How to Keep Payment Details Safe When Gambling Online in Canada

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The BetSquare team is always on the side of gamblers. Therefore, we make sure that gamblers get only pleasure when playing on casino online sites. How we do it: we test and offer only the best casinos in Canada, add dubious sites to the blacklist, offer detailed reviews of slots, talk about security, and show where you can get actual bonuses. Today, we want to talk about the importance of responsible gambling and the risks of gambling. Responsible gaming is the key to a successful gambler. Therefore, we will talk about how to play responsibly and how the casino should safely provide its services to customers.

Gamble Aware Gambling: What Is It?

Responsible gaming in the iGaming world should be on both the client and the casino sides. Yes, unfortunately, there is such a problem as gambling addiction, so this needs to be discussed and casino operators need to create a safer ecosystem in this regard. That’s what responsible gambling is on the part of gamblers:

  • Play online casinos for fun, not money
  • Properly distribute your bankroll and not use credit funds
  • Choose only legal and verified casinos in Canada from our rating
  • Do not drink alcohol during gaming sessions
  • Use casino finance that belongs to you
  • Do not use third-party casino software
  • Always consider risks
  • At the time of registration and verification, indicate only the data that belongs to you

Here, we have indicated the basic rules of responsible gambling on the part of the gambler and we advise all customers to adhere to them so that the gaming process brings only positive emotions.

Responsible Gambling Terms in Canadian Casinos

Above, we have added the basic rules of responsible gambling which the client must adhere to. Of course, responsible gaming also needs to come from online casinos, which is why we want to go into more detail about how online casinos in Canada should provide a safe environment for all their customers. We advise all gamblers to study all the provided casino security tools and only after that, make a deposit and play for real money. 

Yes, it is difficult to carry out such an analysis, especially when there is no time for this, but you really want to quickly play a new slot. Therefore, our BetSquare team studies all casinos in Canada so that they comply with safety standards, and if the site is favorable, we boldly add it to the list of the best and recommend it afterwards, while suspicious sites are blacklisted. So here you are to study our rating and play only in the top casinos in Canada.

Responsible Gambling Tests

Safe casinos should offer gamblers to pass small tests that will not take much time. Thanks to such tests, gamblers will be able to understand whether they have an addiction or not. Also, this method will help you always remember about responsible gambling. Typically, tests can be found in the footer of the site or requested from operators. It is worth noting that tests are often developed using AI to optimize the performance of the software.

Limits Players Can Set

In every safe casino, customers must be provided with software that allows players to make limits on bets. Thus, gamblers will be able to regulate their bankroll so that the amount of bets does not exceed the set limits. This also applies to game session limits. Gamblers are simply obliged to receive such opportunities from the casino since a safe game is a success.

Cooling-Off and Self-Exclusion

It is worth noting Cooling-Off and Self-Exclusion as very important tools. Such features allow gamblers to self-exclude from the iGaming environment if they are considered to have an addiction. Basically, clients can choose 3 months or 6 months for self-exclusion, or even delete the account at will. Casinos are obliged to have such tools. You can also pay tribute to the self-cooling function, which allows gamblers to set a time limit. For example, customers can set limits for 1 hour per gaming session, and after that, the casino site will not give access to customers until the next day. If the casino has such tools, it definitely adheres to the safe game.

Gamble Aware Contact Details

Only legal and safe casinos always adhere to a safe game as they care about gamblers. Therefore, if you go down to the footer of the site, you can find a lot of useful information which describes how the casino tries to provide gamblers with safe and responsible gambling. Also, such casinos always share contacts of services that help with addiction. For example:


  • National Council on Problem Gambling
    Call: 1-800 – Gambler
  • Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction
    Call: 1-833-235-4048, 613-235-4048
    Address: 75 Albert Street, Suite 500 Ottawa, ON K1P 5E7 Canada   


You can also meet global communities that help with addiction online.

Signs of Non-Friendly Responsible Gambling Casinos

We talked a little about responsible gaming on the part of clients, plus, added about how the casino should provide gamblers with all the necessary safe tools. Now, it’s time to talk about what online casinos in Canada should not do so that gamblers always play responsibly and safely. So, what should Canadian casinos avoid:

  • Promises to win big
    Gambling sites should not promise winnings to customers, since the result of the game is not known to anyone, so this is considered unfair. If you see an advertisement that the casino guarantees winnings, remember, it’s not fair.
  • Hidden information about risks
    Reliable sites in Canada should always warn about the risks since winnings do not depend on anyone. So dark casinos can often hide information about risks in order to attract customers. Of course, this behavior is not acceptable.
  • Absence of helpful tools
    If a casino does not provide all the necessary tools for responsible gambling, such as links to services, anonymous chats or a self-exclusion feature, this casino should not be trusted.
  • Lack of gambling licences
    Without further ado, all casinos in Canada are required to work legally, providing their license in the public domain.
  • Unfair information in terms
    Canadian casinos must provide all terms and conditions with no hidden rules. Therefore, if the casino hides its conditions, it is suspicious and you should not trust this site.

Gambling Addiction: Signs & Comparison Table

Now, it’s time to talk about something more serious. It’s a problem of gambling addiction. Unfortunately, this problem exists in the gambling world and it needs to be dealt with. Yes, global services and good casinos prevent signs of addiction. The BetSquare team offers to study the signs of gambling addiction in a comparative table.

