How Artificial Intelligence Is Influencing Australian Gambling Industry

Artificial intelligence has a significant place in the iGaming industry in Australia and around the world as such intelligence helps to solve many problems. Basically, AI allows you to improve customer experience, increase security, fight fraud, and optimise operational processes. These technologies continue to develop and we hope that such a tool will continue to develop as well, including the online casino sector. In this review from BetSquare, we will take a closer look at how AI is positively impacting the Australian gambling industry!

Artificial Intelligence: What Is It?

Artificial intelligence is a computer science that studies the creation of programs and systems capable of perceiving, analysing, and making decisions, similar to those actions that are characteristic of human intelligence. AI uses machine learning algorithms and other techniques to process data and automate tasks. In the field of gambling, AI is often used for chat bot training and recognition and fraudulent activities. In the next blocks, we will tell you more about the connection between AI and the Australian gambling world.

Interesting to know: Last year, Grand View Research estimated the global AI market was valued at $62.35bn in 2020, and predicted that this would rise to more than $930bn by 2028.

AI and Gambling in Australia

Here, our BetSquare team has added a list of where AI can be involved in terms of the gambling sector. Yes, the applications of this tool are multifaceted, so we have added the most popular and accessible AI methods for Aussies:

  • Game design
    AI is often used to create the design of a casino website or games to optimise the work of developers. Thanks to AI, specialists generate characters for pokies, logos, and other effects.
  • Oddsmaking
    Thanks to AI, betting operators can analyse the market in detail in order to accurately set the appropriate odds. Of course, the main job is for managers, but nevertheless, AI helps to adjust the odds during a sporting event so that they are up-to-date.
  • Risk management
    The market in Australia’s iGaming industry is so large that it’s hard to analyse it manually. Therefore, many operators and companies use AI to make detailed market analysis: what popular games in Australia are, what topics are in fashion now, etc.
  • Customer support
    Yes, we all know that online casinos use an online chatbot, but unfortunately, such a tool cannot fully help the client. Therefore, good casinos use AI to train the bot so that it can actually help Aussies or redirect to the manager if necessary.
  • Customised tools
    Now, there are a lot of rumours that they want to train AI according to the preferences of Aussies so that those casino games that a particular player likes appear in the recommended sections in the casino lobby.
  • Personal preferences
    AI analyses which pokies customers play in order to suggest similar ones. This also applies to bonuses: the casino will offer high rollers what they love, and tournament lovers, for example, will be prompted for events for their taste.
  • Fraud detection
    It is also worth noting that AI is actively used for security purposes to identify non-typical customer behaviours and detect fraudulent activities. That’s helpful for both operators and gamblers in Australia.

Deeper Analysis of the Market

Many operators in Australia’s online casinos or sports betting platforms use AI to analyse the market, competitors, trends, and player tastes in depth. By understanding the tastes of the audience deeper, operators can offer more interesting content. This also applies to trends: AI helps to find out the needs of customers, to study competitors, and understand existing models in order to give new details to developers for a new project.

AI and Responsible Gambling for Aussies

Some Australian casinos use artificial intelligence to protect players, making the gaming experience safer and more responsible. These tools can work in different ways:

  • Online anonymous chat where players can request help or contacts of special services
  • Tools for analysing player behaviour, such as a reminder to take a rest after a long game and pop-up signals when players make big bets

These and similar AI tools are often used to remind Aussies to play at desktop or mobile casinos safely.

Antifraud Measures & AI

Almost all good sites in Australia use AI to analyse fraudulent behavior and prevent such actions. Developers train the intellect for atypical behaviour and lay down the rules of fair play. As soon as the AI ​​sees such actions, it immediately prevents them and gives a signal to the operators. Of course, AI does not receive all the power since it is still controlled by specialists.

Artificial Intelligence & Regulations

Recently, there have been more and more applications or an AI-based platform that help Aussies find the right online casino. What is the essence of such a tool: the player indicates their country and preferences, and AI selects a casino that legally fits the player’s jurisdiction. Plus, these sites will have all the games that the client likes. Thus, it works like our BetSquare rating and you can find a legal and safe casino in just a couple of clicks.

Future Potential: AI in Australian Casinos

The potential of AI in the iGaming industry is growing more and more as such a tool helps both Australian real money casinos and players when choosing a casino or entertainment. We hope that developers will be able to intelligently use AI to optimise the work of employees and help customers get even more positive emotions in online casinos.

