How to Keep Payment Details Safe When Gambling Online in Canada

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Our BetSquare team is committed to making gambling in Canada transparent and safe. Therefore, we regularly monitor the Canadian iGaming market in order to study all the casinos to distribute them between the best and the dark ones. We also share useful tips about secure payments and how to choose the best online casino or new slot releases. Now, it’s time to talk about responsible gambling because when gambling, Canadian users should be aware of all the risks and consequences. No-no, we are not scaring you, we just want to share what you may encounter when playing for real CAD and explain how to avoid these risks to make your experience safe, responsible, and fun!

Gambling and Wins: Are Players Always Lucky?

Winning and losing at an online casino depends not only on luck but also on many other factors. In fact, it’s all the technical side. For example, the underestimated return rates (RTP) in online casinos. To say for sure that you get a 100% win or you lose everything is wrong since all games are developed using RNG software, which is regulated by independent laboratories. Here, we’ll add a few examples of what wins and losses can depend on:

    1. The matter of luck
      Of course, this fact is in the first place since due to it, we can get lucky or vice versa. But it’s rather a saying than something you control or explain, just remember that you can be lucky to win or unlucky to lose. 
    2. RTP options
      The lower the RTP, the lower the chances of winning, but there are often exceptions. For example, in progressive jackpot slots. It is also worth noting the volatility, if it is high, the winnings may be less frequent, but they will be higher.
    3. Content quality
      Only licensed and verified providers guarantee that their slots are licensed and certified, and therefore, in such slots, the result depends only on luck, while rigged games won’t let users win so often.
    4. Bonus features in slots
      Yes, in classic slots, you can win a generous jackpot, but in slots that have a lot of bonus features, there are more options to get a high payout. As a rule, such slots have high volatility, so be careful.
    5. Responsible gaming
      In any case, the slot machine may give you a win, but will it cover all your previous bets? Therefore, each time, you must carefully distribute your bankroll, develop betting tactics, and take into account all the risks, and only after that, enjoy the game.

It is worth noting that reasoning about wins and losses may come to a standstill. It’s not worth looking for patterns to find out why you lose since this industry is random, so Canadian gamblers should consider gambling as a form of entertainment rather than earnings. Always remember that the game must be responsible and play only with the money that you have allocated in advance for this type of entertainment.

Risks Associated with Real Money Bets in Canada

There is always risk when playing in an online casino as gambling does not give a 100% guarantee of winnings since all games are developed using RNG. Is this considered a problem? No, as this is the whole interest of the casino. Gamblers cannot predict the outcome but can randomly win a big prize, and this gambling environment adds maximum spice to the gameplay. But still, there are other risks that can ruin the reputation of the casino:

  • Dark casinos
    Casinos without licenses do not provide security guarantees, so players additionally risk losing their finances. Thus, our Canadian casino blacklist highlights such operators to protect you.
  • Financial problems
    Actually, it’s the first problem gamblers can play when playing irresponsibly. Unfortunately, you can lose your bet and even further bets when trying to chase those losses, so this problem shouldn’t be underestimated.
  • Scammers
    Unfortunately, there is a risk of encountering scammers who make copies of famous casinos in order to steal gamblers’ data. Therefore, you need to play only in proven real money casinos in Canada.

Also, do not forget about the house edge as it is an important factor that determines the long-term profitability of the casino site. It also helps Canadian gamblers understand the mathematical odds of winning and predict their possible risks while playing.

Responsible Gambling: What Is It?

Responsible gambling at an online casino means engaging in an online casino activity with an emphasis on safety and control. The purpose of responsible gaming is to protect customers from gambling addiction, for example, via methods like increased limits, self-exclusion, and reminders and notifications if a gambler has been playing for a long time. The main goal of responsible gambling is to remind customers that gambling is not a source of income but a form of entertainment. Canadians can bet on sports or enjoy varied games, but it’s fun as long as you do it responsibly.

Top-5 Tips to Play Responsibly in Canadian Casinos

Here, we share useful tips for responsible gaming for online casinos in Canada. Carefully study this entire list as it will help you avoid unpleasant moments so that you get only a positive experience from playing in online casinos in Canada.

Manage your bankroll wisely Before you make a deposit in a Canadian online casino from our gambling sites rating, you need to determine exactly the budget you want to wager. A properly distributed bankroll is the key to a successful game. Firstly, you will definitely not go beyond and this money will not go to the detriment of your budget. Secondly, it will be more pleasant for you to receive winnings since you will know that you are not playing to your detriment.
Never chase your losses The rule of a successful gambler is to accept in advance that having made the first deposit, you have already spent this money and cannot return it. You should know that gambling is entertainment, for example, when you buy a bowling ticket, you have no idea of ​​making a profit from this entertainment. You also have to accept that you can lose and you don’t have to spend extra money to get your CAD back. It’s part of the game, today you win a mega jackpot, and tomorrow, you lose some CAD.
Don’t consider gambling income Always remember that winning in an online casino (in any Canadian province, including Ontario) is not income but part of the game, for example, as a reward in online shooters. If you think about income, you will lose all the charm of gambling as the gaming process will turn into a routine where the outcomes are still unpredictable.
Never use credit funds for gambling Playing casino games with credit funds is taboo as betting on funds that you do not actually own can lead to bankruptcy. Credit funds should be used only in emergency moments of real life, but not for playing in a casino.
Use safety gambling tools Feel free to use helpful tools to play at an online casino for real money as they will help you save your budget. For example, set limits on gaming sessions or on a budget. Use auto play where you can set a limit on spins. You can also set limits on the deposit, and in extreme cases, request to temporarily exclude you from the online casino.

