Gambling Strategies & AI: Can Aussies Combine Them?

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The BetSquare team has prepared for you an overview on a hot topic – the use of Artificial Intelligence for gambling strategies in Australian top 10 online casinos. Please note that AI finds its application in the analysis of strategies and in managing your own bankroll, which allows Aussies to play safely and responsibly. Let’s just say that AI is not allowed in pokies and similar games when we are talking about predictions or something of this kind. However, the use of AI in gambling in Australia is focused on improving the player experience and providing a safe gaming environment.

AI in Gambling: the Good and the Bad

In general, only operators can use AI in casinos, since on the basis of this intelligence, they can keep accounts, monitor security, and analyse the market. Customers can use AI only in limited ways and offline:

  • Learn the rules of gambling disciplines
  • Set up a bankroll
  • Use AI software to control limits
  • Search available games and online casinos in Australia
  • Work out the strategy (table games only)

Basically, AI is used to learn their strategy in poker or blackjack and very rarely. Therefore, AI cannot be called a bad tool. But if you use AI to play at online casinos, it is considered bad and illegal. Also, third-party nickname software will not be able to help determine the results of gambling.

Human Vs AI-Based Strategies for AU Gamblers

Artificial Intelligence can perfectly cope with many tasks and thus, help facilitate the work of operators and optimize the routine activities of customers. But let’s consider in this table whether AI can replace a person or not in the development of a gambling strategy.

Human Strategy AI-Based Strategy
Aussies should rely only on their experience and data. When visiting a real money casino, players get an individual experience and, based on it, they can build a unique strategy for themselves. Such knowledge is invaluable and can be applied in various fields. AI-based software can do detailed analysis to provide general information. Yes, this is very fast, but all the data received will be literal and in a large amount. This will make it difficult for Aussies to find useful information.
Each gaming session is a new personal experience. Even if you played badly, then in the future, you can take into account all the shortcomings in order to no longer make mistakes. AI will not be able to provide you with detailed information about the gambling experience, it will tell you about the reviews of other players at most.
Each gambling discipline has its own rules and subtleties. Therefore, Aussies should take this into account and carefully study all the details of their preferred game. Yes, a person can freely learn the rules, but it takes time. Thanks to AI, Aussies can quickly find the rules and conditions for any discipline. It is worth noting that in the case of AI, you can quickly find accurate information and set specific parameters.
Important! Using an AI application to play table games of chance cannot predict the outcome of events, much less help you win. Such software can, for example, tell you how many chances you have in your blackjack or poker hand. Such applications can also analyse your previous hands and provide information about your mistakes or implied odds.
Please note that AI does not work in online pokies and similar online games and is also prohibited from being used. Such actions will be regarded as fraud. Therefore, always adhere to the terms and conditions of Australia online casinos.

AI in Gambling: Prohibited Actions

In general, we all tried to talk about the benefits of AI in land-based table games, and now, it’s time to talk about prohibited actions in online casinos in Australia. Consider all these details, and most importantly, stick to them.

  • Installing prediction software
    Installation of any third-party software is strictly prohibited. Also, similar software was developed by scammers.
  • Sharing your account details
    Even if for the sake of interest you find third-party software, never enter your data there, especially your login and password to enter the casino. You will instantly lose access to your personal account.
  • Ignoring your particular case
    If you have used “successful schemes to win” to analyse your card spread, never rely on the result. Consider your realities and listen to your intuition.
  • Trying to cheat at your casino
    Never try to cheat the casino, especially with the help of AI. Such actions will be instantly detected and you will be blocked.

Strategies in Australian Casinos: Helpful Things

As discussed earlier, Australian players can use AI-based software to improve their game strategy. However, it should be noted that such tools are only effective for certain games, such as poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and other land-based table games. It is important to realise that the use of artificial intelligence may facilitate a more detailed study of the rules and strategies of these games, but it does not guarantee success in terms of winnings. Of course, mastering these strategies is a great way to immerse yourself in the rules of the game, and in the following sections, we will take a closer look at everything related to this.

Exploring Helpful Literature

The board game masters are constantly improving their skills and fine-tuning their game strategy to give their competitions a unique experience. It is for this reason that it is highly recommended to study in more detail the experience of outstanding poker and blackjack players as they often share their talents and approaches, plus, tell in detail about their path. Exploring the success of such players, you can be inspired and build your own unique strategy. Thanks to AI, you can quickly find related literature or short descriptions of popular strategies.

