Blacklisted Online Casinos in Canada: Sites with Bad Reputation to Avoid

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Here at BetSquare, our main goal is to make the gambling industry safe, accessible, and understandable to everyone of legal age. That’s why we analyse tons of details and compare dozens of operating online casino sites to make sure that our best casinos rating is fair and objective.

When working on this rating, we can also come across weak points or even fraudulent casinos in Canada. Our duty is not only to make our rating free from such sites but also warn our readers that gambling sites of this kind are scammers and Canadians should avoid them.

On this page, we’ll highlight the blacklisted online casinos in Canada relying on our own experience and feedback of other players. We consider controversial terms, complaints about rigged games, problems with withdrawals, and other aspects which can spoil your experience.

So, let’s take a look at the Canadian blacklisted casinos to avoid and find out what alternatives can be helpful!

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Avoid These Blacklisted Casinos: A Look at the Worst iGaming Sites

Ozwin Casino Mockup AU

Ozwin Casino

Ozwin is a newly emerged casino that was founded in 2020 and is not well established yet. They only support real time games and have a small variety.

House of Jack Mockup AU

House of jack casino

House of Jack Casino is one of these newcomers to the online gambling niche. Unlike many of its competitors, though, it has aggressively pursued the licensing and access to the games developed by household names.

Rich Palms Casino Mockup

Rich Palms Casino

Rich Palms Casino is a newly created casino that was established in 2020. It is powered by Real Time Gaming software and offers a wide variety of games from this provider, including slots, table games, video poker, and more.

GWcasino Mockup AU

GW Casino

At first glance, the GW casino doesn’t look appealing at all. The basic site layout and user interface suggest that not much thought has been put into the design process. Also, they have no license and no Country restrictions apply to them.

Casinomoons Mockup AU

Casino Moons

There is a lot to be said about the turmoil that surrounds Casino Moons when it comes to its online user reviews and the negative press it has received for its murky terms and conditions, as well as delayed withdrawals.

Bitcasino online casino review

Wild Tornado

While they have a large garment of games and facilitate crypto gamin exchange, there’s nothing that really makes this casino stand out. On top of that their withdrawal limit is very low.

Aussie Play Mockup AU

Aussie Play

From the very first glance at the Aussie Play interface, one can see that it’s not your typical online gambling site. It uses an unconventional design that makes it difficult for clients to navigate. Also, they have a limited selection and no Live Casino.

Red Dog casino Mockup AU

Red Dog Casino

At red dog casino they offer a very limited payment methods, poor bonuses and promotions, and not enough high quality games.

Grand rush casino mockup AU

Grand Rush Casino

With an Unimpressive collection of casino games compered to its competitors, a limited withdrawal options, and an outdated interface, we can not recommend it as a good alternative.

Tangiers casino Mockup AU

Tangiers Casino

While Tangiers Casino is one of the oldest online casinos we reviewed in Australian market (2016), its customer support does not stand out. They have no live support and they are slow to respond.

Roocasino Mockup AU

Roo Casino

Roo casino can make their customers life difficult. They impose very strict dormant account policy with a lot of limitations that you should be well aware of before anything. Also they have a very limited choice of payment options.

Golden Pokies video thumbnail

Golden Pokies Casino

First of all, the Golden pokies casino is unlicensed. They have a long history of withheld withdrawals from their clients and no access to some of the most popular slots. We can not recommend them in good conscious.

Levelup Casino Mockup AU

Levelup Casino

Levelup casino has a lot of country restrictions on its players. Such limitations can make clients’ life difficult. Furthermore, they have no telephone support and can be slow to respond.

Kings Chance Mockup AU

Kings Chance Casino

Kings chance casino does not offer a live casino, something which is standard by most online iGaming websites. Furthermore, their payment options are very limited.

21 Dukes Casino Mockup

21 Dukes Casino

Duke Casino, which holds a gambling license in Costa Rica, is a casino that has been subject to numerous complaints. These grievances encompass issues such as non-payment and delays in fulfilling payouts.

7 Regal Casino Mockup

7 Regal Casino

Established in 2006, Regal Casino has operated as an online casino and has garnered a substantial number of customer complaints throughout its existence. We strongly advise against engaging with this particular casino.

50 Stars Casino Mockup

50 Stars Casino

Starscasino, notorious for its abundance of customer complaints, can be considered an untrustworthy casino that unequivocally merits inclusion on the roster of blacklisted casinos

21 Nova Casino Mockup

21 Nova

Nova Casino has been blacklisted due to numerous unethical practices. Online, you will come across a plethora of complaints that span from instances of denied withdrawals to withdrawal processes taking up to five weeks.

