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At Betsquare, we strive to provide gamblers with the most reliable and secure online casino sites in Canada. Our goal is not only to provide reviews of popular slots and other games in the iGaming industry but also to create an environment where players can enjoy their experience in a safe environment. In this review, we would like to share information about the protection measures that online casino sites in Canada apply to ensure the safety of players and the reliable protection of their data. 

All of the best casinos in Canada that we recommend are not only licensed and reputable but they also make every effort to ensure the safety of their customers. They use modern encryption technologies and protocols to guarantee the confidentiality of information and protect it from unauthorized access. Let us share our own research to tell more!

Top-5 Casino Safety Tools in Canada

When you choose an online casino from our review, you can be sure that they provide strong protection and go the extra mile to keep your data safe. We strive to provide gamblers with only the best gaming experience based on security, trust, and confidence. Therefore, we will add the top-5 safe tools that all the best and legal real money online casinos in Canada use.

Casino Licensing

The possession of a license is a key indicator for online casinos, indicating their legality and compliance with high security standards. It also ensures that the casino conducts its business in a fair and transparent manner. It is important to note that the Canadian online casino license must be available to the public so that each player can get acquainted with the details about the site, its owner, legal address, and the year the document was issued. If the casino does not provide such information about its license, you shouldn’t trust it as it does not comply with all security standards. Every time you get acquainted with a new online casino, it is recommended to check the availability of a license.

RNG-Testing Certificates

The most trusted online casinos in Canada provide additional certifications from regulatory bodies, such as eCOGRA, GLI, and iTechLab. The presence of these certifications indicates that all games in the casino catalogue are independently verified and regulated by these laboratories. These regulators have a vested interest in ensuring that content is safe and fair. Below is a summary of each of these laboratories:

  • eCOGRA
    The eCOGRA laboratory was established in 2003 and it specializes in the certification of online casinos and providers. With the eCOGRA certificate, online casinos receive a sign of quality and reliability.
  • GLI
    GLI is one of the renowned organizations that tests, verifies, and certifies gaming systems and software. Thanks to accreditation in many jurisdictions, GLI is deservedly considered a reliable and reputable organization in the gambling industry.
  • iTechLab
    iTechLab is also a popular independent gambling software testing and certification organization. If an online casino has an iTechLab certificate, this indicates its reliability and honesty.

Providers with gambling awards boast such safety tools. All of these organizations play an important role in providing a safe and secure environment for Canadian gamblers. Obtaining a certificate from eCOGRA, GLI, or iTechLab is a guarantee that a gambling site meets high standards and provides fair play.

Transparent Terms

Yes, licenses and certificates make online casinos reliable and legal, but do not forget about fair and transparent terms and conditions. Therefore, our Betsquare team always checks these details:

  • Tournaments and similar events should offer fair specific conditions and optimal rates.
  • All transactions on the site must be without hidden conditions and additional fees.
  • Gambling rules must be those added by the licensed provider.
  • Bonus conditions must be transparent and fair so that players can wager achievements.
  • These terms shouldn’t be controversial.


Anti-Money Laundering is an integral tool in the work of all legal online casinos in Canada, designed to prevent money laundering and illegal financial transactions. Online casino operators in Canada are required to carry out thorough background checks and identification of their customers and to keep a close eye on any suspicious transactions. It is important to note that the introduction of such a tool is usually accompanied by small restrictions on deposits (wagering), but this is a security measure to ensure a fair and reliable gambling experience. Also, the use of AML tools in online casinos in Canada allows site owners to cooperate with banks and online payment systems, and this facilitates financial transactions for gamblers. Players can be sure that their CAD and personal data are under reliable protection.


Online casinos in Canada that apply modern security standards, such as those based on SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology, are strong advocates for security and reliability. Our casino rating lists exactly such operators. But how exactly does it work? When you visit a casino site, your browser establishes a secure connection with the server and all information between them is automatically encrypted. This means that no one but you and the casino will be able to access your data. When a player sees a padlock in the address bar of their browser or a green bar, this serves as confirmation that they are on a safe site and can fully trust the casino. This is an important factor when choosing sites and regulated casinos in Canada as they provide a high level of security and player privacy.

