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Here at Betsquare, we present Aussies our unique 2023/2024 sports calendar. Our team strives to provide you with access to information about the most popular sporting events so that you can conduct a detailed analysis, determine share reliable places to watch these events, and place your bets in compliance with all the rules and laws of Australia’s leading bookmakers. In addition, we will provide you with detailed instructions on how to use our calendar, how to analyse upcoming matches, and where to find detailed information about each sporting event. Our calendar will include not only upcoming global events but also popular local events of particular interest to Australian audiences.

Sports Betting Revenues

The Importance of the Sports Calendar

To make sure Aussies don’t miss out on all the popular sporting events, our calendar provides a valuable tool for preparation and analysis. Here are some of the main reasons highlighting the importance of the sports calendar:


The ability to always watch sports events:

With the help of our sports calendar, you will know the upcoming events better. You can mark the events you like and set aside time for viewing in advance.

Ability to make more accurate predictions

With prior knowledge of all upcoming events, you can prepare a detailed analysis by comparing previous meetings and results. This allows you to make more informed decisions and forecasts.

Ability to plan for the future

If you are planning to attend a live sporting event, it is recommended to book tickets in advance. Tickets for major events often sell out quickly, but with the foresight of the calendar, you can easily secure your seat. Similarly, for online viewing, you can choose a convenient streaming platform or schedule a visit to a suitable sports tournament several months in advance.

Opportunity to explore other disciplines

Our calendar serves as a tool to explore other sports that you may be interested in. This gives you the opportunity to expand your horizons and gain new experience.

By carefully studying the outcomes of previous sporting events using our calendar, you will be able to make more accurate predictions and bet with more confidence.

Analytics of previous events

By recording and analysing the results of sporting events, you can significantly increase your chances of winning a bet. Detailed analytics will not only help you in betting but also contribute to your development in the world of sports. Let’s look at a few benefits:

  • Deep Understanding
    Analysing previous events allows you to gain a deep understanding of various aspects of the game. You will be able to understand the strategies of teams, individual manifestations of players, as well as the influence of various factors on the result of matches.
  • Detail identification
    A detailed analysis allows you to identify underdogs that have the potential for outstanding results. This way, you will be able to make unique bets that can bring you wins in the long run.
  • Training and self-development
    Immersion in the analysis of sports events contributes to your self-development in the sports world. You expand your knowledge of various disciplines, improve your understanding of tactics and strategies, and become an expert in your field.

Dedicated bettors and sports enthusiasts who invest time and effort into detailed analysis gain an advantage over other players. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to develop your sports knowledge and increase your chances of success in the world of betting.

How to make a prediction for sports events

online sportsbetting for Canadian Casinos

The Betsquare team offers you various strategies to improve your predictions. We understand that each player is unique and has their own preferences, so here are some common and popular strategies that can help you increase your chances of success:

  1. Analysis of past results
    Studying and analysing a team’s previous games or the performance of individual athletes can provide valuable insight into their form, performance and potential in future competitions.
  2. Learn Statistics
    Examining sports data can help reveal patterns in the outcome of games. This may include statistics of wins, losses, scores, hit percentages, and past match results.
  3. Information base
    Maintaining an extensive database of teams, players, coaches and other key factors can be helpful in making decisions. This includes information about lineups, player injuries, and tactics.
  4. Follow sports news
    Regularly update your sports knowledge by reading our blocks from Betsquare to follow sports analysts and official team speakers.
  5. Budget management
    The main strategy is to manage your bankroll. Finding the right bet size and setting limits will help you manage your risk and stay stable in the long run.

The Betsquare team is here to help you choose the right strategy and provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions and increase your chances of success in the sports betting world in Australia, such as local payment methods and other conditions. Therefore, we update our sports blocks in which you will find a lot of useful information.

Where is the Best Place to Watch/Learn Sporting Events

Since we have access to the sports calendar for 2023-2024, now it’s worth considering where to watch these events and find out about the results. Therefore, we advise you to find reliable Australian sports betting platforms in advance where you can find out about all the sports news. For example, here are some recommendations on where to watch sports news in Australia:

  • News articles from from Betsquare
  • Journals both online and physical
  • TV or online platform
  • Sports bloggers or journalists
  • Top bookmakers
  • Official websites of sports tournaments
  • Live tournaments

Therefore, it is recommended to choose more effective sources of information in order to always be aware of all sports events.

Forecast and Expectations

We have already discussed what forecasts and detailed analytics are for, and now, let’s move on to the main topic – your expectations from sports events. Of course, the main goal is for your favorite team to win. Expectations to win come first but you will also face other competitions, so we recommend making a virtual prediction. For example, if you predict that your team will make it to the Champions League draw, you should make a prediction for group matches, a possible advance to the ¼, and the final. This way, you will develop a unique strategy.

