Australian Gambling Area: Is the AI Impact Positive?

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Our BetSquare team provides an overview of the use of artificial intelligence in online casinos in Australia, exploring its usefulness and impact on the industry. We’ll take a deep dive into the role of AI in iGaming, explore its applications, and explain why it’s so popular in the business world. However, we should not forget about the negative aspects of the use of AI, as well as those areas where its use is inappropriate. 

We chose this topic because we consider AI to be a versatile tool used in security, communications, design, and analytics. Next, we will take a closer look at the application of AI in the online casino industry in Australia, covering various aspects and discussing whether our readers can benefit from it.

AI and Gambling: Are They Connected?

In Australia, Artificial Intelligence finds its way into both online and land-based casinos, performing various functions that improve the gaming experience and ensure security. The use of AI in the gambling industry includes several aspects, including quality assurance of the gaming process, software testing (online pokies), and data analysis. AI is actively used to monitor game operations and detect potential crashes and unfair player behavior. Thus, AI ensures a fair and safe gaming environment. 

In addition, AI is used to optimise algorithms, analyse customer preferences, and personalise software (filters) to provide the best possible experience. Thus, AI is an integral part of the casino industry in Australia, providing modern solutions, and improving security measures. AI is also used for bookkeeping and as an editor for writing promotional texts. Of course, behind everything, there is an operator who controls the entire process.

Artificial Intelligence: The Good and the Bad

Of course, AI is very useful for the gambling and business industry, but unfortunately, sometimes, such tools are not needed since human experience cannot be replaced. We’ve added a table below that separates the pros and cons of AI in Australian real money casinos.

Good qualities Bad qualities
With the help of AI tools, developers and operators can conduct a detailed analysis of the iGaming market, study the needs of Aussies, and keep an eye on upcoming events. This approach significantly improves the market making it personalised. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to do a detailed analysis since AI literally perceives everything and offers a very wide range of solutions. Such results need to be redone as they may not be accurate. This also applies to recommendations.
Often, AI is used to analyse the behavior of Aussies in order to prevent fraud or illegal activities. It’s good both for operators that want to keep their platforms safe and players who follow basic safety measures. AI ​​might think that Aussies are playing unfairly when they change bets or games frequently. As a result, operators receive a signal and they check the gameplay in vain. Thus, operators can waste time.
It’s a good tool to work with content, optimise it, and compare available data with competitors. For example, administrators use AI to fill in reporting tables, write, or check texts. Such software can save operators time on routine tasks, though the presence of human resources is a must. Sometimes AI-based software can make a mistake with checking the text and replace the slang word with a more literary one. As a result, the casino needs to fix everything. Of course, this is part of the workflow, but in the end, we can conclude that AI cannot replace the human experience.
Software developers sometimes use AI to make the gaming experience safer and more responsible. For example, AI is also used to develop the responsible gambling section so that everything is clear to the client. These can be helpful pop-ups, tools analysing AU gamblers’ behaviour, and many other things promoting safe and responsible gameplay. Artificial intelligence understands everything literally, so it can make the rules of responsible gambling so bright and safe that customers will not be able to know about the risks. For example, while developers are trying to convey loyalty to customers about all the risks of gambling, then in AI, it will consider the text rude and remove everything related to risk.

Top-5 Tips for Using AI in Gambling

Our BetSquare team has come up with 5 universal tips for using AI in online casinos in Australia. Before starting, we note that the use of third-party casino software is prohibited, so you should use only those tools that are offered by the Australian casino you choose for your gameplay. Here are more detailed tips which will be helpful.

  • Don’t be afraid of technologies
    Progressive casinos in Australia are implementing interesting AI-based tools for safe play. Such software can be trusted as it is controlled by operators, and it will help to stick to a safe game.
  • Trust only gambling experts
    Of course, AI is a great tool, but you should not trust this intelligence when choosing a reliable casino or a high-quality game. Rely on only expert reviews that have been submitted by a trusted team.
  • Don’t cheat when gambling
    Do not even try to use AI to deceive online casinos as such software will be instantly detected and you will be blocked.
  • Play responsibly
    In any case, we advise you to always adhere to responsible gambling, even if you play poker with your friends, as this is the key to success.
  • Avoid scammers
    Never trust dubious sites or Youtube bloggers who win regularly and provide 100% winning guides as you may stumble upon scammers. If a blogger says that they know winning schemes, they are simply lying since it is unrealistic to predict the RNG outcome, they simply earn money on views. Also, beware of third-party links, they may contain malware.

Is AI Impact on Gambling Positive?

Things are not clear here as some AI tools often help operators close routine tasks, streamline workflow, and monitor safety. On the other hand, AI cannot give an accurate answer or really help, so AI must always be monitored and developed. It all depends on the needs of the user. There are always risks that the AI ​​may misunderstand the information received. For example, if you give the AI ​​the task of explaining to Aussies that an online casino is a place for gambling and fun entertainment, but you always need to play safely and take into account all the risks, then the intellect can misunderstand everything. AI will think that risks are a bad aspect to be mentioned and can change everything by adding this context: online casinos always bring winnings, come in, luck awaits you. Therefore, operators are always in control of the AI.

