Responsible Gambling Rules for Aussies: Basic Terms

We, the Betsquare team, are behind the idea of ​​ensuring the transparency and safety of gambling in Australia. Our task is to carefully monitor the dynamics of the iGaming market in the country, examining each platform in order to separate them into those which offer the best experience and those which hide their dark sides.

In addition, we strive to share useful tips and guides: where to find the best online casinos, what pokies are currently relevant, what bonuses you should pay attention to, and which sports events you should pay attention to (if you are a bookmaker user). 

Now, it’s time to discuss responsible gambling as we believe Aussies should be aware of the risks and consequences of the gambling world. Our goal is not to scare but to provide you with complete information about what you may encounter when playing at online casinos in Australia for real money!

Gambling Addiction in Australia: Explanation & Risks

Gambling addiction is when players initially perceive real money online casinos in Australia as income and not as entertainment. Due to a misconception, Aussies stop thinking about playing safe and distributing their bankroll. As soon as Aussies cross the line between entertainment and earnings, psychological problems begin, and they can lead to serious consequences. The blocks below will highlight these details and help AU players avoid these risks!

Gambling Addiction Risks Aussies Can Face

Because some Aussies neglect to play responsibly, over time, there can be problems that will be hard to stop if the person does not seek help in time. Typical problems of gambling addiction are as follows:

  • Depression and addiction to gambling
    At the very beginning, gamblers do not fully understand their addiction and regularly promise themselves to “Play in the casino for the last time”, but when this does not happen, bouts of depression occur.
  • Insomnia
    As a rule, many addicts in the early stages hide that they are playing, so they can play in the casino secretly at night and this affects healthy sleep, plus, provokes nervousness.
  • Problems with work/study
    Many addicts stop devoting time to work or study due to an addiction problem, and as a result, they can lose job/study and connection with the team. Besides, problems with the job can be caused by debts to colleagues.
  • Financial abyss
    When Aussies stop thinking about bankroll allocation, they can spend their core finances and end up having to borrow money from the bank or from friends. When compulsive gamblers can’t repay the debt, it’s another problem.
  • Problems in the family and the team
    The longer the player hides their addiction, the more they move away from family and friends. Thus, it’s harder to ask for help or discuss problems with these people. There is no desire to make new friends since all attention is directed to the game.
  • Job loss
    Due to the fact that the player does not devote time to work, they may lose their job. This causes even more social and financial problems, which makes it harder to overcome the problem then.
  • Asociality
    When the addiction reaches the last stages, people stop communicating with friends as they have borrowed a large amount of money but there is no money to give back. Therefore, addicts stop all their past acquaintances in order to avoid responsibility.
  • Gambling hatred
    When addicted Aussies realise that they are mired in the gambling world, they are afraid to take responsibility and end up thinking that the problem lies with the casino and not with responsible gambling.

In any case, there will be problems if you do not stick to responsible gambling. The very least is that you will spend more money than you planned, and at the more serious consequences include a lot of problems from the list above.

The 4 Don’ts in Gambling: Things to Avoid

In order to provide yourself with comfort for playing in online casinos in Australia and get only pleasure, you must strictly adhere to responsible gambling and a few simple rules. Thanks to these tips, new online pokies and other gambling software won’t bring you negative emotions or financial problems.

Combining Gambling and Alcohol

someone drinking and Gambling

If you like to skip a bottle of beer or drink a glass of wine, that’s quite normal, but not while gambling. Remember that excessive drinking while gambling is a hot mix that can turn harmless entertainment into bad consequences. You and your brain will be relaxed and you may lose control of your activities and your finances. It’s true even for safe casinos in Australia since they still have a house edge, so be careful.

Considering Gambling a Regular Income

The most profitable income with great potential is work, but gambling is entertainment. Therefore, it is a mistake to think that the casino can make a profit since the entire range of casino games is developed using RNG software. Your main task is to remember that the casino is entertainment, like going to the water park. The client pays for entry to have fun, not to earn. Yes, you can win a hefty sum at the casino, but consider it as a random reward.

Believing in Predictions of Your Games

Remember that gambling is not a science and it is not possible to predict your victory. Even weather forecasters make mistakes, right? The whole gameplay on online pokies and other games is created at random, so it all depends on your luck, and no one knows when it will be on your side. But playing and waiting for luck is also bad as it is better to improve your skills in other areas instead to get a new position and a good salary.

Using Credit Funds for Gambling

Bankroll distribution is an important role in the gambling world because if you stop looking after your finances, you can, for example, spend the rent of your apartment on gambling. You will end up having to take out a loan, and an essential rule is that Aussies should not play with money they don’t have. Therefore, make limits on credit funds, as playing with money that you have not earned, even at licensed casinos, is a bad idea.

