Gambling Online in Australia: Is It Safe or Not?

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Many gambling enthusiasts often ask our BetSquare team the question: gambling online in Australia: is it safe or not? Of course, playing in an online casino is a risk, but if Aussies stick to safe play, then such entertainment is absolutely safe. Therefore, our BetSquare team decided to prepare a review in which we will share how to make playing in an Austrian online casino safe. Plus, we will talk about the risks and, in conclusion, we will sum up whether it is safe to play in a casino or not.

Online Gambling Sites: How They Work?

Games in online casinos are directly related to money and therefore, when choosing gambling sites, it is necessary to carefully study all the details. Always pay attention to the presence of a license as this is an indicator that the casino is officially operating. In general, if the casino operates legally, then your leisure time will be safe. But, in fact, in order for you to play safely, casino operators work 24/7 by providing the following services:

  • Registration and verification
    The casino site has added many secure mechanisms that protect customer data when you enter your personal details.
  • Deposit
    When customers replenish their account, they can be sure that their money will reach the recipient, as the casinos officially cooperate with payment systems.
  • Choice of gambling content
    There are a lot of games on casino sites and customers can play any content without delay, and this is all thanks to experienced software developers.
  • Game supply
    All games on the casino sites are from licensed providers and their content is regulated by independent laboratories. Therefore, Aussies only play the best pokies.
  • Payout of winnings
    Thanks to cooperation with official payment systems and additional payment security tools, customers always receive their winnings on time.


Every process in the Australian online casino is well thought out and controlled by professionals. Thanks to such a tool and the work of operators, the gambling process becomes safe.

Signs of Safe Gambling Sites in Australia

Certainly, thanks to our rating list, you can play in the best and safest casinos accepting Aussies. But if you want to choose a casino yourself, we have added a list of safe casinos in Australia:

  • Availability of licenses and certificates
  • The casino has many positive reviews
  • The site contains games only from legal providers
  • The casino adheres to the AML policy
  • Transparent terms and conditions introduced

Is Online Gambling in Australia Safe?

As we said at the beginning of the review, playing in an online casino in Australia is a safe process, but only if the player takes into account all the risks and chooses only legal sites. In this table, we will add tips on how to have a safe experience when playing at an Australian casino and things to avoid.

Parameter Safe Experience Experience to Avoid
Site’s licensing Always choose an online casino that has licenses, as such a document always proves that the casino operates legally and adheres to all norms. If you play in a casino without a license, then customers run the risk of running into scammers, losing their data and finances. These casinos are blacklisted.
Responsible gambling In fact, responsible gambling is the key to successful Aussies and therefore every player must think about the risks and follow all the rules. This also applies to casinos, as all sites must provide all the necessary tools. If the Aussies do not adhere to responsible gambling, then their leisure time will be unsafe and this will lead to many problems. Also, such an experience may affect the fact that Aussies will have a negative attitude towards casinos.
Available games Players need to pay attention not only to licensed casinos but also to the content presented, it must also be legal. If you choose such casino games, then you are provided with a good and safe atmosphere. When the games presented are not tested by independent organizations and the companies do not have a license, the player should not even launch such content. As a rule, such software is presented with a low RTP.
The casino’s conditions Only reliable casinos offer transparent conditions without hidden rules as they operate legally and are monitored by the relevant authorities. In ‘dark’ casinos, all terms and conditions may carry hidden conditions, such as commission, a high wager, and tough withdrawal/deposit limits. This experience is absolutely not safe.
Operator’s reputation If the casino has good reviews and reputation, Aussies can only count on a positive experience. When choosing an Australian casino, you should always study reviews from other customers. A site that has no reviews is a negative sign since such a site can delete all comments. This also applies if the casino has only negative reviews. Such casinos should be avoided.

OurBetSquare Rating: How We Choose Safe Casinos

Here, we want to share how our BetSquare team selects the safest and best real money casinos. Thus, we select and test sites in Australia so that after they are added to the list of the best, and if they do not meet the standards, they are immediately blacklisted. Of course, this is a short list, but it will be about the main thing:

    • Compare available operators
      Our team is always comparing sites with each other to find out which one can provide more benefits.
    • Test available gambling sites
      We also test the casino site in detail, study the conditions, and check how quickly you can get a response from the administration in the online chat.
    • Try out different bonuses
      Another of our tasks is to make deposits and activate bonuses. This method helps to study each process in detail in order to give an honest rating.
    • Play real money games for AUD
      Our team also deposits in AUD and plays online pokies for real money to learn the whole process first hand.
    • Process casino withdrawals
      To complete the casino test, we are testing the process of withdrawing winnings, how long the process takes, whether there is a commission, and in general, whether it is possible to win in pokies.