99 slot Casino Mockup

99 Slot Machines

99 Slot Machine Casino is an online casino that holds a gambling license issued in Costa Rica. Upon reading customer reviews online, it becomes evident that it is widely considered one of the worst online casinos in existence. This reputation stems from various reasons, including reports of non-payment to players and suspicions of competition rigging.

Atlantic Club Casino Mockup

Atlantic Casino Club

Atlantic Casino Club has earned its place on the list of blacklisted casinos, primarily due to inconsistent game results and other concerning issues.

Aff Power Casino Mockup

Aff Power

AffPower has been placed on the blacklist following the discovery of their utilization of pirated games sourced from reputable software providers like Net Ent. This fraudulent activity undermines the integrity of their games.

Absolute Poker Casino Mockup

Absolute Poker

Absolute Poker was caught engaging in cheating practices, allowing certain users to gain access to their opponents’ cards, which is a clear violation of fair play principles and completely unacceptable.

Bella Vegas Casino Mockup

Belle Vegas Online

Bella Vegas has demonstrated an untrustworthy approach towards payouts, which unequivocally justifies its inclusion on our blacklist.

Balza Casino Mockup

Balza Casino

It is highly advised to steer clear of Balza Casino at all costs due to their failure to fulfill customer payouts and their unresponsiveness when it comes to customer service.

Aztec Casino Mockup


Aztecasino provides rigged casino games, and it is needless to say that this fact alone speaks volumes about the credibility and trustworthiness of this casino.

Atlantic Vegas Casino Mockup

Atlantic Vegas Casino

Atlantic Vegas Casino should be approached with extreme caution as it is considered a complete scam. If you are looking for a guaranteed way to lose your money, this casino is the place to be. It has a track record of not paying out customers and offering rigged games.

Brandy Casino Mockup

Brandy Casino

Brandy Casino has gained a negative reputation for its failure to honor customer payouts and incessant spamming of promotional materials. It is strongly recommended to stay away from this casino.

Betvoyager Casino Mockup

Bet Voyager

Bet Voyager is a casino that is plagued by numerous unresolved complaints and has a questionable practice of deducting 10% of winnings in games with equal odds.

BetUS Casino Mockup

Bet US

Although this casino is currently closed, there is a high likelihood that it will resurface elsewhere. It is important to remain vigilant and exercise caution.

Bet port Casino Mockup

Bet Port

Bet Port is an online casino whose license has been suspended due to fraudulent behavior. It is strongly advised to avoid this casino at all costs.

bet The Dealer Casino Mockup

Be The Dealer

This particular casino exhibits a complete lack of responsiveness towards customer complaints and demonstrates an unwillingness to assist with resolving customer issues. It is highly recommended to refrain from playing at this casino.

Captain Jack Casino Mockup

Captain Jack Casino

Due to inconsistent game results and a track record of failing to payout players who have won significant amounts, this casino has been added to the blacklist.

Breakaway Casino Mockup

Breakaway Casino

It is strongly advised to avoid this casino at all costs, as it exhibits typical untrustworthy behavior, including failure to payout customers.

Red Flags: What Is a Blacklisted Casino in Canada?

It is important to note that our BetSquare team keeps a close eye on blacklisted casinos to ensure the safety and security of our customers. The sites on this list are risky for Canadian gamblers. Despite the fact that some of them may attract users with various bonuses, offer withdrawals through official payment systems, and provide games from licensed developers, this does not mean that they are trustworthy. Sometimes, they just promise to do this, but in fact, some qualities are absent.

In addition to the lack of transparency and the possibility of incorrect algorithms, Canadian players are also at risk of insecurity of their financial data and personal information. Therefore, when choosing a real money casino in Canada, it is recommended to pay attention to licensed and regulated sites that provide complete transparency. Checking for the appropriate licenses and security certificates, as well as reading the reviews of other gamblers can serve as a reliable guide when choosing a reliable site.

Reasons Why Casinos Become Blacklisted

There are several reasons why online casinos become blacklisted, but the most common are:

Unfair gaming practices
Slow or non-payment of winnings
Cheating & unethical business practices
Poor customer service

Unfair gaming practices can include manipulation of the games, using rigged software, or using unfair terms and conditions. Slow or non-payment of winnings is also a serious issue, as it can leave players unable to withdraw their winnings, even after long wait times. Cheating includes any attempts to manipulate the outcome of a game, which can be extremely unfair to the players. Unethical business practices can include a lack of transparency or misleading bonus offers. Poor customer service can include anything from slow response times to unhelpful staff. All of these factors can contribute to a casino becoming blacklisted, and it’s important to be aware of them when choosing an online casino.

Blacklisted Casinos: Why to Avoid?