Being Attentive to the Rules

Thanks to artificial intelligence, you can quickly find your favourite rules of gambling disciplines. Thus, you will have the following benefits:

  • AI will be able to translate text from any language
  • You will be able to find brief information without ‘water’
  • You will also have the option to ask the AI ​​a question if you don’t understand the rules

This way, Aussies don’t have to spend many hours on the Internet or libraries to find useful literature.

Fair Casino Rating for Aussies

Aussies can find a ranking list of the best online casinos using AI. Yes, AI will not be able to give an accurate analysis, but it will provide many sites for your preferences. Of course, you will need to check all these casinos for licenses and all relevant security tools. That’s why you’d better check out BetSquare’s ready-made rating as we’ve tested and rated all the best sites in Australia so that you can find the perfect casino for you.

Playing Responsibly

Both Aussies and casino operators must adhere to responsible gambling. To achieve such a policy, AI can be a great helper. For example, the casino may use security tools or warning pop-ups and provide Aussies with special software to set limits. Clients can actively set a deposit limit or play time to keep track of their game.

Top-3 Table Games Compatible with Strategies

For each gambling discipline, you can develop a unique strategy, even for pokies. But still, there are more relevant games in which it is more realistic to implement your plans, strategies, and skills obtained with the help of AI. We have added 3 of the most popular card games: Blackjack, Poker, and Baccarat. We note right away that strategies for such games work only in a live format in a land-based casino.

  • Blackjack
    Thanks to special tables based on AI, players can find out what odds they have with certain cards in their hand. This way, you can remember popular hands and their odds.
  • Poker
    Many professional poker players use special software to distribute their bankroll (BRM). Thanks to this tool, players will be able to allocate their finances for tournaments.
  • Baccarat
    In this discipline, you can also use AI-based tools to learn the rules of baccarat in detail. In such software, tips will pop up for players, which helps a lot to study the entire gameplay.

Betting Systems: Do They Guarantee Wins?

No, such tools cannot give guarantees of winning. All such software can only be used to analyse your past games, betting system, and personal experience, or for a detailed study of the rules of table disciplines. Every player should be aware of risks and remember that the house wins in the long run. Therefore, we always advise you to play safely, rely only on your experience, and not use third-party gambling software.

BetSquare Tips for Safe & Smart Gameplay

Here, our BetSquare team has prepared a list of important and useful tips to help Aussies gamble safely. Of course, you can add to this list with your own preferences from your own experience. Let’s start:

  • Always be wise in managing your gaming budget and strongly avoid using credit funds.
  • Before starting any gaming session, it is highly recommended to take a deep dive into the details of the rules of the chosen game, study the payout rates, volatility, and the potential of possible winnings.
  • It is important to remember that online games are very different from land-based casinos and thus require you to adapt your strategies and tactics.
  • Follow the principles of responsible gambling, taking into account all the rules and conditions established in the online casinos in Australia.
  • Choose only trusted and legal safe casinos to ensure you have a safe and fair gaming environment.
  • Watch your betting volume carefully and practice moderation in the game, thus demonstrating prudent gaming tactics.
  • Immerse yourself in the knowledge of specialised literature to support your gaming erudition.
  • Be aware of the possible risks, taking into account that casinos are primarily a source of entertainment, and not a way to earn money.
  • Don’t forget to rate the opinions and feedback of other Aussies to enrich your experience and make better decisions.
  • Follow the news from BetSquare to always be aware of all the events.


As usual, our BetSquare team has presented a review for you where we talked in more detail about the advantages and disadvantages of AI for table game strategy. Sure, the AI ​​can do a detailed analysis of your past games, but the Artificial Intelligence ​​can’t give you advice or help you win. Therefore, always rely only on your knowledge and experience, and do not forget about safe and responsible gambling.


Can I use AI to form a gambling strategy in Australia?

Yes, but only with restrictions. For example, you can only do a deep analysis of your past games that were played in land-based casinos.

What are the best strategy-friendly casino games?

The best strategy for board games is to always analyse your chances, not take unnecessary risks, stick to natural play, and rely on your experience.

Can I use AI-based software on the Australian casino’s site?

Absolutely not since such actions are prohibited not only in Australia but also throughout the world. Using AI to play online casinos is a scam.

How do I test Artificial Intelligence strategies for free?

Everything is simple here: run the demo mode of any RNG game and test your skills there. If you prefer board games, you can play them with your friends.

Why can’t Aussies use strategies for online pokies?

All pokies and similar games are developed on RNG-based mechanics, so all results happen in a random format. Even software developers cannot know the outcome.

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