Criteria Explanation Example
Customised bonuses Potentially, casinos will have an online assistant who will generate bonuses based on the preferences of the players on the site. It will also be possible to individually select online pokies according to the taste of the players. For example, the assistant will offer free spins on pokies that the client often plays or recommend a new tournament that will have a prize pool and rules that Aussies prefer.
Conditions for your preferences With the help of AI, operators will be able to understand the style of the players, for example, a high roller, a beginner, or a fan of minimum stakes. Thanks to detailed analysis, operators will be able to offer individual bonuses for your bankroll and playing style.
Advanced safety measures If you train AI to train itself in the field of security, then the gaming process in an online casino will be under perfect protection. Of course, the actions of the AI ​​will be controlled by the developers, but the main work will be for the tool. It will work as follows: AI can immediately analyse the behavior of the player and quickly figure out if they were hacked. The AI ​​can also see if the player is using malware or similar programs.
Convenient searching tools Of course, almost all casinos in Australia have advanced filters that quickly help you find your favourite content. But with the help of AI, you can set it up so that the tool itself adjusts to your tastes and recommends content more accurately. Very convenient and helpful. Imagine that you prefer pokies with cascading mechanics, multipliers and sticky wilds. Als, you love classics only with free spins (eg. Golden Joker 243). Here you go to the section with recommendations, and there are those games that you love.

As you can see, the industry has enough space for this tool, especially when it’s used by professionals. We can’t say that it can replace professional staff, but it will be a good help for these professionals to optimise some manual tasks or analyse any topic deeper for more exact results and even better targeted products.

AI and Winning Predictions: Possible or Not?

Let’s say right away that the use of AI or third-party software to play at AU online casinos is prohibited. As soon as the site protection sees third-party software, your account will be blocked. But here, we want to talk not about prohibitions but about AI and its capabilities, so Betsquare will describe in more detail why AI does not work in forecasts. Let’s start:

  • Artificial intelligence is being trained by a person, only people set parameters for the tool, and it remembers this information and improves it. Therefore, the AI ​​knows what was asked, and, of course, a person cannot know the result of gambling.
  • The intellect cannot know the results of the game since all the gambling software is developed with the help of RNG, so the results are random.
  • The maximum that AI is capable of is to tell about the rules of gambling discipline. If necessary, it can track the results of your games, including pokies and table games, and form statistics.

In general, the use of AI-based software for gambling will not lead to anything, only to account blocking. Always play honestly and responsibly as the use of third-party software is a scam, even if the software does not give results, but such tools are prohibited. Earlier, we wrote about responsible gaming in online casinos in Australia, so we advise you to read this review.

RNG & Australian Casinos

When we test online casinos or pokies for our reviews, we also don’t know when we can win or lose, so the games during our tests are also random and based on RNG (Random Number Generator). We never hide this detail and warn our readers that tools which promise to predict outcomes and guarantee wins are not only useless but also dangerous, especially when you provide your payment details or information to enter your account.

Be they minimum deposit or high roller casinos, you’ll always access the same RNG mechanism and standard payout settings, including volatility and RTP. That’s why you should be careful with all those prediction tools. You may use them for fun when they don’t request details of any kind, but remember that they don’t work and it can be an element of a fun game rather than a prediction tool.


Artificial intelligence in the iGaming industry is a great tool for both developers and Aussies as operators will be able to not only optimise their work but also make the gaming experience even better for Aussies. Thanks to AI, online casinos in Australia improve site security, while software developers optimise and improve the work of the chatbot and search filters. So AI in developing and running a gambling business is a great and useful tool. We hope that the AI ​​upgrades will continue so that players get the most comfort when spinning the pokie reels in top payout casinos in Australia.


What is Artificial Intelligence in gambling?

Artificial Intelligence in the gambling world is used by developers and operators of online casinos. For example, to create graphics, online chat, plot, and security. Also, many casinos are testing AI in order to study the tastes of customers and then provide a more accurate list of recommendations.

Can Aussies benefit from AI in online casinos?

Of course, but only for convenience. For example, use a smart chat bot that will solve all questions, search for games using advanced filters, or receive recommendations based on the client’s preferences.

How will AI change the gambling industry?

The advancement of AI in the gambling industry will help automate many routine tasks, such as analysing customers and their preferences, finding fraudulent behaviours, developing images, and much more.

Can Australians use AI to predict winnings?

Categorically no since the use of any third-party programs in an online casino is prohibited and this is punishable by blocking and possibly a fine. Also, AI is not able to predict the results since even developers do not know the outcomes.

How to use AI for responsible gambling?

Aussies can use special anonymous services to help with addiction. Typically, gamers can take an AI-assisted test that will determine the degree of addiction and suggest organisations where they can help with gambling addiction. Also, AI can recommend a lot of manuals and literature on the topic of responsible gambling.

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