to be able to share our findings with you. 

In this guide, we’ll discuss everything that you need to know about live dealer baccarat casinos in Canada and reveal the best and most trusted sites at which to play this classic casino game for real money payouts.

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Top 10 Live Dealer Baccarat Online Casinos 2024:

1. Playzilla Casino – C$150 + 500 bonus spins
2. Bitvegas Casino – C$300 + 350 bonus spins
3. Boomerang Casino – C$750 + 200 bonus spins
4. N1 Casino – C$600 + 200 bonus spins
5. Mr Pacho – C$750 + 250 bonus spins
6. LalaBet – C$250 + 250 bonus spins
7. Slothunter – C$200 + 200 bonus spins
8. 1Red – C$10,000 + 100 bonus spins
9. BingoBonga – 20% cashback
10. Bitvegas – C$300 + 350 bonus spins

How We Chose the Best Live Casino Baccarat Sites

At Betsquare, we have identified the key parameters that distinguish a good live online casino experience from a great one. 

While many factors play a part in creating a definitive live casino baccarat experience, you can safely assume that you’ve landed at a good casino by considering the following qualities:

User Experience

To put it bluntly, there’s no point in visiting an online casino if you can’t navigate through its pages. Having a clean and friendly user interface is an important parameter under Betsquare’s criteria for live dealer baccarat casinos. 

Good interfaces mean you spend less time scrolling and clicking and more time on what matters – playing baccarat for a chance to win. 

Game Selection

If the best live baccarat casinos hope to attract and retain players, then these sites need to provide a wide selection of games and plenty of variations within each game type to keep things interesting and fresh. 

Alongside baccarat, we look for roulette and blackjack, as well as live gameshow titles that have exploded in popularity in recent times from studios like Evolution Gaming.

Payment Ease and Reliability

One of the most oft-cited complaints that we hear about when interviewing casino visitors is when a platform makes it difficult to make a withdrawal. 

Accordingly, we only recommend platforms that are known to offer low minimum withdrawals and high limits supported by a range of fast and established payment methods. 

Player Safety and Licensing

Player safety is a non-negotiable for us when it comes to looking for a live baccarat casino site. Legitimate casinos should be licensed by a regulatory body like the MGA or UKGC – if the site is not licensed, we don’t recommend it. 

Live Dealer Baccarat vs. Standard Online Baccarat

Versions of baccarat games have existed online since the early days of the internet. Many of today’s online baccarat games follow essentially the same system of the player betting against randomly generated outcomes. 

While this game format is as close to truly random as it can get, it lacks the crucial human element that elevates the experience to the next level. 

On the other hand, live Baccarat involves playing against a live human dealer who deals your cards virtually. By using interface tools such as buttons and toggles, you can play your hands while the dealer takes care of the rest. 

Watching the dealer shuffle the cards and lay them out on the table in HD streaming quality is a far more engaging and involving experience than seeing cards appear on the screen based on a random number generator. 

In the table below, we have summarised the main differences between live dealer baccarat and standard online baccarat so you know what to expect from each game:


Live Dealer Baccarat Standard Online Baccarat
Human dealer No human dealer
Cards deal by hand Cards generated by RNG 
More engaging  Less engaging
Relatively slow gameplay Pace varies based on the player

Why Play Live Dealer Baccarat?

To put it simply, live dealer baccarat is a much more engaging game overall than its computer-generated counterpart. 

Live gaming technology has come such a long way that the best that random number generated baccarat games can hope to do is to improve graphics and dazzle players with bells and whistles. 

Live dealer baccarat games are loaded to the gills with features like multiple camera angles and literally dozens of game variations that unlock a new level of player engagement. 

At the core of the standard online baccarat experience is a random number generator. While RNG technology has also advanced and comes as close to truly random as we’ll ever get, playing an RNG game can feel robotic and monotonous after a while. 

On the other hand, seeing cards being dealt on a real-life baccarat table by a highly skilled live operator is a visual treat that places less emphasis on ‘random’ outcomes. 

Instead, it focuses on recreating the casino experience within the confines of a laptop or phone screen, replete with bright lights, dazzling decor and expert dealers. 

Popular Live Casino Baccarat Variants

New players may be daunted by the sheer number of variants of live baccarat games that exist today. Despite all the variations, rest assured that most baccarat variants follow the same underlying principles with only minor differences in gameplay. 

Here are some of the most popular variants of live baccarat games according to our readers: 


  • Punto Banco: This Cuban variant of baccarat evolved in the 1950s. The key difference between Punto Banco and regular baccarat is that this variant accommodates up to 14 players at a single table, with six to eight decks being used between them. 
  • Chemin de Fer: In the ever-popular Chemin de Fer baccarat, players compete against the dealer rather than against each other, like they would in conventional baccarat. During each turn, a different player is nominated as the banker, who then decides how much money they will wager on each turn. 
  • Mini Baccarat: In this variant, the game is played on a round table with only seven players, instead of the usual eight or more, in addition to some other minor differences.

How to Play Live Dealer Baccarat Games?