If You’ve Faced Gambling Addiction: Helping Tips

In the event that you or your friend is experiencing gambling addiction, you must take immediate action. First of all, tell your family or close friends about your problem. But if you want to solve the problem anonymously, you can use these tools:

  • Asking professionals for help
    Ask for help from specialists, they can help you both online and online. Such services are experienced, so they can quickly restore you.
  • Using self-exclusion option
    Use self-exclusion as an additional measure. In many licensed casinos in Australia from our rating, you can activate this option yourself or ask the casino manager. This way, you can limit yourself in the game until you deal with the problem.
  • Blocking casino sites on your desktop
    Of course, there are applications and bookmarks of online casinos on your gadgets, but it’s better for you to get rid of them as they will remind you of the game. Yes, it will be morally difficult to do this, but there is no other way out.
  • Avoiding people who gamble
    As soon as you realise your problem and solve it, we advise you to exclude acquaintances with people who play in the casino as such people can tell you about the delights of pokies and you can break loose. If you have close friends with the same problem, tell them about the problem and advise methods that you know.
  • Choosing an alternative hobby
    Before casino gambling became your addiction, you thought it was a hobby, and now that you have realised that this is a problem, you better do something new to distract yourself. Try to spend more time with family and friends or, for example, exercise. Try to come up with a new hobby that doesn’t look like an online casino.

Basic Tips to Prevent Gambling Addiction for Aussies

Here, we want to talk about the basic tips that will help Aussies get only the pleasure of playing online casinos and not fall into the trap of addiction:

  • Distribute your bankroll wisely and play only with the money you don’t mind spending.
  • Stick to your deposit and play time limits.
  • Plan the events to bet on beforehand and use casino or sports betting calendar 2023 & 2024 for this. 
  • Try to use the auto game mode and set a limit on the spins there.
  • Also, keep track of your losses and wins. For example, if you decide to bet 100 AUD and win 300 AUD, you can play 100 further and save 300 for the next session.
  • Play only at verified Australian casinos that are licensed.
  • Activate bonuses only if the casino offers loyal conditions.
  • Always approach the game as entertainment, not income.

Yes, these are basic tips, but they will help you understand how to start playing responsibly and not make mistakes. In every top casino in Australia you can find a “Responsible Gambling” section where you can learn more about all the risks.

Safe & Responsible Gambling: What Is It?

Safe and responsible gaming is an approach to realise that playing at an online casino in Australia is a form of entertainment. You must prepare yourself in advance for the fact that you may lose a certain amount. It is important to note that the bankroll must be properly distributed and you should not go beyond it. Here are some more tips:

  • Play pokies and table games just for fun
  • Set deposit/bet limits in your casino’s account
  • Monitor your health since as soon as you feel that you are not comfortable playing, you need to immediately stop the game
  • Check licences and RNG certificates of the providers supplying software for your casino to make sure that the RTP and other settings are alright
  • Set time limits on gaming sessions, such as resting every hour
  • Don’t be afraid of asking for help when you face gamble aware problems
  • Choose only licensed top payout casinos in Australia to get a security guarantee


Responsible gaming in online casinos in Australia is the key to success. Firstly, you will get only pleasure, and secondly, you will be able to control tense situations and thus save yourself from bad impressions at the casino. In this review, we shared with you in more detail about how to avoid gambling addiction and how to play safely. Therefore, if you adhere to the rules of safe play, you will become a successful player with no problems.

In addition, our investigations show that Australian players who get prepared properly don’t face problems like slow cashouts or financial issues. When dealing with high roller casinos, remember to manage your bankroll accordingly. When following all these tips, your experience will be comfortable and safe, so use our gamble aware tips to play legal and safe casino games in Australia!


Is gambling addiction a serious problem for Aussies?

Yes, because compulsive gambling will deprive you of all the fun, plus, you will lose control, which will entail financial and moral problems.

What organisations can help Australians overcome gambling addiction?

At every online casino in Australia, you can request assistance to have your account suspended. You can also refer to Gambling Therapy or GamTalk

What casino tools can I use for responsible gambling measures?

First, be sure to go to the ‘Responsible Gambling’ section where you can learn more about all the guides. And secondly, playing in an online casino should not be associated with earnings.

How to play responsibly in Australian online casinos?

To begin with, determine the size of your bankroll and use only the money that you have set aside for the casino. Next, choose only licensed casinos as there, you will be able to set deposit limits. Be sure to take breaks between gaming sessions.

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