AU Casino Sites Protection: SSL-Encryption, AML, and Other Tools

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Our Betsquare team offers reviews of Australian online casinos, popular pokies, and everything related to the iGaming industry. The goals of our reviews are to provide Aussies with safe venues, teach them how to play responsibly, and create conditions for players to enjoy themselves. Therefore, in this review, we will share on such a topic: what kind of protection do online casinos use so that Aussies have a security guarantee and be sure that their data is securely protected. All the top 10 online casinos in Australia have not only licenses and a good reputation but also reliable protection which we will tell you about!

Safety in Gambling: Why Is It Essential?

Safe play in online casinos in Australia is a 100% protection against fraud or data loss and a guarantee of a stable game. Thanks to tools like SSL-Encryption, online casinos ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of customer data. Therefore, it is preferable to play in a casino that can offer all modern and reliable protection tools. Security in gambling plays an important role for several reasons:

  • Protection of personal information
    During registration and verification, the client leaves all their personal and payment data, and, thanks to reliable casino’s protection, Aussies can not worry about the protection of these details.
  • Financial security
    The online casino ensures the protection of financial transactions, both deposits and withdrawals, and ensures that the player’s funds are processed securely and without risk of being frozen.
  • Fair gameplay
    Technologies that the casino uses, such as random number generators, are used to ensure the fairness of the gaming experience. This can be proved by independent third-party labs’ certificates like GLI.
  • Protecting Vulnerable Persons
    Yes, gambling can attract vulnerable individuals, such as minors and those with gambling problems. Therefore, online casinos in Australia carefully check the age of customers and the lists that include customers who have problems with gambling.
  • Legal Compliance
    Online casino operators comply with all the rules in accordance with laws and regulations so as not to violate the laws and not expose their customers to this. We find this position fair and safe.


Therefore, choose only reliable and legal online casinos in Australia as only they can provide reliable protection. This way, you still don’t mitigate risks of losing real funds due to the house edge yet enjoy safe gambling and don’t worry about your personal data safety or smooth cashouts.

Risks in Fraudulent Casinos

If you play in blacklisted casinos that do not provide up-to-date protection, you risk losing your personal and banking data. Unfortunately, scammers make copies of online casinos in order to get hold of user data, so choose only reliable and legal casinos to play safely. In addition to the risk of losing your data that you left at the time of registration, fraudulent sites may offer to download their software under the guise of a client. Typically, these installers contain malware. There is also a risk that fraudsters can gain access to all saved passwords and the consequences can be dire.

Basic Tips to Avoid Risks

Well, our BetSquare experts test all the gambling platforms and share real experience and tips based on the research. But you can also follow certain guides for your smooth experience. In order for you to get only pleasure from playing in an online casino, you need to adhere to the following things:

  • Play only in verified and legal online casinos in Australia
  • Be sure to check for licenses. You can find this information in the footer of the site.
  • Stick to the rules of responsible gaming.
  • Always read the terms and conditions of an online casino.
  • Watch out for withdrawal fees.
  • Be sure to read the terms and conditions of the online casino.
  • Study the settings of online pokies, RTP and volatility parameters should go first.
  • Choose only games with well-balanced returns.

Australian Casino Safety Tools

Australia’s licensed online casinos use robust and state of the art security systems to ensure a fair and safe game for Aussies. When choosing sites in our rating list from BetSquare, we carefully check that the site has all the security tools for safe payments, the casino adheres to the privacy policy, and the operator has positive reviews and reputation. Therefore, such casinos should be trusted. In the following blocks, we will tell you more about reliable Australian casino security tools.

Casino Licensing

An online casino license is an indicator that the platform operates legally and adheres to all security standards. Also, the presence of a license indicates that the top payout casino for Aussies conducts an honest and transparent business. It is worth noting that online casinos are required to provide their licenses for free access. This means that each player can find out all the details about the site, who owns it, at what legal address it is registered, and in what year the document was issued. If the casino does not have a license, this site should not be trusted, as it does not 100% adhere to all the rules of the iGaming industry. Every time you get to casinos you don’t know, be sure to check the license.

Software Certificates

The presence of certificates, such as eCOGRA, GLI, and iTechLab, in Australian online casinos indicates that all casino games in the catalogue are regulated by independent laboratories. These regulators have an interest in ensuring that all content is safe and fair. Here is a summary of these labs:

  • eCOGRA
    It’s an organisation that has been engaged in independent certification and audit of online casinos and providers since 2003. The eCOGRA certification is a sign of trust and professionalism for online casinos and Aussies playing there.
  • GLI
    Here’s one of the well-known organisations that tests, verifies, and certifies gaming systems and iGaming software. GLI is accredited in many jurisdictions and therefore is reliable.
  • iTechLab
    This is a popular independent organisation that also tests and certifies gambling software, including online pokies and table games. If an online casino has such a certificate, you can trust this site.