Other Tips for Safe CA Gambling Experience

Also, Canadian gamblers can use individual tools for playing safely as there are many methods and they all work if you follow them. We’ll add alternative tips below:


  • Play only at trusted casinos in Canada with clear T&Cs
  • Activate bonuses only after you read the rules and they are loyal
  • Give preference to slots with an optimal RTP
  • Play games only from licensed providers
  • Deposit and withdraw winnings using trusted payment systems
  • Keep track of your balance and use deposit limits whenever possible


Also, always keep an eye on your game time as long gaming sessions can be bad for your personal life and finances.

Gambling Addiction: a Serious Problem to Consider

Gambling addiction is a serious problem that needs to be discussed. Gambling addiction is a condition when a gambler loses control and gradually becomes addicted to gambling. Basically, this happens due to the fact that customers are looking for income or additional adrenaline in gambling. Of course, online casino games like live shows 2023 are fun, but they do not offer and do not contain such things. The more we talk about addiction, the more people will begin to think about this problem. What the addiction can affect:

  1. Physical health
  2. Psychological well-being
  3. Personal life, work, or study
  4. Financial condition
  5. Social relations

Thus, always remember that playing in an online casino is only entertainment, but not additional income.

Signs of Gambling Addiction

If you feel that you or your loved ones have been confirmed gambling addiction, you should study the signs of this influence to be able to reveal the problem on time and help:


    • Poor sleep and insomnia
      This factor often occurs due to the fact that gamblers spend a lot of time playing and often play at night as there are many household/work activities on weekdays.
  • Nervous breakdowns and irritability
    When a player does not get enough sleep on a regular basis and financial problems begin due to losses, the gambler becomes more irritable as they realize that they are mired in addiction and do not know how to deal with this.
  • Problems with academic performance at work, school, or neglect of the family
    When an addict devotes more time to the game, work, school, and family take a back seat, as these things distract them from excitement.
  • Regular financial problems, worsening credit history, and a lot of new debts
    If a player spends more than the allotted bankroll and is addicted to gambling, they start borrowing money from all their friends and banks, as they have an idea to get back all the lost funds and supplement them with a generous jackpot.
  • Rejection to new acquaintances or alienation from old friends
    The more problems the addict has, the more they close themselves from the world since all their thoughts are only about excitement, and new acquaintances or friends distract them. This player has a fear that relatives might find out about the problem.


Keep in mind that people who have completely different problems can have similar signs, so take the time to talk with this person, and if you have such problems yourself, be sure to share your experiences with loved ones. You can always find a way out of the situation, the main thing is to take the right direction.

Can Gambling Be Safe?

Absolutely yes since there is nothing wrong with gambling, the main thing is to do it responsibly. If you accept the fact that the casino is not a way to earn money but a kind of spicy entertainment, you can relax and try your luck. You also need to adhere to the following points:

  • Choose only legal casinos
  • Play only licensed slots
  • Use betting calendars for upcoming events
  • Consider the risks of losing
  • Distribute your bankroll
  • Play responsibly

Use only those bonuses that have loyal conditions

Helping Organization

If you feel like you or someone you know has a gambling problem, try contacting organizations that help gamers with this problem:

  • Gambling Therapy –
  • GamTalk –
  • RecoverMe App – App Store & Google Play Store
  • ConnexOntario – 1-866-531-2600


Here, our Betsquare team has added everything you need to know about responsible gambling as gambling addiction or poor financial control can lead to problems and misperceptions of online casinos. The most important thing that you should always know is that online casinos in Canada should not be considered as income, only as entertainment. Yes, you can win a generous jackpot on an award-winning game, but you should always think about the risks and your financial possibilities. You cannot spend more than you have.


What is gambling addiction in Canadian casinos?

Gambling addiction is a problem when gamblers don’t distribute their bankroll, spend more money than they have, and neglect responsible gambling.

How to find out whether I have gambling problems?

The very first sign is that you spend a lot of time gambling. Further, you do not allocate your budget when playing in the slot, plus, you hide from close friends that you are fond of gambling.

What tips can help to avoid gambling addiction?

First, you must understand that the casino is not a way to earn money, but just entertainment. Also, you must allocate a certain time for playing in the casino and allocate a specific amount that will not shake your budget.

Where to get help if I face compulsive gambling problems?

You can contact family or friends for help. If you want to get help anonymously, there is a great call center in Canada -ConnexOntario – 1-866-531-2600. 

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