Analysis of Trends and New Developments in the Sports Industry

In addition, we at Betsquare strongly encourage you to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the sports industry to reveal all the latest developments both in Australia and around the world. Here are some exciting trends and innovations worth noting:

  • Virtual sports in instant wins format
  • Cybersport
  • Sports Climbing
  • Surfing
  • Streetball
  • Roller derby

Global Popular Sports

The Betsquare team brings to your attention an overview of the upcoming premium sporting events that are very popular among bettors and sports fans. Although this is not an exhaustive list of all sports disciplines, we have focused on the most popular and easy to learn types, which makes it ideal for those new to the betting world. All of these activities can be followed easily and without the extra cost of streaming subscriptions, thanks to the many sources of information available. First of all, we offer in-depth sections on global sporting events, and then, we will introduce you to exciting local events in Australia to complete this unforgettable overview.


Fans of football and the energy of the stands can enjoy the unique variety of regular championships around the world. Undoubtedly, major events, such as the FIFA World Cup and the UEFA European Championship, capture the attention of fans from all over the world every four years and cause real impatience. However, the world of football is rich in other important tournaments that cannot be ignored. Here is a short list of global upcoming and current events in the world of football that we have prepared for you.

Event Description
FIFA Women's World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023 Australia and New Zealand will host the ninth FIFA Women's World Cup scheduled from 20/07/2023 to 20/08/2023. There are 32 teams in total, including the hosts of the tournament – Australia, as they have passed the qualifying stages and are ready to fight in the group stages. The first matches of the group stage are scheduled for 20/07. The opening of the Championship will feature two exciting matches: New Zealand vs. Norway and Australia vs. Ireland. The Australian national football team is in Group B, which also includes teams from Ireland, Nigeria, and Canada. We are all looking forward to this wonderful tournament which will be broadcast on popular TV channels and will be available in all legal AU bookmakers.
UEFA Champions League 2023–24 Pep Guardiola's Manchester City side deservedly qualified for the Champions League final in 2022-2023 and we sincerely congratulate them on this achievement. We are now looking forward to Season 69 23/24 starting on June 27, 2023 with qualifying matches and ending on June 1, 2024 with the main competition. The final match of this event will take place at the legendary Wembley Stadium in London. We look forward to the draw and official announcement from UEFA for more details and details of this exciting tournament.
UEFA Europa League This prestigious tournament, next in importance after the Champions League, contributes to football history. Football fans should prepare mentally as the 2023/2024 season starts on 10 August 2023 and ends in May 2024. The final of the tournament will take place at the famous Aviva Stadium in Dublin. It should be noted that it is always exciting to follow this championship as it features up-and-coming clubs that aim to conquer the heights of the football world.
UEFA European Football Championship 2024 The expected 17th European Football Championship, which will be held in Germany. It will give fans unforgettable emotions from June 14 to July 14. The qualifying group stage is scheduled to run from March to November 2023, while the three playoff stages will take place in March 2024. Using the sports calendar from Betsquare, you will be able to analyse and place bets in the most favourable conditions. This championship is a real sporting event that you should look forward to.
2023 AFC Asian Cup This is the 18th Asian football event which will start on January 12, 2023 and end on February 10, 2024. The championship will be held in Qatar. In total, 24 teams will play in this championship, including Australia.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey fans should be prepared for an eventful 2023/2024 season. This season in the NHL will be the 107th playable event in league history, and we’d like to introduce a few upcoming events not to be missed if you’re into hockey, of course. However, do not forget that the Ice Hockey World Championship 2023 which was held in Tampere and Riga from May 12 to 28 has already taken place. This tournament was won by the Canadian team. In the final match, the Canadian team defeated the German team 5:2 and won their 28th league title.

Event Description
NHL Global Series Melbourne 2023 For the first time in NHL history in Australia, the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne will host games on September 23 and 24, 2023. Bettors will be able to enjoy two pre-season matches between the Arizona Coyotes and Los Angeles Kings. We wonder who will win these games! The upcoming confrontations promise to be exciting and will blow your mind as the teams fight for victory on the ice.
Tim Hortons NHL Heritage Classic 2023 An exciting event awaits fans of the outdoor game with the Tim Hortons NHL Heritage Classic 2023. The game will take place on October 29 at the Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton where the Edmonton Oilers will take on the Calgary Flames. This game will be the seventh Heritage Classic match and the first outdoor match in the Battle of Alberta rivalry.
NHL Global Series Sweden 2023 The event to watch out for will take place from 16 to 19 November 2023 at the Avicii Arena in Stockholm, Sweden. These games do not require any further explanation because when it comes to such an event, only two questions are asked: where and when. The NHL is returning to Sweden for each team to play multiple matches as part of the regular tournament. Game schedule: Thursday, November 16: Detroit Red Wings vs Ottawa Senators Friday, November 17: Toronto Maple Leafs vs Detroit Red Wings Saturday, November 18: Minnesota Wild vs Ottawa Senators Sunday, November 19: Toronto Maple Leafs vs Minnesota Wild
World Junior Ice Hockey Championships 2024 From December 26, 2023 to January 5, 2025, the 48th Ice Hockey World Youth Championship tournament organised by the IIHF will take place. Top 10 youth teams will take part in this prestigious tournament: Canada, USA, Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany, Latvia, Switzerland, Slovakia, and Norway. This event will bring together young hockey players from all over the world who will demonstrate their skills and become the heroes of future hockey generations.
Discover NHL Winter Classic 2024 The 2024 NHL Winter Classic is scheduled for January 1, 2024 and will take place at T-Mobile Park in Seattle. This event will be especially interesting as the two youngest teams, Seattle Kraken and Vegas Golden Knights, will meet in this match. We are looking forward to this game and will follow it because it is of particular interest to fans and fans of hockey. Tickets go on sale soon, but Team Kraken season ticket holders will have priority access to purchase.


