Australian Gambling Trends & Artificial Intelligence: How This Can Be Combined

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Feb 19, 2024, 2:04 pm


Here, the BetSquare team will analyse the development of Artificial Intelligence in online casinos in Australia and its impact on current trends in the gambling industry. We will look at AI technologies and their applications in casinos and table games, as well as the fundamentals of how these innovations work. Please note that in gambling, Artificial Intelligence is not used to predict results. AI is mainly used for detailed analysis, security enhancement, record keeping, design development, and provision of online chats.

Artificial Intelligence: How It Works

The BetSquare team is researching in detail the use of Artificial Intelligence in business and online casinos. We are pleased with the potential of this powerful tool to greatly simplify many tasks. The whole process of functioning of AI in an online casino begins with the collection and analysis of data. Specialised algorithms read all the information, identifying patterns to provide detailed statistics. Based on the processed data, the AI ​​is able to understand the behavior of players, providing customised recommendations and pop-up notifications. The tool can also be used for event analysis to create a casino calendar 2023 and 2024. It is important to emphasise that experts are behind all this, providing highly accurate recommendations and prompt online support for gamblers, since AI is not able to think like a person.

AI & Gambling: Basic Things to Combine

Here, we provide a list of details that reveal the main potential of Artificial Intelligence which is widely used in online casinos in Australia.

  • Data processing
    Artificial intelligence is actively involved in processing the volumetric data received from players. This data contains details about the playing career. AI algorithms analyze the information and identify important trends to provide customised recommendations for all Aussies.
  • Personalization
    A significant function that Artificial Intelligence performs in the field of online casinos is the creation of an individualized gaming experience for each participant. Using the results of data analysis, artificial intelligence generates the most appropriate advice regarding the choice of pokies, live games, and bonuses, adapting to the unique preferences of each client.
  • Risk Warning
    Artificial intelligence capabilities effectively identify and warn of potential risks. AI is able to identify potentially dangerous scenarios and inform players about the risks associated with them, contributing to a more conscious and safe gaming experience.
  • Fraud resistance
    In the iGaming environment, fraud protection is an integral part. Artificial intelligence is able to effectively detect suspicious activities. Algorithms analyse volumes of information, identify unusual activities associated with fraud, and take appropriate action, informing operators about what is happening.

In this table, we will dive into the world of artificial intelligence and its revolutionary impact on gambling in Australia. Below are examples of AI applications with explanations for each case. We’ll keep it short but informative, as promised.

Trend Explanation How AI Can Be Applied
Live shows Dynamic interaction with live croupiers and active communication with the audience using online chat. Creatively tailoring content to the reactions of the Aussies, merging the online gaming experience with live shows. In addition, the development of 3D models and the introduction of special effects.
Crash games The mechanics of a slot machine where the stakes increase until the moment of a crash, requiring prompt decisions, otherwise you can lose your bet. Crash games often use artificial intelligence to develop algorithms, graphics, and safe environments, such as swearing in chats.
VR games Pokies and Live games in VR format give players the opportunity to immerse themselves in a unique atmosphere, controlling every detail of the game. Raising the level of graphics and visual experience, developing more realistic and interactive games, and adapting game content.
Fresh releases Development of new games that correspond to current trends and interests of the modern Australian audience. Researching information about the actions of players and their preferences, identifying popular genres and bonus features, as well as developing innovative game elements.
Safe gaming Guaranteed safe and fair casino gaming in Australia. Investigate gaming activity to detect fraudulent and suspicious activities, monitor compliance with terms and conditions, and provide protection against threats and malicious impacts.

The diversity of use cases for AI in Australian online casinos demonstrates that integrating AI can improve gaming experience, ensure reliability, and drive entertainment innovation. But let’s clarify, there is always a human behind all this.

Gambling Trends in Australia: Our Favourites

On the list, we will add modern trends caused by the introduction of Artificial Intelligence in online casinos in Australia, highlighting the key areas that are of particular relevance.

  • Safety
    In the world of gambling entertainment, security and privacy are of the utmost importance. The use of AI to analyse the behavior of players on the site allows you to quickly identify illegal activities or the use of third-party malware. Thus, it’s easy to track blacklisted casinos.
  • Personalization
    Artificial intelligence helps personalise the gaming experience by providing players with unique recommendations tailored to their preferences. Moreover, AI can suggest favourite achievements and inform about upcoming promotions.
  • Creating a plot
    AI can create visual effects and enhance realistic game scenes. In addition, developers are using AI to quickly create rough cuts, allowing them to more effectively refine the final design themselves. We hope that we will soon witness gambling on the Unreal Engine 5.
  • Analysis
    The ability of AI to analyse vast amounts of data greatly facilitates the daily work of casino staff. Thus, Artificial Intelligence is able to analyse current trends, provide full-fledged statistics on the work of managers/PR specialists, and study reactions to new releases.
  • Instant Feedback
    AI is becoming an indispensable assistant for casino operators, helping to make data-driven operational decisions in order to optimise the quality of service and support online chats even at night or on holidays.

The following blocks will allow us to take a closer look at the use of Artificial Intelligence in specific contexts.

Live Shows + Pokies

TV Shows and pokies are the future of gambling entertainment. AI, in collaboration with developer creativity, is creating an ever-evolving experience that inspires Australian players and improves the industry as a whole. The combination of these two cool disciplines allows you to immerse yourself in the gameplay and get maximum pleasure. You can try these games: Sweet Bonanza CandyLand, Extra Chilli Epic Spins, and Monopoly Live.

