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The BetSquare team offers unique opportunities for all gamblers to understand how casinos work, how to choose the best platform, what to look for before registering, and how to play responsibly. Our approach includes rigorous testing and selection of only the most excellent and best online casino sites in Australia, as well as actively blacklisting questionable sites. Providing detailed reviews of pokies, discussing security issues, and highlighting current bonuses is also an integral part of our service.

Now, it’s time to turn our attention to the importance of responsible gambling and the risks of gambling in Australia. We believe that a responsible attitude to the game is the key to successful Aussies. Therefore, our team strives to spread the word about the importance of playing responsibly and explain how a casino must ensure the safety and security of its customers when providing gambling services.

Responsible & Compulsive Gambling: What’s the Difference?

Responsible gaming in an Australian real money casino is when customers are aware of all the risks and the fact that playing in a casino is entertainment, not earnings. But compulsive gambling is the opposite when customers think that the casino is about making money and guaranteed wins. Of course, only Aussies cannot be blamed for compulsive gambling as casinos are required to provide all the tools for safe play and tell about the risks. 

If the casino doesn’t do it and doesn’t even say it, all the blame for compulsive gambling is on the operator. Therefore, in order for the game to be fair and safe, Aussies and the casino must adhere to all the rules. Here, we add a list of what Australian casinos must adhere to for responsible gaming:

  • Have licenses and certificates
  • Provide transparent terms with no hidden rules
  • Do not make loud statements about winnings
  • Do not give guarantees that everyone will receive the payment
  • Always warn about risks
  • Offer all available tools for safe play
  • The casino must have software that can be used to set limits or self-exclude
  • The casino website should have contacts of special services that deal with gambling addiction

Australian Casinos Gamble Aware Terms & Tools

Above, we briefly talked about how a casino should adhere to responsible gambling, and here, we want to describe in more detail the conditions and tools of Australian casinos. If you find an Australian casino that offers such tools, you can be sure that the site is safe and adheres to all the rules of safe play.

Parameter Explanation Why it’s important
Tests for players Reliable casinos may offer various tests to check if customers feel addicted or uncomfortable playing online pokies or real money games of other types. The casino must take care of its customers, especially if they feel addicted. By offering tests, the casino reminds players about safe play.
Gamble aware links Every good casino in Australia should have links to organizations that help with gambling addiction. Also, links to anonymous chats and phone numbers. Thus, the site shows its indifference and the fact that they are ready to help each client in difficult times.
Tips & guides You can usually find tips and guides on how to play responsibly and why it matters in the context of an Australian casino website. All gamblers should be aware of the risks and problems of gambling entertainment. With tips and guides, Aussies will be able to stick to responsible gambling and understand how to prevent problems like this.
Tools for setting limits Many casinos in Australia offer deposit/withdrawal limits, plus, limits on bets and session times (eg. up to an hour per day). Yes, high rollers may be unhappy that the casino has limits, but thanks to such tools, customers will be less tempted.
Cooling-off & self-exclusion Such a feature is useful for those who are confirmed gambling addicts or customers who devote too much time to pokies. Using the presented tools, you can temporarily restrict access to the casino or completely self-exclude and delete your account.

Risks of Compulsive Gambling for Aussies

Gambling addiction is a serious problem that affects both players and those around them, including casinos. First, the player suffers themselves, having a negative impact on their morale and finances. The consequences affect their loved ones, and the reputation of Australia’s online casinos suffers in the long run due to the failure to provide adequate protection to customers.

Responsible gaming is a concern not only for Aussies but also for online casinos in Australia. The relationship of all participants in the gambling process plays a key role. For example, Aussies need to be aware of the risks and control their hobbies, while their loved ones need to provide support and reminders of responsible gambling. 

The casino should also actively inform about possible risks, provide security services, and create loyal conditions without hidden rules. Only together, they can make the gameplay enjoyable and safe for everyone. Next, we will add more global risks of gambling addiction:

  • Financial problems
    As soon as Aussies forget about the risks, they can lose their temper and because of this, spend more than they were supposed to. This can lead to a financial hole.
  • Depression
    After Aussies spend all their savings in an online casino, they can become mentally depressed and fall into a depressed state.
  • Problems with relationships
    The more addiction problems develop, the more the player can move away from loved ones and this can lead to loneliness.
  • Absence of fun
    If the player feels all of the above symptoms, they will definitely be a sad dispersion person.
  • Problems with the law
    As a rule, if Aussies do not stop, they can abuse alcohol and break laws under its influence.

