Why Licences & Testing Labs Are Important in Canadian Casinos

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Our BetSquare team has prepared an overview on the importance of having licenses and certificates from independent laboratories for online casino sites in Canada. Such documents are an indicator of reliability and security. Also, in addition to licenses, Canadian casinos must have all modern security tools. We will talk about all this and more in this review as such information will help gamblers choose reliable and legal casinos in Canada!

Gambling Licences: What Are They?

An online casino license is a legal permit issued by the relevant authorities that allows casino operators to offer online gambling entertainment. Casino licenses are mandatory documents for the legalization of gambling services. Licensing is carried out by special government agencies that exercise strict control over casino operators in order to ensure fair and transparent games, protect gamblers’ personal data, prevent fraud, and combat gambling problems. 

The process for obtaining a license may vary in different countries or jurisdictions. Online casinos must meet certain requirements, such as financial stability, legal transparency, perfect security system, good data protection, as well as compliance with the rules and regulations of responsible gaming. We recommend choosing only licensed casinos that adhere to all regulations, so our casino rating for Canadians is created according to these principles.

Types of Gambling Licences in Canada

kahnawake gaming commission

In Canada, there are several types of licenses that allow online casinos to operate legally. Of course, in some provinces, government agencies require special documents. For example:

  • Licenses from provincial governments
    Some provinces in Canada have their own rules and regulations for online casinos. For example, in such provinces as British Columbia, Quebec, and Ontario, casinos must have special local licenses.
  • Kahnawake license
    Such a license is required to operate in this province in order to legally provide gambling services. Also, such a license is accepted in other countries, so you can see this logo pretty often.
  • International licenses
    Also, Canada has international licenses from such bodies as MGA, UKGC, GGC, Curacao, and others. Yes, such documents are not issued by Canadian authorities, but they are recognized as legal at the international level.

As you can understand, in every province of Canada, online casinos must have special licenses so that they can legally provide gambling entertainment. Therefore, choose only licensed and legal real money casinos in Canada.

Offshore Licences

As we said earlier, most of the provinces of Canada accept international licenses to give permission for the legal operation of online casinos. Many reputable casinos have such licenses and we have added them to our rating of the best. In this table, we will add the current international licenses that are valid in Canada.

Licence Description
MGA – Malta Gaming Authority Such a license is one of the most common and prestigious for online casinos. The main office of the regulator is located in Malta and this organization is recognized all over the world, including Canada. The license is also used in Europe. It is worth noting that the casino which has an MGA license, is carefully checked by regulators: financial monitoring, security checks, and compliance with gaming products according to all standards. For Canadian players, choosing an online casino with an MGA license can be a good indicator of reliability and safety.
Curacao The Curacao license is also considered reliable in the iGaming industry as it is recognized in many countries around the world, including Canada. Yes, Curacao will be a little simpler than, for example, MGA or UKGC, but many no-download casinos receive not only Curacao but also other significant licenses in order to gain legal access to many countries.
UKGC – United Kingdom Gambling Commission The UKGC license is the most premium and reliable. This license is very demanding in terms of quality standards, so it is hard to get a casino that does not meet all the standards. UKGC gives gamblers additional confidence in the honesty and reliability of the casino, as well as provides them with mechanisms to appeal and protect their rights in case of problems.
GGC – Gibraltar Gambling Commission The Gibraltar Gambling Commission license is recognized in many countries, including Canada, and many online casinos operating in Canada may hold this license. Yes, it is also reliable and quite frequent when we are talking about new online casinos which obtain several licences at once.

It is worth noting that the presence of licenses in a casino in Canada is an indicator of reliability, but do not forget that it is recommended to conduct additional testing and familiarize yourself with the reputation of the casino, as well as the terms of service and availability for players from Canada and its provinces. Of course, you can check everything yourself, but our BetSquare team has significant experience in testing casinos, so we offer a list of the best sites that offer a fair and safe game. And yes, we tested all of them.

Local Licences

It is important to note that in some Canadian provinces, such as Ontario and Alberta, online casinos must be regulated by local authorities. Otherwise, such sites will not be able to legally operate. For example:

  • British Columbia
    The British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) regulates casinos, sports betting, and lotteries.
  • Ontario
    The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) is a license which allows you to engage in online and land-based gambling, sports betting, and horse racing.
  • Alberta
    The Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission (AGLC) oversees casinos, horse racing, and charity games.
  • Kahnawake
    Kahnawake Gaming License is a reliable regulator for online and land-based casinos within the country.
  • Quebec
    Loto-Quebec corporation is an independent regulator for the province of Quebec that oversees terrestrial/online casinos and favourite gambling.

Canadian Casinos: Software Testing Labs

In addition to having licenses in an online casino, all content must be provided by legal providers. Certified casino games are regulated by independent laboratories, so gamblers can be sure that they are getting fair and transparent conditions. Please note that all gambling content in the online casino is developed using RNG (Random Number Generator). What is RNG? This tool generates random numbers in huge ranges and these numbers determine the results of gambling. This ensures the randomness and unpredictability of the results, which is essential for a fair and safe game.


The eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance organization is an independent laboratory that certifies online casinos and gambling entertainment. With its audit, this organization provides a reliable and fair game. eCOGRA certification is a sign that the casino follows the standards and requirements set by this company. Operators that successfully pass verification and receive a certificate can use the eCOGRA logo on their website in the footer, which demonstrates their reliability and protection of the interests of gamblers.



GLI means Gaming Laboratories International. This organization is like eCOGRA which independently tests, audits, and certifies online casinos and providers. If an online casino in Canada is GLI-certified, you will definitely see the icon of this laboratory in the footer of the site. When you see this icon, know that the site is worth trusting.


iTechLabs also certifies gambling content around the world. This lab conducts detailed tests to ensure that the RNG is fair, unpredictable, and independent, and that the casino software performs to standards.

Other Cybersecurity Tips in Canadian Casinos

Here, we add important cybersecurity tips for users visiting Canadian online casinos. Having studied this list, you will be able to test the sites yourself to enjoy reliability while getting your experience. Our BetSquare team also adheres to this testing plan as all of these tools prove that the casino is safe.

Tips Explanation Example
Check safety tools like SSL Encryptions and AML Thanks to AML, online casinos make sure that customers do not launder money and do not make hidden financial transactions. SSL encryption is used to protect the confidentiality and integrity of information transmitted between the player and the casino. The presence of such tools can be viewed in the site’s footer or request confirmation from the casino manager. Tools like AML indicate that the casino adheres to the laws and that it officially cooperates with banks or payment systems. Using an SSL certificate allows you to confirm the identity of the site and establish trust between the casino and the player.
Use security payment options Only official payment systems are considered safe. Therefore, you should find out what deposit/withdrawal systems the platform offers. Also, the casino must adhere to the AML policy. For example, if you select a payment system that you have not heard about, it may not work in Canada or even be banned. Also, the use of dubious payment systems is dangerous because you can lose your data or funds.
Don’t use cheating programs Never use third-party software for online casinos. All you can do is download the casino mobile app from the official website. All third-party programs are fraudulent schemes that were created in order to take possession of players’ data or finances.
Play responsibly Always stick to responsible gambling as it will allow you to get only pleasure from the casino. Playing in a casino should not be treated as earnings, only as leisure. All gambling content is presented using RNG, so no one knows about the final result. If the player hopes to get a regular income, they risk losing their finances and becoming addicted.

Risks at Fraudulent CA Casinos

We always warn gamblers to choose only reliable, trusted, and legal casinos in Canada because if you choose a dark site, players take a big risk. At a minimum, there is a risk of not receiving your winnings, but at a maximum, you may take risks of losing your personal data. The most common risks of playing at blacklisted casinos are as follows:


  • Personal data leak
    If the casino does not provide all modern security tools, there is a risk that your personal data will be stolen by scammers. This also applies to banking data.
  • Unfair play
    ‘Dark’ casinos may not adhere to responsible gambling, so the gambler plays “on parole”, and if problems suddenly arise, the site will not be interested in helping.
  • Financial difficulties
    A casino without proper protection and a license cannot guarantee that your finances will be safe and won’t be frozen by the casino or a payment method.
  • Transparent terms
    You should always check the casino T&Cs, especially in the bonus sections, as there is a risk of getting a bonus with increased requirements that are not realistic to wager.

Gambling Cybersecurity: How BetSquare Helps Canadians

The goal of our BetSquare team is to provide Canadian gamblers with reliable and safe casinos as we are always on the players side. Therefore, we check all available casinos, test them and then recommend the best sites or blacklist the ones you should avoid. In our rating list, you can read about all the legal casinos in Canada that you can trust. We conduct our own research and test this information ourselves, so our rating is the result of our thorough work, tests, feedback of real players, and more.


In this review, we talked in more detail about the importance of casinos having licenses and certificates from independent laboratories. These security measures make sites safe and secure. By choosing a casino with a license and a certificate, you can relax and get only the pleasure of gambling. Choose safe fast-paying casinos in Canada, follow cybersecurity measures, and enjoy your gameplay when playing responsibly!


What are online gambling licences and certificates?

Licenses and certificates are an indicator of the reliability and legality of Canadian casinos since such documents are issued only to trusted sites.

Why is it important to choose licensed casinos?

Licensed casinos offer transparent conditions since they cooperate with Canadian payment systems and reliable providers.

How do RNG-testing certificates show fairness?

RNG is a tool that generates random numbers in huge ranges and these numbers determine gambling results. Software certification proves that this tool is not influenced by anyone.

What are other safety tips for Canadian online casinos?

You should always check the reviews of other gamblers, check the reputation of the casino owner, choose games with optimal returns, and play responsibly.

How does the BetSquare team select safe casinos for Canadians?

Our team carefully checks and studies the reputation, reviews, licenses, safety tools, regulations, and conditions of the recommended sites.

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