Safe Canadian Casinos: Other Tips

The best and legal casinos in Canada must comply with all safety standards as you play for real money, plus, leave your personal data. For their part, reliable operators will take care of the license and tools for a safe game. Users, in turn, can also use simple tips to make the game not only safe but also comfortable:


  • Always stick to responsible gambling: divide your bankroll wisely, make sure that bets in slots do not exceed your limit, and consider all risks.
  • Play only online slots with optimal payouts, unless they are premium progressive jackpot games. Also, choose games only from licensed providers.
  • Before activating bonuses, check the wagering requirements so that they are not high. Also, consider the duration of promo achievements.
  • Don’t ignore strategies or calendars highlighting upcoming casino and sports events.
  • If you participate in tournaments, be sure to find out the conditions of the event: what the minimum bet for participation is, how many prize places there are, and how long the tournament lasts.
  • Consider the laws of each province in Canada. For example, in Ontario, casino sites must be licensed by AGCO.

Why Do Casinos in Canada Have Safety Tools?

The presence of security tools in online casinos in Canada provides gamblers with a reliable game. Good casinos allow gamblers to relax and think only about the gaming process. Of course, gambling is a risk, so casinos ensure that players do not have to worry about other security factors.

Reason Explanation Risks
Protecting personal data Personal data protection tools allow casinos to save the player’s personal information. Thus, when a player passes registration and verification and conducts financial manipulations, the data is reliably protected from leakage. If a Canadian casino does not provide up-to-date tools, then players may lose their personal data, including bank details.
Providing fair gameplay Fair and safe online casino games are the games developed using RNG, so no one can influence the result of the combination, only the matter of luck. Also, all slots are regulated by independent laboratories, which means that the RTP will not be lower than the ones required by the regulation. In blacklisted casinos, the gambling assortment can be regulated by the operator and, therefore, there is a risk that they are not interested in payouts. Also, slots and other games may be subject to a low RTP.
Processing secure payments Casinos that adhere to AML work closely with banks, so all transactions are transparent and, in case of an error, can be challenged. In addition, security tools will help keep the player’s banking data safe. If the casino does not adhere to secure payments, then scammers can take over the player’s banking data or all disputes will be only on the side of the site.
Showing trustworthiness The best casinos that provide players with 100% security always show this. For example, in the site footer, you can see the icons of all available tools, which platform the site was integrated with, and licenses and certificates the casino has. If you see this or similar information, you can immediately understand that the casino is reliable and this can be easily verified. Everything is clean and transparent. Always ask the manager for all the necessary documents. When there is no information about the site on the casino website, certificates, licenses or available payment systems are not indicated, then the site definitely has something to hide and should not be trusted. An exception is when the site is new and the operator did not have time to add the sections.
Providing clear information If the casino conducts a fair and safe game, then before registering on the site, you can find out all the detailed information and the rules and conditions of the casino. Also, if almost all games are available in demo mode, this is a big plus. Why it’s important: players need to be able to see and understand what they have agreed to when they register on the site. Unfortunately, blacklisted casinos without the regulator’s registration or with a bad reputation hide all the details of the game on the site. Therefore, players may face bad conditions in the future.

In this table, we have noted the most important points that verified online casinos in Canada use. Thanks to this protection, you can play for real money and not worry that your data will be lost or stolen by scammers. We also remind you not to forget about responsible gaming as this style of play will bring you pleasure and new experiences with new gambling trends like live shows 2023.


Unfortunately, not all casinos have all the security tools, but we immediately blacklist all such sites. If you are faced with a site in which there is not a single security tool, you must leave the site. Always play only in verified and legal casinos in Canada as on such sites, you will be sure that your personal data will be protected. Plus, such operators are generous to offer generous and unusual bonuses for Canadians.


What security tools do Canadian casinos have?

The most popular tool that makes the casino reliable is the license. Also, top casinos must have certificates issued by independent laboratories, a safe KYC procedure, and an AML system.

How do I know my casino in Canada is safe?

You can find out about this on the BetSquare website or check such points. Consider the availability of a license, check the game catalog so that there is software from licensed providers, and study the ʼTerms and Conditions’ section.

Where to find fair Canadian casinos online?

If you study our reviews in detail, you will be able to test the casino yourself, but if you do not have time for this, you can go to the BetSquare site. There, we have added a rating list with reliable casinos.

How does the BetSquare team test recommended casinos?

First, we check licenses for authenticity. We study the owner of the site, read the rules and conditions of the casino so that everything is transparent there, and test the game content. We recommend only the sites we’ve tested personally.

How to avoid fraudulent online casinos in Canada?

If you have found a new casino, do not rush to register. Read the ʼTerms and Condition’ section first and check licenses and certificates. Next, study the content presented so that it is from legal providers and go to the financial section to check SSL encryptions. 

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