The Future of AI in the iGaming Industry in Australia

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Modern online casinos in Australia are on the verge of progressive changes thanks to the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence. More and more casino operators are beginning to recognize the potential of AI in improving the gaming experience of their customers. Advanced algorithms help to learn the preferences of the players, adapting their games to their desires. In addition, AI helps in providing better security and fraud prevention. In this article, our BetSquare team will explain how Artificial Intelligence is changing the top online casinos ecosystem in Australia and what potential opportunities open up for this industry in the near future.

Artificial Intelligence: What Is It in Gambling?

Artificial intelligence in gambling is a set of technologies and algorithms that are used to analyse and process data and make decisions in the context of the gaming process. One of the key aspects of the application of AI in gambling is the creation of intelligent systems that can improve and optimise the gaming experience for players, as well as increase the efficiency of casino operations. In short, AI is only used by operators to improve site performance.

AI in AU Casinos: Main Advantages

The use of AI in real money online casinos in Australia helps gambling sites optimise site performance and improve security. Let’s look at how operators use AI in their work:

  1. Player personalization and analysis
    The AI ​​analyses Aussies behavior and preferences, which allows the casino to offer a unique list of games and bonuses, creating a more accurate selection of recommendations.
  2. iGaming market data analysis
    AI processes large amounts of data to identify new trends and interests, which helps casino operators make more informed decisions about advertising placement and marketing strategies.
  3. Antifraud
    AI-powered tools can detect anomalous behavior and potential fraud among players or within the casino, ensuring a safe and fair gaming experience, including secure payments.
  4. Operator work optimization
    AI can help improve the management of resources, such as staff, equipment, and bookkeeping, as well as streamline workflows for greater efficiency.
  5. Development of new games
    AI can be used to create design, animation, and music used within varied software offered by casino providers.

Future Potential of AI in the Australian Gambling Industry

The future potential of AI in the Australian gambling industry promises to add a number of innovations and changes that will impact the gaming experience, security, and management of the iGaming system. Here, we will add a table in which we indicate the key work of the AI.

Quality Possible Impossible
Software design Many gambling content developers use AI for storytelling, animation, and sound design. Such a tool can be used for rough installation or in full. Yes, AI can be programmed to recreate a picture for us, but this tool cannot work on its own. Therefore, AI will not be able to make content from scratch.
Maths calculations AI-powered tools can clearly analyse and calculate bookkeeping and other miscellaneous tasks. Here, we repeat what we wrote above: AI cannot make calculations and solve difficult problems without instructions from a person.
Gambling strategy Of course, AI can tell poker or blackjack players their odds or tell them more about the strategy or rules of a particular discipline. Please note that AI cannot help win or predict the outcome of events as this is impossible, even for a human.
Legal issues It is worth noting another benefit of AI: the analysis of the rules and conditions for each country. This way, Aussies can find out if gambling is allowed in a particular region. Unfortunately, such decisions should not be trusted by AI since the rules can change very often, and AI tools do not receive updates so frequently.
Support chat In many casinos in Australia and even in online stores, you can find online chat that works on the basis of AI. This solution helps to quickly help customers during non-working hours. No matter how powerful AI is, it cannot replace a person, especially their thinking. Therefore, technical support of sites should always be controlled by operators.

One more tip is not exactly about payments, though it’s connected with the payouts you get. We highly recommend our AU readers pay attention to the RTP of the pokies they choose since the higher this rate, the lower the house edge. For example, Alien Fruits by BGaming has 96%, which is great, while Rocket Chimp Jackpot by Mascot has only 95.19%, but it also features jackpots, which is an advantage.

What AI Can’t Do in Gambling

Despite the many potential benefits, AI also has its limitations in the iGaming industry. As a result, AI is not able to completely replace human experience and intuition in gambling. Such a tool should be considered as an addition, but no more. Next, we want to talk in more detail about what AI cannot do.

Winning Prediction

Of course, AI cannot predict the results since this information is unknown to anyone, even operators and software creators. All games are created with RNG and because of this, all results happen randomly. If you see an application that can predict the result, know that they are scammers. We urge players to be careful with any promises of “guaranteed victory” or “predictions of results”. Honest and reliable casinos in Australia build their reputation on adhering to the standards of randomness and fair play. It is always worth sticking to licensed and regulated platforms that operate in accordance with the laws and regulations of the iGaming industry, including the taxation laws for Aussies.