Large Bonuses for Australia

Using AI to analyze the market and tailor bonus offers is an invaluable opportunity for Australian players. Aussies can now enjoy unique offers that are exactly tailored to their preferences. This approach not only increases Aussies’ level of satisfaction but also contributes to a more successful gaming experience at the casino. For example, if a client often selects pokies with cascading mechanics and progressive multipliers, then the AI ​​will offer the player bonuses that can be used in their favourite pokies.

Strategies for Table Games

Emerging AI technologies are turning into an indispensable tool in board games and probability calculations. Thanks to AI data, players can get recommendations from past games, pointing out errors. It is important to emphasise that while AI is capable of analysing data and suggesting strategies, it does not have the ability to predict future outcomes, but only provides hints based on the experience of past games. It’s also worth considering that there are a number of demo games where Aussies can use the AI ​​to test their skills. Ultimately, the AI ​​analyses the playability of the Aussies. However, it should be remembered that relying solely on such data should be done with caution.

Cool Slot Graphics

The gambling industry is at its peak with innovative advances, including AI-generated visuals and other powerful tools. Of course, behind all this is not only AI but also developers. Here, we want to add some examples of cool pokies with a unique storyline.

  • Elvis Frog in Vegas by BGaming is a popular story about a gambling frog who came to Las Vegas to win the jackpot. This pokie has a unique design, bright animation, and a unique soundtrack.
  • Sweet Rush Megaways by BGaming is a delightful story about a whimsical chef who opens a unique kitchen where he decides to cook symbols with a high RTP so that they bring him winnings.
  • Safari Sam 2 by Betsoft is a game where you will be transferred to a real adventure and travel through the wild, exploring new places. This pokie has provided a very colorful gameplay that will remind you of a cartoon.
  • Mummyland Treasures by Belatra is the famous Egyptian-themed game but with a more sophisticated design. In this machine, you will meet a mummy who is, actually, very funny. Try this game and you definitely won’t regret it.
  • Gold Rush with Johnny Cash by BGaming is an exciting adventure aimed at mining gold in the company of the legendary Johnny Cash, but only a cartoon one. The visual design is inspired by the style of the gold rush, and the unique combination of gameplay and audio design adds even more richness to the atmosphere.

AI in Gambling: Weak Points to Consider

The introduction of artificial intelligence in online casinos in Australia plays a key role in both security and successful software development. It is important to emphasise that high vigilance should be exercised when using AI as such a tool can fall into the hands of scammers. Next, we will add key points:

  1. AI can be used by scammers
    The threat is that cybercriminals can use AI to steal identity, create fake accounts, send messages with malicious PLs, operate blacklisted casinos, and create fake casino sites.
  2. Can make gambling too attractive
    The risk tolerance is that AI in marketing, if not subjected to adequate restrictions and controls, can create an overly positive perception of gambling. This, in turn, can divert attention from the real risks and problems associated with gambling.
  3. Not all casinos have these tools
    Not all online casinos have the ability to implement AI-based tools due to the high financial costs of such implementations. As a result, not every gambler will be able to experience the full impact and benefits of AI.
  4. Some services may be fee-based
    It is important to note that certain AI features are paid. For example, searching for a casino based on individual preferences and analysing the odds in table games.
  5. Not well-developed yet
    AI development is not uniform across all platforms. Despite the potential, the integration of artificial intelligence is still at the stage of active development, which makes this tool a rare occurrence, not only in the gambling industry, but also on other platforms.

BetSquare & AI Gambling Trends

The BetSquare team studies the latest trends in the gambling industry in Australia, improving their approach through the application and testing of artificial intelligence. Our unique expertise and determination are the foundation of our way of working. A special emphasis should be placed on the fact that we are recognized professionals in the field of iGaming, providing innovative reviews of pokies, Australian casinos, and live games to provide our readers with the latest news.

Artificial intelligence plays an undeniable role in our work, but we take a careful approach, using it for data collection and record keeping. Realising that peer reviews require human in-depth analytics, we are of the belief that machines cannot fully replace our professional expertise to analyse things like legal gambling in Australia or casino taxes for Aussies.

Final Thoughts

The BetSquare team is always ready to try and test new technological tools, especially if they help simplify routine and boring operations. In this regard, we carefully monitor the progress of AI. We are convinced that AI has the potential to make our environment even safer and more transparent, which will ultimately make gambling even more enjoyable and satisfying for our customers. In addition, our team carefully selects casinos to protect you from possible risks and unpleasant situations that may arise in adverse conditions. Our goal is to provide you with high-quality and reliable information in the world of gambling entertainment.


What are the latest gambling trends in AU?

Rumor has it that game developers want to make the graphics in pokies even more realistic and that they are even trying out the Unreal Engine.

How can Australian operators and providers use AI?

Australian online casinos may use AI for online chats, site security, and statistics collection.

Do BetSquare experts use AI for gambling analysis?

Our BetSquare team actively uses artificial intelligence to analyse gambling. But the rest of the work is done by our staff.

Does Artificial Intelligence in gambling have weak points?

Sure, but only if the AI ​​is allowed to work on its own. This tool can accidentally ban a player who changes bets frequently thinking they are cheating.

Do all Australian online casinos have AI-based tools?

Sure, but very limited. For example, casinos in Australia use AI to collect marketing program information or online chat.

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