AI in the Canadian Gambling Industry: Helpful or Not?

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Traditionally, our BetSquare team has prepared a review on the iGaming theme. This time, it’s Artificial Intelligence on online casino sites in Canada and we’ll find out whether it is useful or not. We will analyze in detail all the usefulness of AI in the gambling industry, tell you where it is used, and explain why it is so popular for business. We will also analyze all the negative aspects of AI and where it cannot be applied. We chose this topic because AI is a very useful tool for security, feedback, design, and bookkeeping, but it also may have negative sides, so we’ll conduct our research to sort these things out. Next, we will take a closer look at AI in the iGaming industry in Canada!

Artificial Intelligence: How It Works?

Artificial intelligence in Canada’s online and land-based casinos can be used in several different ways, such as to provide a positive gaming experience and improve security. AI is also often used for monitoring and testing software. On this list, we will add the most popular aspects of how AI works in casinos:

  • Analysis and bookkeeping
    Often, casinos use AI to maintain a customer base, send out new promos, study the iGaming market, and fill out the ledger. AI can be used to analyze customers, especially their preferences, in order to always offer up-to-date games or promotions.
  • Safety
    AI is very useful for protecting the site and analyzing non-sanctioned activities, such as fraud. AI can analyze transaction data and gaming sessions to detect unusual activity related to fraud or hacking.
  • Feedback
    It is convenient to train AI so that it helps customers in a basic way, for example, to register, find the right content, or activate bonuses. Of course, if the AI ​​did not help the gambler, the administration takes everything into its own hands.
  • Personalization
    AI can be used to select content for a specific gambler. Based on data about gaming preferences, plots of slots, and bonus features, AI can recommend new slots to gamblers or offer individual bonuses.
  • Game hints
    Often, the casino uses AI to develop hints. For example, if a player launches a tournament slot, then, after loading, the AI ​​offers to make a minimum bet, which is accepted for participation in the tournament.

In any case, the AI ​​is controlled and trained by the casino operators, so the last decision will always be up to the human. Keep in mind, AI can’t do anything that it hasn’t been trained to do. It’s just used for automatization of certain processes, and it’s convenient for experts who need deep analysis of statistical and other details.

AI in Gambling: Helpful & Harmful Qualities

Artificial intelligence in online casinos in Canada helps operators optimize the site and make it safe. But it is worth noting that AI can not always come to the rescue and sometimes it can even harm the gambling process. So not everywhere AI can be useful, and we will talk about this now.

Quality Explanation Helpful/Harmful
Slots’ Design Gambling providers often use AI to create the plot or characters for slots. Thanks to this tool, developers can quickly turn their ideas into a draft and then work on it. Today, you’ll find a wide range of high-quality games, including table games like roulette, with AI-based mechanisms. For design development, AI helps a lot to reduce the human resource.
Market analysis Many casino operators in Canada are actively using AI for market research. For example, follow the latest bonuses to offer better conditions, learn about the latest trends, and access popular stories. When operators get these details, they understand the market much better, while players get more personalized tools afterward. Of course, in this vein, AI will facilitate market analysis, and it will be really deep.
Responsible gambling In order to remind gamblers to play safely, real money operators are using AI-based tools. How it happens: reminders pop up that it’s time to take a break from the game or you get notification that the bankroll is about to run out. Tools like this are very useful as a reminder to play responsibly is always a good thing.
Prediction programs Scammers and shady enthusiasts may offer special AI-based applications that can allegedly hack casinos for winnings. Of course, such tricks do not work, plus their use is prohibited. Such applications do not work since all content is developed using RNG, so the outcome of game events cannot be known to anyone. If you see such hacking tools, know that these are scammers who want to make money.
Addiction risks Yes, AI really helps online casino operators and providers to make gambling optimized and cool. Also, artificial intelligence can give developers an idea to make games even more attractive based on the requirements of gamblers. It should be noted that although AI helps developers create attractive content, it does not fully reveal the potential of intelligence. Such an idea is not to attract unprotected persons to the iGaming industry.

Gambling Guides: Can They Be AI-Based?

Artificial intelligence can be useful for checking texts for errors, so it is often used to correct it grammatically and then add it to the site. Also, developers can use AI to autocomplete section titles and this helps a lot in their work. Basically, such technologies are used by large companies that work with large amounts of data. Our BetSquare team does not use such programs as all reviews are prepared by the authors and reviewed by the editors. 

Why don’t we use AI? It’s simple: our task is to analyze casinos or slots, compare sites with each other, or find blacklisted casinos. Therefore, such actions must be performed manually and only by people. The intellect will not be able to study the product, make a detailed analysis, then give recommendations since it cannot register, make a deposit, activate bonuses, and play the slot in order to tell its emotions afterwards. AI is useful to use in a complex and only under the control of the team.