Choosing Reliable & Responsible Gambling-Friendly Australian Casinos

Our BetSquare team helps all Aussies by providing an up-to-date ranking of the best and safest casinos in Australia. In such sites, customers can be sure that the site offers all the necessary security tools, adheres to responsible gambling, has all licenses, is mobile-focused, and provides loyal and transparent conditions without hidden rules. This way, Aussies will be able to choose the ideal platform for themselves where they can learn in detail how to play responsibly and get the best and safe conditions from the casino. Of course, in order to add such casinos to our rating, we study the site in detail, test all the tools presented, read the rules, and if the casino adheres to all the rules, it gets into our BetSquare rating, while the blacklist displays gambling platforms you should avoid.

Top-5 Don’ts for Safe & Responsible Gameplay

In order to enjoy the pleasure of online casinos, you need to know and adhere to the rules of responsible gambling. Of course, in the safe Australian casino, you can study these rules as the site has all the necessary sections. But we advise you to be prepared to start playing already with a large knowledge base. Therefore, below, you can learn the top 5 rules for safe and responsible gambling.

Don’t Consider Gambling Your Income

Always think about the risks and take into account the RTP parameters of pokies and other casino games. Yes, gambling is already a risk, but it must be justified and reasonable. To begin with, you need to correctly divide your bankroll and play with the money that is intended for this. Also, never think about using credit funds or the finances of your loved ones.

Don’t Chase Losses

The whole gambling process is built on risks and losses, so you should be aware of this. At any time, you can win a large amount or lose your deposit. If you spent your deposit and didn’t win anything, you’re just out of luck and you should better check your luck next time. This also applies to winnings, if you are very lucky, do not bet the entire amount received in order to get even more as there is a risk of losing everything.

Don’t Play for Credit Funds

Never use credit funds to play in an online casino as this is a very big risk. First, you can not count on the money that does not belong to you. Secondly, you are not sure that you can win and immediately give money to the bank.

Don’t Choose Non-Licensed Casinos

Always play only in licensed online casinos in Australia as only there, you will receive security guarantees. You can also count on the fact that such casinos provide all the relevant tools for responsible gambling. Even in legal casinos, original content is presented, which is regulated by independent laboratories, so you will get optimal return settings.

Don’t Try to Cheat in Casinos

The use of third-party software or AI-based applications in an online casino is strictly prohibited, so if you want to play fair, these tools can’t be used. Also, such software may contain malware and you will only harm yourself since casinos, including high roller operators, and games cannot be hacked.

Playing Responsibly: Main Benefits

Responsible and safe gambling is the basis for maintaining your budget, good mood, and a successful life. Responsible gambling is not only about the rules that you need to follow but also a significant advantage that will help you become successful players. Key benefits of playing responsibly are as follows:

  • Perfect control of your bankroll and winnings
  • Always positive mood
  • Signs of successful and literate Aussies
  • The player will be able to understand the reputation of the casino
  • Guarantee that you will not be deceived

Contact Details: Helping Organisations

If you feel that you or your loved ones have a gambling addiction, you must first take self-exclusion measures, accept the problem, and not hide it, and contact a special organization that will help with addiction. All these services guarantee anonymity. Also, addicts can get help both online and offline:


Taking care of safety and responsible gambling is the key to a pleasant experience for every Australian online casino lover. But it is important to remember that even the most sophisticated player can succumb to excitement which will negatively affect both their personal life and relationships with others. Therefore, each client must be vigilant and always keep under control all the risks associated with this popular entertainment. Responsible gambling in online casinos in Australia is not only about following the rules but also about common sense.

If you prefer to play at licensed and regulated top payout casinos, you greatly reduce your chances of running into scammers and fraudulent operators. In such institutions, fair play is ensured, which is important for all players. Do not forget that playing in an online casino is not a way to earn money or a source of stable income. This is, first of all, a form of entertainment, which should be perceived as an additional source of pleasure, and not as a way to ensure financial well-being.


How can online casinos help Aussies play responsibly?

All legal and safe casinos in Australia have a lot of AI-based tools on their site that warn of risks. The casino also provides a lot of information on responsible gambling.

Where do I get contact details of helping organizations?

In our review, we have presented all relevant Australian organizations that help people with gambling addiction. Plus, our reviews always warn users to follow these tips.

Is compulsive gambling in Australian casinos risky?

No, gambling is absolutely safe, but only if you stick to responsible games and you will choose only legal casinos in Australia relying on our BetSquare rating.

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