Of course, basketball is an exciting and popular sports discipline that attracts fans from all over the world. These are just a few popular upcoming events that we would like to mention, however, you can find more details in our Australian sports calendar from Betsquare. It will help you stay ahead of the curve and enjoy the full range of sporting activities.

Event Description
FIBA Basketball World Cup Get ready for the most exciting and vibrant sporting event of 2023! The 19th FIBA ​​World Championship for National Teams promises an amazing explosion of emotions and unforgettable moments. This tournament will be deployed in the vastness of three majestic countries: the Philippines, Japan, and Indonesia, enveloping the whole world with an atmosphere of basketball magic. From August 25 to September 10, 2023, 32 teams from all over the world will compete for the title of the best national team. Spain, last year's title holder, will defend their primacy with fire in their eyes. And the majestic draw, which took place on August 31, 2021, revealed to us the motto of this grand championship - "Victory for all". Get ready for incredible intrigue, uncompromising struggle, and immeasurable delight that will fill the hearts of all basketball fans around the world. It will be a real feast of sports emotions which will be remembered for a lifetime!
IWBF World Championships Let's support our incredibly talented Australian athletes as they proudly represent our country at the IWBF World Championships in Dubai! This unique sports event, originally scheduled for November 16-27, 2022, has been rescheduled to June 9-20, 2023 to allow participants to show their outstanding performance on the world stage. The United Arab Emirates is ready to host over 300 international wheelchair basketball players representing 16 men's and 12 women's teams. This exciting tournament is of particular importance as it determines the number of available slots for the 2024 Paralympic Games. Men's Group A features strong teams such as Italy, Australia, Brazil and the UAE that will battle it out on the court in an exciting fight for victory. At the same time, the women's group will attract the attention of the fans as Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Spain and the United Kingdom will compete here, showing their skills and passion for basketball. Let's become a single team, support our athletes and feel the atmosphere of the competition, where virtuoso movements and highlights will become the embodiment of sports spirit and perseverance. Let every game be an invaluable step towards victory, and let our Ausis leave an unforgettable mark in the history of this amazing tournament!
NBA Season 2023/2024 Basketball fans can't wait to get back in the NBA! The 2023-2024 regular season promises exciting games and we look forward to its opening in October 2023. The season will run until April 2024, with each team looking to prove their dominance on the court. A special event on the NBA calendar is the 2024 All-Star Game scheduled for February 18, 2024. The spectacular All-Star Game will take place in the beautiful atmosphere of Gainbridge Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, where the best players in the league will face each other in an epic showdown. It's going to be a night full of amazing dunks, three-pointers and amazing skills. After the end of the regular season, an exciting playoffs await us in April 2024. The championship battle will peak in June 2024 with the NBA Finals. The teams will fight not only for glory and honour, but also for the right to write their name in the history of basketball.

Ski Sports

Winter sports passions will reach their peak with an unforgettable event – the FIS Ski Flying World Championships, which will unfold on March 1, 2024 in the unrivalled Austrian city of Bad Mitterndorf. This international ski flying tournament is held every two years and is the pinnacle of excellence in this sport discipline. It has been igniting the hearts of winter athletes and fans since its inception back in 1972.

Cyber Sports

Esports disciplines are inevitably gaining popularity in the world of online bookmakers in Australia because it is a full-fledged sport that has won the hearts of thousands of fans around the globe. It is worth noting that in the world of eSports, both local and international tournaments are held, as well as prestigious championships where the best players compete. Esports is not only a unique combination of strategy, skill, and reaction, but also communication, competition, and community support

Event Description
ESF World Esports Championship 2023 This grand world championship brings together several exciting disciplines: CS:GO, Dota 2, Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile, CS:GO Female, E Football, and Tekken 7. It spread its wings over different parts of the world, penetrating the hearts of gamers in Asia, America, Africa, and Europe. Incendiary fights begin on May 1, and the magic continues until September 4. The magnificent prize pool of this tournament reaches the mark of 100,000 US dollars. Meet the incredible competition, where rivalry and skill come together.
PGL CS2 Copenhagen Major 2024 Get ready, because from February 14, 2024, epic battles begin in the world of Counter-Strike, where the most skilled players will converge. In February, hot qualifying tournaments will be held, and in March, the time for large-scale competitions will come. And all this attractive performance is accompanied by an impressive prize pool of 1,250,000 US dollars. Immerse yourself in a world of virtual strategies and hot fights that will leave you in awe.