Artificial Intelligence-Built Gambling Tools

Here, we want to add all the popular tools that use AI to optimise and secure top payout online casinos in Australia. Thanks to AI, the gambling process becomes safer and more optimised in online casinos in Australia.

Responsible Gambling

Many online casinos in Australia are using AI to create a responsible gaming ecosystem. Operators train AI to remind Aussies about all the risks of gambling and long gaming sessions. Also, such tools are able to distribute the bankroll.

Security Tools

The cool AI-powered casino security tools to prevent fraudulent activities, blacklisted casinos, manipulations with third-party software, and illegal activities on the site are also worth noting. AI immediately sees the violation and signals operators to make an immediate decision.

Analysis Instruments

Online casino managers actively use special software that analyses the iGaming market. For example, it monitors the updates of competitors, selects relevant methods, and makes detailed analytics. Thus, managers can monitor the market in order to always offer their clients the best conditions.

Software Development

Many developers use AI to create apps, content, graphics, and music. Such software helps to turn your ideas into reality. It is worth noting that pretty often, designers use AI to create an initial project plan that will be easier to work on.

Why AI Can Be Bad in AU Gambling?

Artificial intelligence has become an indispensable tool for online casinos in Australia, providing operators with the ability to optimise the functioning of their site and ensure the safety of the gaming experience. However, it is worth noting that the use of AI does not always bring exceptional benefits, and in some cases, it can even harm gambling or even slow down work. For example:

  • Increased Engagement
    AI can greatly decorate the rules of gambling so that customers do not see gambling risks.
  • Safety bugs
    If a person does not control the AI, then it may mistakenly block the user, deciding that they are scammers at the moment when the client will simply change rates frequently.
  • Incompetent feedback
    AI-based chatbots take everything literally and may not understand exactly what customers want. Therefore, all good casinos should always monitor the feedback process.

BetSquare Experts & AI Tools: Do We Use Them?

Our team welcomes AI, but we use such software in a minimal and limited way since our goal is to check and test. Therefore, to analyse the site, we do everything ourselves: register, check pokies, read the bonus rules, and examine players’ feedback. Such processes cannot be replaced by AI. Even our review is checked by the editor since AI cannot adjust the text to our communication style. We use AI for reporting, finding new casinos, and tracking bad reviews using keywords. So all our work is done by a team of professionals who understand iGaming.

Personalised Vs AI Reviews: Differences

As we wrote earlier, AI can do a great job of helping with routine tasks, which is great, but unfortunately, AI cannot cope with human work and replace our thinking. Here we compare AI VS human labour in iGaming.

Review AI Example Personalised Example
Slot review AI does not have access to new releases, but even if it does, it will not be able to test the game and draw conclusions. The team may not have information about the release of pokies, and at the same time, they can independently launch the game, play it, and prepare a review.
Casino review It is possible to prepare an analysis of a casino with the help of AI, but it will be without detailed information, plus, AI will not be able to tell about the pros and cons. Only people will be able to compound a rating and make a detailed review of the casino as they can communicate with casino operators, find details in the conditions, and gain experience by playing in the casino. Also, in some casinos, detailed information is available only after registration, and only a person can go through it.
Casino rules Casino managers can use AI to prepare the terms and conditions. Of course, AI quickly helps to present a good text. It is important to note that AI can make mistakes, namely, misunderstand the given text. Since these are terms and conditions, there should always be an editor over such projects.
Gambling tips Tips or hints for playing in a casino AI can perfectly prepare, but just not add all the risks that await players. Since AI does not think like a human, it can give dry advice that is not backed by experience. Therefore, such advice should only be offered by people with real experience.


Artificial intelligence in the world of online casinos in Australia is a useful tool that can greatly facilitate the work of both operators and Aussies. However, it is worth noting that behind all the advantages of AI, there is always the role of a person since the tool is unable to make decisions on its own. That is why the successful use of AI depends on the right approach to its implementation and training. Regardless of the situation, technology helps people cope with routine work and this certainly deserves recognition and welcome.


Do Australian online casinos use AI?

Yes, many online casinos in Australia often use AI-based software which is actively used for security, feedback, and analysis.

Is Artificial Intelligence good or bad in gambling?

If AI is used by casino operators for safety, such actions are encouraged, and if a player uses AI, it is a violation of the rules of the site.

How can AI help Aussies pick a safe online casino?

At the moment, the development of automatic selection of online casinos in Australia is still in the plans. But we all hope that soon, everyone will be able to see this software which will help you find a casino according to your requirements and taste.

Do BetSquare experts provide AI-based reviews?

Absolutely not, our team personally prepares the material since such work should be done by experts. We only use AI to collect analytics.

Can AI predict outcomes of online casino games?

No, AI ​​can’t know the results of the game as they are all developed with RNG software and it’s impossible to predict the outcome, even the developers are not capable of it. Also, AI is forbidden to be used for online casino predictions by players.

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