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In this review from our BetSquare team, today, we want to talk about a very important topic on how to play at the best online casinos in Australia without succumbing to gambling addiction. The world of iGaming offers us a wide range of entertainment, such as slots, live games, and sports betting. Our goal is to share useful tools and information with you to help you play responsibly and safely. We focus on practical things. In our review, you will learn about ways to control time and finances. We will also present organizations that are ready to support those who are faced with gambling addiction. We want Aussies to play at the casino for fun to avoid gambling addiction risks of any kind!

Australian Gambling Addiction: What Is It?

Gambling addiction is a term that refers to a condition where a player loses control over their gambling habits which can lead to negative consequences for personal life, financial situation, and psychological well-being. The main signs of gambling addiction are a constant desire to play, even in spite of financial or personal difficulties, as well as increasing stakes to achieve the desired adrenaline or the desire to return the money spent. People who suffer from gambling addiction may noticeably reduce their ability to control their time spent playing online pokies, sports betting, or live games. Also, the biggest problem is when Aussies think that the casino is a place to earn money and not to have fun.

Why Do Players Face Gambling Addiction?

As we said earlier, the first reason why Aussies became addicted was the regret of coming to the casino to earn money, not to have fun. It is also worth noting the lack of competence of blacklisted casinos since they do not provide tools for a safe game, so dishonest marketers launch colorful advertisements for gambling sites and do not talk about the risk. Here is a small list of similar problems that players face with gambling addiction:

  • Players do not think about risks, neglecting the rules of responsible gambling.
  • ‘Dark’ casinos do not provide proper information about the risks and do not offer tools for safe play.
  • Fraudsters run fake ads that say that people who play in casinos can become millionaires.

In any case, every time you play at an online casino in Australia, you need to think about the risks and take the game seriously. Also, always choose only legal casinos as they have all the necessary tools for responsible gambling.

Main Gambling Addiction Signs

Gambling addiction can be a very serious and subtle problem that is sometimes difficult to recognize. We advise you to always keep an eye on personal gameplay so that it does not become addictive. Here, we will add some key signs that may indicate that a player is starting to lose control of their gambling habits:

  1. Regular desire to play
    Aussies constantly feel a strong internal urge to start a new game or make a big bet, even if they are aware of the negative consequences for themselves.
  2. Reckless big bets
    In order to increase the adrenaline and win back all the lost money in the casino, the player tries to gradually increase the bets or invest more money.
  3. Loss of control over time
    Time begins to lose its meaning and a person can go into the game for several hours, not realizing how much time has passed. As a rule, such people face insomnia and lack of sleep.
  4. Play for a living
    The player focuses on winning as the only way to solve financial or personal problems.
  5. Ignoring work responsibilities
    The player begins to neglect their daily life responsibilities, such as work, school, family, or social relationships.
  6. Financial abyss
    The player may face financial difficulties due to large bets and losses, but will continue to play, hoping for good luck.
  7. Loss of interest in life
    Interest in hobbies, sports, family and friends, and other entertainment gives way to gambling.
  8. Stealth and deceit
    Such people can hide their gambling habits from others, including close friends and family.

Recognizing these signs can help you or your loved ones respond to potential gambling problems in a timely manner. If you see such signs on this list, we advise you to immediately stop playing and contact special volunteer organizations.

Casino Helping Tool to Prevent Gambling Addiction

In order to ensure responsible gambling, many casinos in Australia offer reliable tools and features aimed at preventing gambling addiction. Many sites allow players to set limits on deposits, bets, and play time. This allows you to control the financial costs and the total time spent playing the game. In addition, many casinos provide real-time features that display the duration of a game session and alert when a certain period of time has passed.

Such casino-side tools contribute to the creation of a healthy and safe gaming environment where players can enjoy the excitement without exposing themselves to the risk of developing gambling addiction. Below, we will add popular and reliable tools.

Tool Why It’s Helpful How to Use
Time limits Setting limits will help Aussies to determine the time of the game session. Such a tool may notify players or automatically close the gambling site. Thanks to this tool, the player will not be able to gamble for a long time. To activate this function, you need to go to your personal account and find the “Security” section there. There, you can set time limits. Also, some pokies have this feature, even the ones with a high RTP.
Deposit limits If a player sets limits on a deposit, they will be able to properly control their finances and this will help to play responsibly. This feature is available in every casino and even in pokies. You just need to set your desired daily/weekly/monthly deposit limit.
Loss limits The casino also has an interesting tool that can set limits on losses. In this way, you will be able to control your deposit so as not to go beyond. You just need to set a certain amount of loss in your personal account, after which, you will not be able to play. In pokies you will be able to set limits on spins.
Self-exclusion This measure will help temporarily exclude yourself from the gambling environment if you feel that you have an addiction. Not all casinos have a separate tool for self-exclusion and therefore you need to contact the casino operators via online chat or email
Helpful links Usually, in the footer of a casino site, you can find many useful links to organizations that help with addiction. Plus, you may find information about gambling taxes. By going to such sites, you can get both online and offline help. Fortunately, in Australia, there are all methods of assistance and they are all anonymous.