Get ready for ruthless duels! The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is an international organisation that brings together the most formidable MMA (mixed martial arts) fighters under its wings. The UFC hosts a variety of martial arts including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, kickboxing, wrestling, Muay Thai and many more. Regular tournaments and competitions take place here, but the main events are called “Pay-Per-View” – real spectacles available only to the most courageous and adrenaline-hungry fans. If you are ready to be a part of this fierce battle, then go ahead, expect epic battles and incredible intensity that will capture you from the first seconds! More:

Event Date Location
UFC Fight Night 226 Aug 5, 2023 Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.
UFC on ESPN - Luque vs dos Anjos Aug 12, 2023 UFC Apex, Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.
UFC 292 - Sterling vs. O'Malley Aug 19, 2023 TD Garden, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.


Dear tennis fans, you will enjoy the splendour of the most prestigious tournaments that promise to satisfy the most sophisticated taste. You have a unique opportunity to enjoy live broadcasts on your TV screens or through exquisite bookmakers. There are so many events in the world of tennis that every connoisseur can find something to their liking. From majestic global tournaments to cosy local competitions, true tennis splendour awaits you everywhere. Grab your tennis racquets and enter the world of elegant and sophisticated sport that will captivate with its master strokes and epic matches.

Tennis grand slams in 2023:

Event When Where
The Championships Wimbledon 3 – 16 July 2023 All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club, London, England
US Open 28 August – 10 September 2023 USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, New York City, US

Tennis team events in 2023:

Event When Where
2023 Davis Cup Group stage: 12-17 September 2023
Knockout stage: 22-26 November 2023
Venue: Martin Carpena Arena, Málaga, Spain (knockout stage)
2023 Laver Cup Vancouver When: 22-24 September 2023 Where: Rogers Arena, Vancouver, Canada
2023 Billie Jean King Cup finals When: November 2023 Where: TBC

Local Popular Sports

In this section, we want to draw attention to local tournaments and championships that are held in Australia. Below are some of the most popular sports disciplines, but there are many more. We have tried to highlight the most famous events. Here we will present upcoming tournaments, and in our calendar you can find even more interesting events.

Australian Football

The 2023 AFL season will captivate viewers with high-stakes matches, passionate rivalries and a relentless drive to win. Football enthusiasts across Australia are looking forward to kick off, ready to cheer on their favorite teams and witness the outstanding talent the AFL is known for. The 2023 AFL season, which began on March 16 and ended on September 30, will run longer, making it the longest home-and-away season in league history. Each club will compete in a strict schedule of 23 games.

Cricket Australia

Cricket in Australia is not only a sport, but also part of the country’s cultural heritage. Matches attract huge crowds of fans who support their teams with passion and enthusiasm. Therefore, hot events will await you.

Here’s 2023-2024 Australian home international schedule:

Event Date/Time
Women's CommBank T20I Series v West Indies
  • October 1: 12.30pm
  • October 2: 7.05pm
  • October 5: 6.05pm
Women's CommBank ODI Series v West Indies
  • October 8: 9.35am
  • October 12: 10.05am
  • October 15: 10.05am
Men's NRMA Insurance Test Series v Pakistan
  • December 14-18: 10.20am
  • December 26-30: 10.30am
  • January 3-7: 10.30am

World Sports Calendar by Betsquare 2023/2024

The Betsquare sports calendar for the 2023/2024 season for Aussies features exciting events across a range of sports. Fans expect not only exciting competitions, but also unforgettable moments of tough wrestling. The Betsquare calendar offers a wide range of sporting events, from prestigious international tournaments to exciting championships and local events. Below is a brief preview of what’s in store for this exciting season:

  • In the world of football, UEFA EURO 2024 promises to attract the attention of fans from all over the world as teams from different countries compete for the highest honours and glory. This tournament is expected to be an exciting event filled with emotions and football prowess.
  • Tennis fans can also look forward to exciting tournaments in 2024 including the Grand Slam, Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon. Here, the best tennis players in the world will meet in duels to demonstrate their highest skills.
  • Basketball fans can enjoy the NBA season, featuring intense rivalries and the pursuit of the coveted Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy.
  • Ice hockey lovers will be treated to the NHL season, witnessing the clash of elite teams vying for the Stanley Cup.