Parameter Responsible Gambling Compulsive Gambling
Time players spend on gambling A successful and responsible player should not spend a lot of time on gambling entertainment. The casino advises setting a time limit (timer) to control the playing time. The addicted gambler devotes a lot of time to slots and, as a result, has less time for themselves, work/education, and family. The casino should not affect the lives of customers.
Emotions gamblers feel when playing A responsible gambler must always control their anger during sessions as slots or card games are entertainment. Yes, it happens that you are unlucky, but this is the excitement. Addict gamblers do not control their emotions, especially when there is no winning, as they don’t play responsibly. Such clients think that excitement, earnings, and not entertainment.
Reaction on the lost amount Responsible gambling is to be aware of all the risks, including losing. Playing in a casino is an unpredictable process, so you should always be ready. If a client has made a deposit with the thought that they will win a larger amount, and after losing they feel negatively, this is a sign of an irresponsible game.
Attitude to the gambling activity Playing in an online casino is one kind of entertainment and all customers should be aware of this. This also applies to casinos since operators should always remind you of this and not promise winnings. A client with a gambling addiction believes that a casino is an alternative job that can bring large sums. Due to the wrong concept, gamblers can become addicted.
Relationships with people around Each gambler should always devote more time to relatives, friends, and family and not move away in case of losses and setbacks. This also applies to behavior, gambling should not affect the surroundings of gamblers. Gamblers who feel addicted to the casino may refuse to communicate with friends and family as they devote a lot of time to slots. This behavior is due to the fact that the player hides problems.

Gambling Addiction: Is It a Problem?

Of course, gambling addiction is a big problem both for gamblers themselves and for those around them and the casino. First of all, the player harms themselves, their moral, and financial condition. After that, their relatives suffer, and at the end, the online casino gets a bad reputation as it did not guard its client. Therefore, not only the client must adhere to responsible gambling but also the Canadian online real money casinos. All of these people are interconnected and should take care of each other. For example, a gambler adheres to responsible gambling, close people know about the gambler’s hobbies, and also remind them of this. But the casino should talk about risks, offer various services for security, and provide loyal conditions without hidden rules.

BetSquare Tips to Avoid Compulsive Gambling

Our BetSquare team knows about the risks of playing in online casinos, so we want to share this with all gambling lovers. Our main mission is to ensure that gamblers get only the pleasure of playing in the casino, receiving the best conditions. Here, we will add some important rules to help you avoid compulsive play.


  • Pick reliable online casinos
    Play only in reliable and legal existing or new casinos in Canada as such sites can provide all modern and good tools for safe and responsible gambling.
  • Plan your budget
    Be sure to distribute your bankroll and count only on the amount that you set aside for the casino. Never use credit funds for gambling.
  • Never chase losses
    Always think about the risks and do not chase the winnings in order to get more than you lost. This style of play will lead to bad results.
  • Remember that it’s not your income
    Remember that gambling is not a job and a place of income. So it is a mistake to think that the casino is about making money.
    Set time limits for gambling
    Always stick to time limits, as long sessions are bad for your health and addiction to gambling

Helping Organizations for Canadians

If you feel that you or someone you know has a gambling addiction, our BetSquare team advises you to contact special services that can anonymously help with this problem. Such organizations can be both local and international, and therefore, it will be easy to contact them. For example, here are some trusted services:

  1. National Council on Problem Gambling is a Canadian organization that can help both online and offline.
    Call: 1-800 – Gambler.
  2. Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction is a larger service that helps with gambling problems and other addictions.
    Call: 1-833-235-4048, 613-235-4048.
    Address: 75 Albert Street, Suite 500 Ottawa, ON K1P 5E7 Canada.
  3. Problem Gambling Institute of Ontario is an institution that specializes in the research and treatment of gambling problems.
    You can also go to the site and download a special anonymous chat.
  4. Gamblers Anonymous is a global American organization that helps all addicts. The service also organizes meetings in different countries of the world.
    Call: (909) 931-9056
  5. European Association for the Study of Gambling – The European Gambler Helpline, which is still investigating this problem of addiction.
    Call: +39 312 0689 5989


Every online casino lover can be prone to gambling addiction which can have a bad effect on the player and on those around them. Therefore, each client must adhere to a safe and responsible game, plus, always think about the risks of this entertainment. If you play moderately in legal casinos, a good game is guaranteed for everyone. Please note that playing in an online casino in Canada is not a way to earn money, but just entertainment. Follow these tips, enjoy helping guides like a sports calendar with upcoming events, and enjoy your experience.


What is responsible gambling in Canadian casinos?

Responsible gambling in a casino is always about taking risks, sticking to a distributed bankroll, and choosing only reliable gambling sites.

How can Canadians avoid compulsive gambling?

The first rule is to know that the casino is not about making money, only about entertainment. Always play with money that you don’t mind spending and that doesn’t affect your budget. Also, take breaks and spend more time with your family.

What responsible gambling tools can Canadian casinos have?

Reliable casinos offer to set limits on your bankroll, deposit, and playing sessions. You can also find links to online chats of psychologists.

What responsible gambling tips does BetSquare have for Canadians?

Here are some tips from our team: don’t play during business hours, always manage your bankroll, choose only legal casinos, and don’t consider casinos a place to make money.

Where to find Canadian casinos friendly to responsible gambling?

On our BetSquare website, we have added a ranking list with the best casinos in Canada where you can find the safest and most responsible sites.

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