All of these organisations play an important role in ensuring security and fairness for the iGaming industry. Their certification helps protect the interests of the Aussies gambling for real funds.

Gambling Awards

Both software providers and online casinos can participate in events in which they present their product to the whole world. These events have an independent jury that evaluates and provides awards. Thus, companies enter the global market to prove their advantages to everyone. Therefore, companies that have something to hide do not come to such events, which means that award-winning casinos or providers can be trusted. If you go to the official website of the provider or casino, in the footer or in a special section, for example, ‘About Us’, you can see all the available awards, certificates, and licenses.


AML means “Anti-Money Laundering”. This tool is used by all legal online casinos in Australia to prevent money laundering or illegal financial transactions. Online casino operators are required to carry out detailed identity verification and identification of their Australian players, as well as monitor suspicious transactions. It is worth noting that such a tool requires a wager for a deposit, but as a rule, it is not large (3x on average). This way, you can’t make a deposit and withdraw this money at the same time. You need to use it for real money bets (turnover) and process a cashout then. In some cases, you can request a withdrawal at once, but you’ll have to pay some fees for that.

SSL Encryption

Online casinos in Australia that use modern security standards, such as SSL, are safe and reliable. How it works: when you visit a casino, your browser establishes a secure connection with a web server and all information transmitted between them is encrypted. This way, you can be sure that your data is protected. It is worth noting that the SSL tool not only ensures the security of data transfer between the player and the casino but also helps to create a trusting relationship between Aussies and casino operators. Therefore, it is important to choose licensed and regulated casinos in Australia that ensure the security and privacy of personal information.

Checking Whether an AU Casino Is Safe

In order to check if online casinos in Australia are safe, you can study our reviews to do it yourself or trust us as we already have a list of the best ones for newbies or high rollers that we have personally tested. However, we recommend that you also do a basic check on an online casino to find out whether it is safe or not:

  • On the casino website, go to Terms and Condition, About Us, Help, Responsible Gaming, and other sections. All legal casinos should have such pages. There, you can learn more about what the site offers.
  • In the footer of the casino site, you can see the license icon, and if you click on it, you can view this document. Thus, you will find out who owns the site, what the registration address is, and in what year the document was issued.
  • When it comes to bonuses like no deposit free spins or standard packs, you need to be careful with wagering. Due to this, safe operators avoid hidden conditions and don’t set a sky-high wager to let users effortlessly wager bonus wins.
  • Always analyse the reviews and experience of other players to learn more about the conditions of the online casino. Yes, each player has their own experience, but still, you can learn a lot of useful stories.

Of course, we understand that it takes a lot of effort to learn online casinos. Therefore, our Betsquare team has taken on this task in order to provide all Aussies with only reliable and safe venues.


In this review, our Betsquare team has provided detailed information about the security tools in online casinos in Australia so that you understand how important cybersecurity is for real money gambling. Of course, many details are too complicated for users, so we personally check the casino for all security tools. If the casino does not have proper protection, licenses, certificates, and positive reviews, we immediately blacklist this site. 

Therefore, you can not only get acquainted with our rating of the best casinos but also learn about our testing methods and what current security measures should be in an Australian casino. Choose reliable fast-payout casinos in Australia from our rating, enjoy safe games, and make sure to use our cybersecurity tips in gambling!


What is a safe online casino in Australia?

A safe online casino is a site that has a license, quality certificates, and all the relevant security tools. Also, security tools include cooperation with trusted providers. We list the most reliable Australian casinos here at BetSquare.

What safety tools do Australian casinos have?

Safe online casinos in Australia offer security tools, such as SSL Encryption, Anti-Money Laundering, and certificates like eCOGRA, GLI, and iTechLab. Also, you can notice the presence of a license and a KYC system (Know Your Customer).

How to find the safest casino for Aussies?

To find safe casinos, you can use our guides from Betsquare to learn how to explore the casino on your own. You can also choose an online casino in Australia from our list of the best. There, we have added proven and safe sites.

How to check whether an AU online casino is safe?

Before registering at a casino, read reviews from other players. Then, check for a license and certified entertainment. In the footer of the site, you can read detailed information about the casino or go to our reviews as we talk about all the details of the casino there.

Does the BetSquare team test casinos for its rating?

Absolutely yes. Our team carefully studies the casino, registers, and replenishes deposits. We also play pokies and display wins to explore in detail all the gameplay that awaits every legal age Aussie playing online. 

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