In general, the sports year 2023/2024 promises to be eventful and exciting for all sports fans. Fans from all over the world will have the opportunity to enjoy the unpredictability and emotions. Below you can see the details of the sports calendar from Betsquare.

July 23

Date Sport Venue/Event Status
1st of July Judo 2023 European Mixed Team Judo Championships Continental
1–2nd of July Motorcycle racing 2023 WSBK UK round International
1–9th of July Archery 2023 World Archery Youth Championships International
1–9th of July Basketball 2023 FIBA Women’s AmeriCup Continental
1–16th of July Association football 2023 U-20 Copa Libertadores Continental
1–23rd of July Road bicycle racing 2023 Tour de France (2023 UCI World Tour #24) International
2nd of July Formula One 2023 Austrian Grand Prix (F1 #11) International
3–16th of July Association football 2023 UEFA European Under-19 Championship Continental
3–16th of July Tennis 2023 Wimbledon Championships International
5–15th of July Multi-sport 2023 Pan Arab Games International
5–25th of July Chess Women’s World Chess Championship 2023 International
6–9th of July Canoe sprint 2023 World Junior and U23 Canoe Sprint Championships International
6–9th of July Golf 2023 U.S. Women’s Open International
6–17th of July Weightlifting 2023 European Youth & U15 Weightlifting Championships Continental
7–9th of July Wrestling 2023 Pan American U20 Wrestling Championships Continental
7–16th of July Volleyball 2023 FIVB Volleyball Men’s U21 World Championship International
8th of July Mixed martial arts UFC 290 International
8–14th of July Multi-sport 2023 Island Games International
8–16th of July Basketball 2023 FIBA U20 European Championship Continental
8–29th of July Rugby union 2023 Rugby Championship International
9th of July Formula One 2023 British Grand Prix (F1 #12) International
10–16th of July Golf Senior Players Championship International
11th of July Baseball 2023 Major League Baseball All-Star Game Domestic
12–16th of July  Athletics 2023 Asian Athletics Championships Continental
12–16th of July Volleyball 2023 FIVB Volleyball Women’s Nations League Final Round International
13–15th of July Rowing 2023 World University Rowing Championships International
13–16th of July  Athletics 2023 European Athletics U23 Championships Continental
13–16th of July Triathlon 2023 World Triathlon Sprint Championships International
14–23rd of July Table tennis 2023 European Youth Table Tennis Championships Continental
14–28th of July Shooting 2023 ISSF Junior World Championships International
14–30th of July  Aquatics 2023 World Aquatics Championships International
15–16th of July Formula E 2023 Rome ePrix (FE #13 & #14) International
15–16th of July Motorcycle racing 2023 WSBK Italian round International
17–23rd of July Archery 2023 World Para Archery Championships International
17–23rd of July Golf 2023 Open Championship International
18–30th of July Association football 2023 UEFA Women’s Under-19 Championship Continental
19–23rd of July Rowing 2023 World Rowing U23 Championships International
19–23rd of July Tennis 2023 Hopman Cup International
19–23rd of July Volleyball 2023 FIVB Volleyball Men’s Nations League Final Round International
20–23rd of July Canoe slalom 2023 European Junior and U23 Canoe Slalom Championships Continental
20–23rd of July Rallying 2023 Rally Estonia (WRC #8) International
20 – 20th of August Association football 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup International
22–28th of July Fencing 2023 World Fencing Championships International
22 – 1st of August Multi-sport 2023 Micronesian Games Regional
23rd of July Formula One 2023 Hungarian Grand Prix (F1 #13) International
23–29th of July  Multi-sport 2023 European Youth Summer Olympic Festival Continental
23–30th of July Road bicycle racing 2023 Tour de France Women International
24–30th of July Golf 2023 Senior Open Championship International
26–29th of July Beach volleyball 2023 European U22 Beach Volleyball Championships Continental
27–30th of July Canoe sprint 2023 European Junior and U23 Canoe Sprint Championships Continental
27–30th of July Golf 2023 Evian Championship International
28 – 6th of August Baseball 2023 U-12 Baseball World Cup International
28 – 6th of August Multi-sport 2023 World Police and Fire Games International
28 – 6th of August Multi-sport 2022 Francophonie Games International
28 – 8th of August Multi-sport 2021 Summer World University Games International
29–30th of July Formula E 2023 London ePrix (FE #15 & #16) International
29th of July Road bicycle racing 2023 Clásica de San Sebastián (2023 UCI World Tour #25) International
29–30th of July Motorcycle racing 2023 WSBK Czech round International
29 – 4 August Road bicycle racing 2023 Tour of Poland (2023 UCI World Tour #26) International
30th of July Formula One 2023 Belgian Grand Prix (F1 #14) International
30 — 24th of August Chess Chess World Cup 2023