Risks You May Face at Non-Reliable Casinos

Now, we want to talk about the risks you may face if you play in ‘dark’ and shady casinos in Australia. Such information will help you learn in detail about the consequences in order to exclude them from your experience.

Personal Data Leak

Dark casinos do not have tools to protect customer data and because of this, when Aussies undergo registration/verification or financial transactions, their data is at risk and can be lost. If the casino is not decent, it can deliberately steal data and even blackmail customers. The same is with additional programs. For example, you can use AI for gambling strategies, but make sure to avoid such software trying to predict winning outcomes.

Unfair Game Results

Dubious casinos cannot cooperate with legal game developers and therefore they are forced to make copies of the originals or cooperate with garage companies. Thus, customers play very dark content that is not regulated by anyone and one can only guess about the honesty of the results.

Problems with Cashouts

There is a whole story with this since illegal casinos can completely block their account for customers and not consider withdrawal requests. As a result, in such casinos, Aussies blindly replenish their account and lose their money with no chance of withdrawal. But even if there is a chance to withdraw money, you will have to pay a large commission and receive only a small part of the money.

Suspicious T&Cs

Transparency of the terms and conditions is the key to a successful casino in Australia, but if everything does not have such a section or conditions with suspicious points, then this is a huge risk. Such casinos should be avoided as very dubious agreements can be signed.

Picking a Safe Australian Casino: BetSquare Guide

Now, we want to add a short list to help you choose safe and legal online casinos in Australia. Using these rules, you will always enjoy gambling, and most importantly, do it without risks!

  • Benefit from our BetSquare rating
    Study our rating in detail when choosing an online casino as in these reviews, we tell every detail about the sites, including their minuses and shortcomings.
  • Always be attentive to the site’s terms
    Be sure to read the terms and conditions of the casino before registering as such conditions may not suit you, or you can learn a lot of useful things there, including information about Australian gambling taxes.
  • Make sure to check payment limits
    In the “Payment” section, find out about deposit/withdrawal limits to be aware of how much you can withdraw per day/week/month. High rollers always check this section.
  • Double-check casino’s valid licensing
    Even if you see the icon of valid licenses in the footer of the site, be sure to click on it to open this document and study it in detail. The license may be expired.
  • Read more about software providers
    We also advise you to study gambling entertainment providers and play only verified pokies. Look at the reputation, see the game’s payout stats, and check out the latest winner results to make sure pokies can actually hit a generous jackpot.

DOs and DON’Ts for Safe Australian Gambling

In this section, we will add very important information about what you can do in legal casinos in Australia and what is prohibited. We advise you to take this task seriously as your gaming experience will depend on these actions. Of course, if played responsibly, any pokies session will be positive and interesting.

Play only at licensed casinos in Australia with a good reputation Playing at a casino without checking a valid license is a bad idea
Choose games only from trusted authors with optimal RTP parameters Ignore the rules of responsible gambling and use credit money
Approach the game responsibly and do not ignore the rules and conditions of the casino Register at dubious casinos with negative reviews
Avoid sites with a bad reputation Use payment systems that you have not heard about before
Activate bonuses with loyal conditions Scroll through the terms and conditions without reading them first

Why You Can Trust Our BetSquare Rating

Our BetSquare team is a company of professionals who always stand by the side of the Aussies and want the gambling experience to always be positive. Thanks to our many years of experience and enthusiasm, we have access to all modern tools with which we can test online casinos. Artificial Intelligence can also be helpful, but only for statistical details since our experts double-check everything personally. Thus, we analyze the Australian market, select the best casinos and rate them. 

We also have a blacklist where we add dubious casinos so that Aussies know where not to play. We want to make the iGaming environment safer, more transparent, and without hidden rules so that gamblers can play card games, table games, or pokies without risks and worries about their safety. Of course, gambling is a risk, but we always remind you of this. Study our reviews, use guides like the sports calendar, and get only pleasure from excitement. Sincerely, the BetSquare team.


In this review, our BetSquare team has talked about whether it is safe to play online casinos in Australia. Of course, if you play in legal casinos and stick to a safe game, then the gaming process will bring only pleasure. Read our tips and choose only the best casinos for Australians to play safely!


Is online gambling in Australia safe?

Of course, but only if you follow the rules of safe play and choose only reliable casinos.

How do I find safe Australian online casinos?

In our ranking by BetSquare, we have added a list of the best and most trusted sites in Australia where you can play safely.

Are casino games for real money safe?

Yes, but only if the site is licensed and the casino adheres to all safety standards.

What payment options at AU online casinos are safe?

Only those that officially work in Australia, such as Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Google and Apple Play, Crypto, Bank Transfer, Neosurf, and others.

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