Let’s say right away that ‘dark’ or fraudulent CA casinos can not only work unofficially but also have dubious software, and this affects your gaming process. Unfortunately, such casinos exist, so we immediately find them and add these sites to our Canadian gambling blacklist to warn you. In general, such casinos should be avoided and there are good reasons for this:

  1. Problems with payouts
    Of course, even blacklisted casinos can offer legal payment systems (not a rule), but the problem is that such sites can process and send winnings for a long time, plus, they charge a high commission for this. Also, dubious casinos have a small withdrawal limit per day/week/month.
  2. Weak customer support
    It would seem that feedback is a simple tool, but when it comes to using it, even in dubious casinos, you will simply communicate with a bot that will not understand your problem or it will take a very long time to answer you via email.
  3. Games from dubious brands
    Licensed content plays a very important role. First, you can always be sure that the RTP settings will be optimal. Secondly, high-quality casino games are perfectly optimized and they work without delays.
  4. Bonuses are hard to wager or absent
    Beware of bonuses in Canadian blacklisted casinos as the wagering requirements can be very high. Also, such casinos may not offer achievements to new or regular gamblers.
  5. Inconvenient interface
    Yes, you can put up with such a moment, but you must admit, spending a lot of time to find the right content or a section with the rules is a very dubious pleasure. Therefore, top casinos in Canada always strive to make the casino interface user-friendly.

How We Evaluate Canadian Online Casinos

Our BetSquare team is happy to be helpful to readers, so we want to share with you our unique approach to evaluating Canadian online casinos. Our team is ready to share information about how we choose the best casinos and why we exclude suspicious and unscrupulous operators in Canada by adding them to our black list. We adhere to certain principles and criteria when evaluating, which we have described in the boxes below.

Reading the Terms

A very important point when evaluating an online casino in Canada is to study the terms and conditions because if the casino offers legally incorrect conditions or they are questionable, then the casino instantly goes into the black list. Yes, it also happens that the casino is new and the site developers did not have time to add a section with the terms and conditions, so as soon as this section is added, the casino may leave the black list (if the problem was only with this).

Getting Registered

In addition to using our own casino testing tools, we register and go through verification ourselves. Such a plan is very reliable as we can learn from our own experience all the steps to enter the site and get started. Plus, we always estimate and review the entire process. As a result, the faster and easier it is to register at an online casino in Canada, the better the site.

Viewing Reviews of Players

Also, our BetSquare team carefully studies reviews from other gamblers as these people are not interested in advertising, so they can honestly talk about their gaming experience. Of course, each review can be an individual experience, but we take this into account when testing online casinos in Canada. If we find lots of complaints from real players, it’s considered.

Processing a Withdrawal

Withdrawing winnings at a Canadian casino is one of the most important and enjoyable moments, so it should be smooth and optimal. Legal and best casinos always offer gamblers popular payment systems, fast withdrawals, and optimal daily/weekly/monthly withdrawal limits, which can still be increased if you are a VIP client. We personally check all these details, replenish the account, play games, and withdraw winnings in order to accurately evaluate the casino.

Alternatives to Blacklisted CA Casinos

With our unique Blacklisted service from BetSquare, you can get information about all suspicious casinos in Canada and avoid them yourself. We also provide an expanded ranking list that lists the best fast payout casinos in Canada which we constantly update and adjust. It is important to note that we strongly recommend that you only play at legal and licensed casinos to ensure your safety. We have also prepared detailed reviews of each of Canada’s top casinos so that you can get more information and choose the most suitable one for you.

Among the favourites, you can see Yukon Gold Casino and others. All of our reviews have been compiled taking into account all the important points such as reliability, game selection, bonus offers, service level, and other details that may affect your gaming experience. Our goal is to help you make an informed choice and enjoy the exciting world of online casinos.


Let’s summarize the above. Our BetSquare team is known for testing and evaluating Canadian casinos to provide gamblers with a list of the best payout sites. Yes, many people know about this list, so we decided to add the Blacklisted Canada Casino page as well which contains those casinos that you need to avoid. If you are aware of bad casinos, you can easily skip them, plus, thanks to our review, personally reveal suspicious sites. Of course, this Canadian gambling black list is updated regularly, so we recommend keeping an eye on it to be a guru in the iGaming community!


What is a black list of online casinos in Canada?

This is a list of all casinos in Canada that have a bad reputation, such as slow payouts, questionable conditions, the fact of operating without a license, and the drawback when administration does not solve technical issues.

How to avoid Canadian blacklisted casinos?

In order to avoid rogue casinos, you need to study our review to understand how the BetSquare team is doing this. You can also do it easier, just play in Canadian casinos from our list of the best ones where you will find only proven sites.

Where to find legal and best casinos in Canada?

We have added such casinos to our rating list of the best Canadian sites, plus, we have added an overview for each site so that you can choose the site according to your preferences and avoid blacklisted sites.

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