Women’s Chess World Cup 2023

31 – 6th of August Archery 2023 World Archery Championships International
31 – 6th of August Wrestling 2023 World Cadet Wrestling Championships International

August 23

Date Sport Venue/Event Status
1–11th of August Volleyball 2023 FIVB Volleyball Girls’ U19 World Championship International
1–12th August Sport climbing 2023 IFSC Climbing World Championships International
2–6th of August Beach volleyball 2023 European Beach Volleyball Championships Continental
2–6th of August Rowing 2023 World Rowing Junior Championships International
2–13th of August Handball 2023 Men’s Youth World Handball Championship International
3–6th of August Rallying 2023 Rally Finland (WRC #9) International
3–13th of August Cycling 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships International
4–6th of August Athletics 2023 Pan American U20 Athletics Championships Continental
4–6th of August Judo 2023 Judo World Masters International
4–11th of August Multi-sport 2023 Commonwealth Youth Games International
4–13th of August Volleyball 2023 FIVB Volleyball Boys’ U19 World Championship International
4–19th of August Multi-sport 2023 African Games Continental
5–12th of August Multi-sport 2023 World Beach Games International
5–13th of August Beach soccer 2023 South American Under-20 Beach Soccer Championship Continental
6th of August Motorcycle Racing 2023 British motorcycle Grand Prix (Moto GP 2023 #10) International
7–10th of August Athletics 2023 European Athletics U20 Championships Continental
7–13th of August  Tennis 2023 National Bank Open International
10–13th of August Beach volleyball 2023 European U20 Beach Volleyball Championships Continental
10–13th of August Field hockey 2023 Men’s Oceania Cup

2023 Women’s Oceania Cup

10–13th of August Golf 2023 Women’s British Open International
10–20th of August Sailing 2023 Sailing World Championships International
13–20th of August Tennis 2023 Western & Southern Open International
14–20th of August Wrestling 2023 World Juniors Wrestling Championships International
14 – 3rd of September Shooting 2023 ISSF World Shooting Championships International
15–20th of August Canoe slalom 2023 World Junior and U23 Canoe Slalom Championships International
15 – 3rd of September Volleyball 2023 Women’s European Volleyball Championship Continental
16th of August Association football 2023 UEFA Super Cup Continental
17–19th of August Weightlifting 2023 Oceania U23, Junior, & Youth Weightlifting Championships Regional
17–26th of August Volleyball 2023 FIVB Volleyball Women’s U20 World Championship International
17–27th of August Baseball 2023 Little League World Series Domestic
9 – 13th of August Baseball Baseball Canada Cup: Regina, SK.  Domestic
24 – 27th of August Baseball  Mens Cup: Red Deer, AB Domestic
18–27th of August Field hockey 2023 Men’s EuroHockey Championship

2023 Women’s EuroHockey Championship

19–27th of August Athletics 2023 World Athletics Championships International
20th of August Road bicycle racing 2023 Hamburg Cyclassics (2023 UCI World Tour #27) International
20th of August Motorcycle Racing 2023 Austrian motorcycle Grand Prix (Moto GP 2023 #11) International
21–26th of August Beach soccer 2023 OFC Beach Soccer Nations Cup Continental
21–27th of August Badminton 2023 BWF World Championships International
21–28th of August Modern pentathlon 2023 World Modern Pentathlon Championships International
23–27th of August Canoe sprint 2023 ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships International
23–27th of August Gymnastics 2023 Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships International
23–27th of August Judo 2023 World Judo Cadets Championships International
23–29th of August Road bicycle racing 2023 Benelux Tour (2023 UCI World Tour #28) International
24–27th of August Beach volleyball 2023 European U18 Beach Volleyball Championships Continental
25 – 10th of September Basketball 2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup International
26–27th of August Rowing 2023 European Rowing U23 Championships Continental
26 – 17th of September Road bicycle racing 2023 Tour of Spain (2023 UCI World Tour #29) International
27th of August Formula One 2023 Dutch Grand Prix (F1 #15) International
27 – 8th of  September Freestyle skiing & Snowboarding 2023 FIS Junior Snowboard Park & Pipe World Championship

2023 FIS Junior Freeski World Championship

28 – 10 September Tennis 2023 US Open International
28 – 16 September Volleyball 2023 Men’s European Volleyball Championship Continental
29 – 10 September Bowls 2023 World Outdoor Bowls Championship International
30 – 3 September Synchronized swimming 2023 FINA Youth Artistic Swimming Championships International