Replacing Humans

Artificial intelligence does an excellent job with routine work, but it is not capable of performing more difficult tasks where it is necessary to show thinking. Therefore, there is no substitute for human experience. When technological progress expands opportunities, an important question arises: how to find a balance between the use of AI and human intuition? At BetSquare, we are convinced that each of these elements has its place and role, the main thing is to approach any task responsibly.

Automotive Gameplay

Automating the game process with the help of AI can incur problems since such intelligence cannot think like a person. When gambling, you need to independently monitor the process in order to take logical actions or act as intuition dictates. Also, the use of AI can lead to irresponsible play. The ability to independently control your actions and decisions is an essential part of responsible gambling. While AI is capable of automating certain details, it cannot replace human intuitive thinking, risk assessment, and the joy of success.

Be an Installable Program

In no case should you install third-party programs for playing in an online casino as this will be regarded as a scam. Also, if you specify your data in such software, you risk losing your data and access to your personal online casino account. It is worth noting that AI is not able to help in any way so that you receive your winnings. That’s why it’s worth paying attention to gambling safety tools and basic measures in this regard.

How Aussies Can Use AI in Gambling

Australians can use AI in gambling to improve the gaming experience and ensure the safety and efficiency of operations. In general, AI can be used as an additional accomplice and is mainly used for live board games:

  • Learning the rules
    AI can be used to teach new players the rules of various gambling disciplines like online blackjack. It can provide interactive tutorials, explanations, and game simulations to help beginners quickly get comfortable and start enjoying the game.
  • Responsible gambling
    AI can be used for responsible gaming. By analysing player behavior data, AI can detect signs of a problematic game or addiction and provide casino operators with information for timely intervention. In addition, AI can provide players with reminders of the time spent playing the game and provide options for self-limiting or temporary suspension of the account.
  • Info about regulations
    AI can automatically provide detailed explanations of the rules before the game starts or during the game, which will help players to more fully understand the mechanics and limitations. Also, AI will help to learn the rules of gambling in specific regions or countries.
  • Customer support chat bot
    Artificial intelligence can be used to create chatbots that provide real-time customer support. Chatbots can answer frequently asked questions, help with technical issues, explain deposit and withdrawal procedures, and provide assistance in case of problems with the gaming experience.
  • Tracking gameplay statistics
    Special AI-based tools can be used to automatically collect, analyse, and visualise game statistics. This allows players and casino operators to get a more detailed view of their activity and success in various games. Plus, it can be used to form gambling or sports betting calendars.

BetSquare & Artificial Intelligence

The BetSquare team uses an advanced approach to the analysis and evaluation of online casinos in Australia. We believe in the power of technology and strive to make the best use of it to improve the gaming experience for our users. Among our tools, there is Artificial Intelligence which our team uses exclusively to analyse game statistics.

However, it should be noted that the main work is carried out by experts and professionals who specialise in the analysis and testing of various online casinos. We research every casino site in Australia in detail, identifying and analysing every detail. Our goal is to provide our users with reliable information in our AU casino rating so that Aussies only play at the best and safest casinos.

Using AI to analyse statistics allows us to provide more accurate and objective information. This complements the efforts of our experts and allows you to study all the new trends. Our approach combines the power of technology and human experience.


The BetSquare team strives to strike the right balance between cutting-edge technology and an expert approach to online casino analysis in Australia. We believe that AI plays an important role in improving our ability to provide accurate and up-to-date statistics, which is an important part of the gambling industry. 

However, despite technological advances, it is important for us to note that our main advantage is our experts. They carefully study and test each casino, providing our users with up-to-date information about reliability, security, and gaming experience. That’s why we have a list of blacklisted operators, as well as other helpful rankings.

Overall, our goal is to provide BetSquare users with the most complete and objective view of online casinos in Australia so that every Australian player can make informed decisions and enjoy a safe licensed and fun gaming experience.


Is Artificial Intelligence used in online gambling?

Yes, many online casinos in Australia use artificial intelligence to optimise the gaming experience, ensure security, and analyse data. Also, pokie developers use AI to create graphics.

What things are prohibited for AI for Aussies?

Australia prohibits the use of AI to create or spread fraudulent schemes. Also, AI cannot be used to manipulate game results.

How do I use AI for responsible gambling?

Using AI for responsible gaming works like this: set limits, get game time reminders, access psychological support, and behavior monitoring to prevent problem gambling.

Can AI provide AU casino winning strategies?

No, since the AI ​​cannot know the results since all games give random outcomes that the developers do not even know about.

What is the future of Artificial Intelligence in gambling?

Many progressive developers are working on many AI projects that will enable Aussies to choose a casino according to their preferences. Also, the introduction of AI in online casinos will help to offer more accurate recommendations to their clients.

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