How Canadian Gamblers Can Use AI

In general, AI is not particularly needed by online casino players since such a tool is only needed for developers. However, you can try AI to optimize your gameplay:

  • T&Cs analysis
    With the help of online casino tools, you can analyze the terms and conditions of the site. This way, you can quickly find the sections you need. Moreover, when you have a question, you can form it and the program will let you find the answers relying not only on the words for searching but also on your intent.
  • Basic rules of the game
    On the Internet, you can use AI-based programs to study the rules with examples of all gambling disciplines. This way, it won’t be difficult to master baccarat or blackjack, understand betting options and odds in craps, and much more.
  • Personalized tools
    Progressive casinos have sophisticated tools through which you can receive recommended content and bonuses. AI learns your preferences to suggest similar ones like Spotify, so you will find slots according to your preferences or get similar perks.
  • Responsible gambling
    More premium casinos can boast of their built-in features, thanks to which gamblers will be able to receive notifications about a safe game. We always stand for responsible gambling in this regard.
  • Events analysis
    Due to AI analysis, players and gambling experts can learn more about upcoming casino and sports betting events. This way, we’ve also built our sports calendar 2023 to 2024, though it’s based on personalized research as well.
  • Strategy building
    There are no such apps for casinos, but if you are a poker lover, you can use an AI app to analyze your strategy and past games to prepare for an important game. There is also an application for poker players that correctly distributes the bankroll for cash games or MTT tournaments.

AI and Prohibited Actions in Gambling

The use of AI in the gambling world is prohibited as any third-party software can disrupt the gameplay. Also, the use of such applications will lead to the blocking of your account and your funds on deposit. Casinos can also take such players to court. Next, we will tell you more about prohibited AI methods in online casinos.

Prediction Tools

Tools for predicting the outcome are not only prohibited in online casinos, they do not work at all. As soon as the site’s protection sees outside interference, the player’s account will be immediately blocked. Of course, such applications are often sold on the darknet by scammers in order to enrich themselves. Also, keep in mind that such tools require a login and password from your account in the casino, and as soon as you provide them, your data will be stolen.

Fraud Attempts

Also, using AI to write malware to hack the casino will lead to bad consequences with the involvement of the cyberpolice. These are violations of the law and casino policy. Therefore, it is forbidden to use such tools and you need to be careful with programs or sites offering you to install ones (even when they look reliable and promise that such software is legal and tested).

Duplicating Accounts

Everyone knows that duplication of accounts in an online casino is prohibited and very rarely anyone does this because they know the consequences. Also note that the creation of bots using AI to get promotional codes on social networks is also prohibited and such actions are considered fraudulent.

Tools for Scammers

Of course, you most likely did not even think about using AI to play online casinos since you are all responsible players. But let’s not forget that there are scammers who create malware to steal players’ data. For example, they send emails with questionable links or make phone calls from hidden numbers making shady offers.

Other Gambling Tips for Canadians

Our BetSquare team is always on the side of gamblers, so we test casinos in Canada to compile a list of the best, review popular slots, and share tips for safe gambling. For example, here are some tips from BetSquare:

  • Play only at licensed and trusted casinos from our rating
  • Always stick to responsible gaming and manage your bankroll wisely
  • Choose slots only from well-known providers that offer the best return
  • Before activating bonuses, always study the wagering rules


Artificial intelligence in online casinos, including desktop and mobile gambling sites, is a great helper for both operators and gamblers. Of course, a person always stands behind AI since the intellect cannot make decisions on its own. Therefore, AI can be both useful and not, the main thing is to use it correctly. In any case, technology helps people achieve routine work, and it is welcome. Here at BetSquare, we believe that gambling experts and people passionate about making the iGaming industry better will use the AI technology to improve the online casino industry in Canada for the better!


Can Canadian online casinos use Artificial Intelligence?

Yes, online casinos in Canada often use AI for chatbot training, market analysis, and bookkeeping. AI is also often used by designers to create the plot and characters in slots.

How can players use AI in gambling?

All in all, you don’t have to use it as the casino develops smart AI-based software to give you an amazing casino experience in Canada.

What are the prohibited actions with AI in gambling?

It is forbidden to use any third-party programs, AI software, or other programs of this kind for autofill or for hacking the casino in an online casino.

Will the gambling industry develop due to AI?

Undoubtedly! Thanks to AI, developers will be able to offer incredible graphics, intuitive interface, automation, smart recommendations, and hints for gamblers.

Does BetSquare use AI for gambling guides?

Our Betsquare team only uses AI for statistics or feedback optimization. Everything else is done by our experts, including writing texts for our reviews based on our research. 

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