September 23

Date Sport Venue/Event Status
1st of September Cricket 2023 Asia Cup Continental
2–9th of September Multi-sport 2023 Mediterranean Beach Games Regional
2–17th of September Weightlifting 2023 World Weightlifting Championships International
2 – 9 December American football 2023 NCAA Division I FBS football season Domestic
3rd of September Formula One 2023 Italian Grand Prix (F1 #16) International
3rd of September Road bicycle racing 2023 Brittany Classic West-France (2023 UCI World Tour #30) International
3rd of September Motorcycle racing 2023 Catalan motorcycle Grand Prix (Moto GP 2023 #12) International
3–10th of September Rowing 2023 World Rowing Championships International
3–10th of September Table tennis 2023 Asian Table Tennis Championships Continental
4–20th of September Shooting 2023 European Shotgun Championships Continental
6–11th of September Modern pentathlon 2023 African & Oceania Modern Pentathlon Championships Continental
7–10th of September Rallying 2023 Acropolis Rally (WRC #10) International
7 – 7th of January 2024 American football 2023 NFL season Domestic
8–9th of September Judo 2023 African Judo Championships Continental
8 – 28th of October Rugby union 2023 Rugby World Cup International
8th of September Road bicycle racing 2023 Quebec Cycling Grand Prix (2023 UCI World Tour #31) International
9–10th of September Motorcycle racing 2023 WSBK French round International
10–17th of September Table tennis 2023 European Table Tennis Championships Continental
10th of September Road bicycle racing 2023 Montreal Cycling Grand Prix (2023 UCI World Tour #32) International
10th of September Motorcycle racing 2023 San Marino and Rimini Riviera motorcycle Grand Prix (Moto GP 2023 #13) International
11–17th of September Badminton 2023 BWF World Senior Championships International
11–17th of September Table tennis 2023 African Table Tennis Championships Continental
12–17th of September Modern pentathlon 2023 World Junior Modern Pentathlon Championships International
15–17th of September Judo 2023 Pan American-Oceania Judo Championships Continental
16–24th of September Wrestling 2023 World Wrestling Championships International
17th of September Formula One 2023 Singapore Grand Prix (F1 #17) International
19–24th of September Canoe slalom 2023 ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships International
20–24th of September Road bicycle racing 2023 European Road Championships Continental
22–24th of September Breaking 2023 WDSF World Championships International
22–24th of September Tennis 2023 Laver Cup International
23–24th of September Motorcycle racing 2023 WSBK Aragon round International
23 – 8th of October Multi-sport 2022 Asian Games Continental
24th of September Formula One 2023 Japanese Grand Prix (F1 #18) International
24th of September Marathon 2023 Berlin Marathon International
24th of September American football 2023 European League of Football Championship Game Regional
24th of September Motorcycle racing 2023 Indian motorcycle Grand Prix (Moto GP 2023 #14) International
28 – 1st of October Rallying 2023 Rally Chile (WRC #11) International
29 – 1st of October Golf 2023 Ryder Cup International
30 – 1st of October Athletics 2023 World Athletics Road Running Championships International
30 – 1st of October Motorcycle racing 2023 WSBK Portugal round International
30 – 8th of October Gymnastics 2023 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships International

October 23

Date Sport Venue/Event Status
1st of October Horse racing 2023 Arc de Triomphe Prize International
1st of October Motorcycle racing 2023 Japanese motorcycle Grand Prix (Moto GP 2023 #15) International
4–8th of October Judo 2023 World Judo Juniors Championships International
4–15th of October Tennis 2023 Rolex Shanghai Masters International
5–21st of October Association football 2023 Women’s Copa Libertadores Continental
6–15th of October Beach volleyball 2023 Beach Volleyball World Championships International
7th of October Road bicycle racing 2023 Il Lombardia (2023 UCI World Tour #33) International
7–8th of October Gravel cycling 2023 UCI Gravel World Championships International
8th of October Formula One 2023 Qatar Grand Prix (F1 #19) International
8th of October Marathon 2023 Chicago Marathon International
10–15th of October Wrestling 2023 World Veterans Wrestling Championships International
12–17th of October Road bicycle racing 2023 Tour of Guangxi (2023 UCI World Tour #34) International
14–15th of October Motorcycle racing 2023 WSBK Argentine round International
15th of October Motorcycle Racing 2023 Indonesian motorcycle Grand Prix (Moto GP 2023 #16) International
19–30th of October Softball 2023 U-15 Women’s Softball World Cup International
20 – 5th of November Multi-sport 2023 Pan American Games Continental
21–30th of October Multi-sport 2023 World Combat Games International
21 – 11th of November Rugby league 2023 Rugby League European Championship Continental
22nd of October Formula One 2023 United States Grand Prix (F1 #20) International
22nd of October Motorcycle Racing 2023 Australian motorcycle Grand Prix (Moto GP 2023 #17) International
22–28th of October Multi-sport 2022 Asian Para Games Continental
22 – 5th of November Shooting 2023 Asian Shooting Championships Continental
23–29th of October Wrestling 2023 U23 World Wrestling Championships International
23 – 5th of November Chess FIDE Grand Swiss Tournament 2023