If you’re ready to take the plunge into the world of live dealer baccarat, you won’t have to search for long to find a game that captures your attention. 

Every top casino listed on our site offers a number of different variants that you can enjoy. In a nutshell, here’s how you can start playing live dealer baccarat: 


    • Sign up at an online casino: Choose a casino, create a player account, and deposit some funds to start playing.
    • Select a game or table: Choose a variant or table that appeals to you, and make sure to double-check bet limits against your predetermined gambling budget. 
    • Join game: Once you click through to join the game, you’ll be asked to wait while the game’s live stream loads. Once completed, you will be greeted by a human dealer at a real baccarat table. 
    • Place your bets: Bet on either player, banker, or tie. 

Live Casino Baccarat Tips: Maximize Your Chances

While baccarat is largely a game of chance, especially when compared to other card games like poker, there are some tips and tricks to bear in mind to maximise your chances of winning: 

Regard the statistics 

According to widely accepted statistics, the banker wins 45.8% of the time; the player wins 44.6% of the time, while the tie only wins in 9.6% of all games. 

By doing the math, you’ll soon see that the banker holds a house edge of 1.06%, the player 1.24% and the tie 14.36%. Accordingly, it’s important to note that baccarat comes with an inherent house edge. 

A good catch-all strategy would be to bet on the banker, as they have the lowest house edge compared to player hands and ties. Accordingly, remember to avoid betting on streaks, avoid tie bets, and consistently set win and loss limits to have a healthy live casino baccarat experience. 

Where to Play Live Dealer Baccarat in Canada?

There are many live dealer casinos that you can try out in Canada, like the ones listed above. The benefit of choosing any of these is that Betsquare has already thoroughly evaluated each of them, saving you the trouble of guessing whether a platform is worth your time or money. 

Regardless of what you choose, you only have to bear a few things in mind when choosing a live dealer baccarat casino in Canada:

Look for licensing information 

The best casinos prominently display licensing information on the home page and also provide SSL encryption to keep your information secure while playing online. To find this information, navigate to the terms and conditions page of the casino that you are checking out. 

Consider Payment Methods

If you’re keen on using a particular payment method for gambling, then it’s best to check beforehand if the casino that you choose accepts the platform of your choice. The best casinos today support a wide range of payment methods, including several fast and anonymous cryptocurrencies that add another layer of security to your iGaming experience. 

Read the Terms and Conditions

While many players may scoff at having to read pages of legal text, we believe that it is critical that every player fully understands what they’re signing up for each time they register on a new platform. You will find all the information about a particular casino contained within these pages of text. 

Research Game Providers

Another handy rule of thumb while searching for live dealer baccarat casinos is to investigate their game providers. With the current cream of the crop of software developers, their reputation precedes them. You’re almost guaranteed to have a good experience while playing with an established game provider, as they have spent time and money to perfect their product for the online audience. 

Why Betsquare?

At Betsquare, we follow a methodical approach to writing casino reviews. Our team is comprised of gaming enthusiasts and industry experts who work together to determine whether any platform that we review passes our standards for quality and safety. 

Accordingly, we measure each casino on our site against a list of parameters that we have determined to be crucial for gaming online. 

We love to get into the thick of things with the platforms that we review, and we stress test parameters such as game variety, payments, customer support and more to make sure that we are giving our readers the most informed view possible. 

Additionally, we place great emphasis on ease of deposit and withdrawals, and each of the platforms that we recommend has been through the gauntlet before being approved by our team of experts. 

Key Takeaways

2024 is one of the best years to start playing live casino baccarat as a new player. Live gaming technology has undergone a revolution, allowing players to enjoy a more seamless and smooth experience than ever before. 

The question should not be whether you should start playing live casino baccarat but rather where. 

Remember to read our reviews of any platform that you choose to sign up on, and always make sure that it ticks all your personal boxes of preference before you ever make a deposit. 

Overall, live casino baccarat can be a massively rewarding and enjoyable experience if you cover your ground and make wise betting decisions. 

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Can I play live dealer baccarat on mobile?

Yes. Live dealer baccarat can be enjoyed on mobile and laptop and tablet devices. Remember to choose games created by the best game developers to ensure that you have a smooth and lag-free experience with the game. 

Are live dealer baccarat games rigged?

No, live dealer baccarat games are not rigged. Live games play out in the same way as they would in a real brick-and-mortar casino. Accordingly, live dealer baccarat games offer you the same chances of winning as a game in a real casino would. 

Can I play live dealer casino baccarat for free?

Most online casinos will require you to make a small deposit to play live dealer casino baccarat. However, you can use any bonus funds that you may have to start playing, as it will count towards making a real wager on a game. 

Where can I play live dealer baccarat?

You can enjoy a game of live dealer baccarat at any of the casinos listed in this guide. We have thoroughly vetted each featured online gaming platform to ensure that they offer a safe environment for online gaming. 

Is live dealer baccarat better than regular online baccarat?

Yes. Live dealer baccarat is far more engaging, less monotonous, and robotic than regular online baccarat. Live dealer baccarat includes a critical human element that is missing from its random number generated counterpart.