Helping Organisations

Australia is a country that attaches great importance to the care of its citizens and their well-being, including in the context of gambling. If you or your loved ones are faced with the problem of gambling addiction, you need to use AI-based helpful tools or contact special organizations that help anonymously, both online and offline:

  • Gamblers Anonymous (GA)
    A global organization providing support and programs for people suffering from gambling addiction.
  • Responsible Gambling Council (RGC)
    An organization that develops programs and researches in the field of responsible gambling.
  • National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG)
    An international organization with branches in various countries, including Australia. People can get support both online and offline.

Safe & Responsible Gambling

It is important to understand that playing in an online casino should always be accompanied by caution and responsibility. You must take into account all the risks and remember that the casino is first of all not about making money but about entertainment. Below, we add key points to help you stick to responsible gambling:

  • Choose only licensed casinos in Australia
    Play only on sites that are licensed and comply with the laws of Australia.
  • Use limits
    Set a budget for the game and don’t go over it. Try to set a time frame for your gaming sessions as well. Also, don’t use credit funds for gambling.
  • Use tips and tools from BetSquare
    Read our reviews and stick to our tips. Plus, you can find our BetSquare casino rating helpful.
  • Do not drink alcohol while playing
    Never play under the influence of alcohol or other substances that may influence your decision.
  • Stay realistic and be aware of the risks
    Remember that the casino is entertainment, not a way to earn money. Don’t let passion affect your finances and life decisions.
  • Ask for help promptly
    If you feel like you’re losing control of your game or suspect a gambling addiction, don’t hesitate to contact a professional.

AI & Responsible Gambling

Artificial Intelligence is often used in the gambling industry to support responsible gambling. Here are a few ways AI can help prevent gambling addiction and remind players of the risks:

  • Risk assessment through behavior analysis
    AI is able to analyze gaming behavior to identify points that may indicate the risk of developing addiction. This allows casinos and platforms to provide warnings or recommendations if issues are identified.
  • Online tests
    Many casinos in Australia provide gambling addiction tests. They are based on AI algorithms and help players to assess their position on their own.
  • Hints and tips in real time
    Some Australian casinos are using AI to provide players with advice on how to play more responsibly. This may include reminders for breaks, time controls, and betting limits.

Responsible Vs Compulsive Gambling: Comparison

Here, we want to add a table where we want to compare responsible gambling and compulsive gambling so that you can visually see the difference.

Responsible Gambling Compulsive Gambling
Always keep an eye on your bankroll and bets and never cross this line. Play with all your money, even those that have been set aside for life.
Choose legal Australian casinos that offer all the security tools. Give preference to dark casinos with no transparent rules and very dubious content.
Play within set time limits and only on weekends. Spin pokies during work hours and at night, distracting from work/study/family life.
Always remember about risks and do not think about the fact that the casino can bring big money. Rely on the fact that the casino will replace the main work and will bring a stable income.
Play in the casino honestly and responsibly, adhering to the rules of the casino. Cheat casinos by creating new accounts to activate bonuses.v

Free Demo Mode as a Safe Alternative

Never ignore a demo game as such software is perfect for testing a new release without risks and investments. Also, the demo version of pokies and other casino games, including crash, will help you understand the gameplay and rules in detail. In case you always launch new real money releases, you can spend your deposit learning the rules and not have time to enjoy the pokie.

Top-5 Casinos with Safe Gambling Tools

When it comes to choosing an online casino in Australia where you can enjoy gambling in a safe and responsible environment, there are a number of sites that provide reliable tools to control and limit gambling addiction. Below, we will add the best casinos that are famous for their innovative solutions and focus on security:


The BetSquare team has traditionally added a review that will help you play safely and responsibly. It is important to remember that gambling can be enjoyable as long as you respect the limits and use the tools, even AI-based, provided to control time and deposits. If you encounter difficulties, the organizations we mentioned are always ready to help. With a responsible approach, gambling in Australia can be enjoyable and safe.


How can Aussies avoid gambling addiction?

In order to play responsibly, it is important to remember such moments: consider the risks and do not think that the casino is a source of income.

Is gambling addiction a serious problem?

Unfortunately, yes, so in order to avoid this problem, always adhere to the rules of responsible gambling and use limits.

What responsible gambling tools do casinos provide?

The most popular tools are real-time tooltips, the ability to set deposit and betting limits, and live chat with support.

How do I know I have a gambling addiction?

Many online casinos in Australia offer an online test that can reveal your problems. Also, in this review, we talked about the key points of addiction.

Is it possible to overcome gambling addiction?

Yes, but only if you follow all the tips of the experts and stop playing at an online casino when having the first addiction signs.

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