FIDE Women’s Grand Swiss Tournament 2023

24th of October Baseball 2023 World Series Domestic
24–29th of October Karate 2023 World Karate Championships International
26–29th of October Rallying 2023 Central Europe Rally (WRC #12) International
27–29th of October Canoe slalom 2023 Asian Canoe Slalom Championships Continental
29th of October Formula One 2023 Mexico City Grand Prix (F1 #21) International
29th of October Ice hockey 2023 Heritage Classic Domestic
29th of October Motorcycle Racing 2023 Thailand motorcycle Grand Prix (Moto GP 2023 #18) International
30 – 5th of November Tennis 2023 Rolex Paris Masters International
30 – 6th of November Shooting 2023 Oceania Shooting Championships Continental

November 23

Date Sport Venue/Event Status
3–4th of November Horse racing 2023 Breeders’ Cup International
3–5th of November Judo 2023 European Judo Championships Continental
5th of November Formula One 2023 Sao Paulo Grand Prix (F1 #22) International
5th of November Marathon 2023 New York City Marathon International
7th of November Horse racing 2023 Melbourne Cup International
9–12th of November Gymnastics 2023 Trampoline Gymnastics World Championships International
9–12th of November Modern pentathlon 2023 South & Pan American Junior Modern Pentathlon Championships Continental
10 – 2nd of December Association football TBA 2023 FIFA U-17 World Cup International
11th of November Association football 2023 Copa Libertadores Final Continental
12th of November Motorcycle Racing 2023 Malaysian motorcycle Grand Prix (Moto GP 2023 #19) International
12–19th of November Tennis 2023 ATP Finals International
16–19th of November Rallying 2023 Rally Japan (WRC #13) International
17–26th of November Multi-sport 2021 Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games Continental
17 – 3rd of December Association football 2023 South American U-15 Championship Continental
18th of November Formula One 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix (F1 #23) International
19th of November Canadian football 110th Grey Cup Domestic
19th of November Motorcycle Racing 2023 Qatar motorcycle Grand Prix (Moto GP 2023 #20) International
19 – 7th of December Multi-sport 2023 Pacific Games Regional
21–26th of November Tennis 2023 Davis Cup Finals International
26th of November Formula One 2023 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (F1 #24) International
26 – 3rd of December Table tennis 2023 ITTF World Youth Championships International
26th of November Motorcycle Racing 2023 Valencian Community motorcycle Grand Prix (Moto GP 2023 #21) International
30 – 17th of December Handball 2023 World Women’s Handball Championship International

December 23

Date Sport Venue/Event Status
3–10th of December Beach soccer 2023 Copa Libertadores de Beach Soccer Continental
26 – 5th of January 2024 Ice hockey 2024 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships International

January 24

Date Sport Venue/Event Status
26 December – 5th of January Ice hockey 2024 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships Domestic
1st of January Ice hockey 2024 NHL Winter Classic Domestic
8th of January American football 2024 College Football Playoff National Championship Domestic
10–28th of January Handball 2024 European Men’s Handball Championship Continental
12–10th of February Association football 2023 AFC Asian Cup Continental
13–11th of February Association football 2023 Africa Cup of Nations Continental
15–28th of January Tennis 2024 Australian Open International
18–28th of January Handball 2024 African Men’s Handball Championship Continental
23–27th of January Handball 2024 South and Central American Men’s Handball Championship Continental
19–2nd of  February Multi-sport event 2024 Winter Youth Olympics International

February 24

Date Sport Venue/Event Status
2 – 16th of March Rugby union 2024 Six Nations Championship Continental
4th of February American football 2024 Pro Bowl Domestic
11th of February American football Super Bowl LVIII Domestic
13–18th of February Badminton 2024 Badminton Asia Team Championships Continental
18th of February Basketball 2024 NBA All-Star Game Domestic
18th of February NASCAR 2024 Daytona 500 Domestic

March 24

Date Sport Venue/Event Status
19−8th of April Basketball 2024 NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament Domestic
22−April 7th Basketball 2024 NCAA Division I women’s basketball tournament Domestic
28–September 29th Baseball 2024 Major League Baseball season Domestic

April 24

Date Sport Venue/Event Status
8–14th of April Golf 2024 Masters Tournament International
15th of April Marathon 2024 Boston Marathon International
25−27th of April American football 2024 NFL Draft Domestic

May 24

Date Sport Venue/Event Status
4th of May Horse racing 2024 Kentucky Derby Domestic
13–19th of May Golf 2024 PGA Championship International
18th of May Horse racing 2024 Preakness Stakes Domestic
26−8th of June Tennis 2024 French Open Domestic

June 24

Date Sport Venue/Event Status
8th of June Horse racing 2024 Belmont Stakes Domestic
14–14th of July Association football UEFA Euro 2024 Continental
27th of June Basketball 2024 NBA draft Domestic
27 & 28th of June Ice hockey 2024 NHL Draft Domestic

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