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Australasian Gaming Expo 9 – 11 august 2022

Last update: May, 2024

Written by: Lisa Cheban Content writer
Australasian Gaming Expo 9 – 11 august 2022

Sydney will host the Australasian Gaming expo next month at the 9th of august until the 11th of august. The Australasian Gaming expo takes place since the early 1990´s and is the place to be regarding new (casino) games. Therefore, The expo is also a place where a lot of online casino´s will come together.

The Expo is the most progressive Australian and Asian gaming and hospitality Expo event for hotels, clubs and casino´s both nationally and internationally. This year one of the bigger companies that will be present at the Expo will be Aristrocrat Gaming. A casino gaming company that is established in 23 cities such as Melbourne, Auckland, Johannesburg, Buenos Aires, London and Las Vegas. with over 7000 employees. The company has 28 creative studio´s where casino games and other gambling related products are produced.

Another well-known company that is present is IGT Australia, who produces casino slot games. They also produce Gaming machines such as pokies for land based casino´s or hotels and restaurants. IGT Will be present at the Expo to show their new products and to tell about possible future plans of the company.

Also for online casino´s it is a nice way of getting to know new casino slots, new casino games, getting to know the newest trends in the (online) gambling industry. This is highly needed since the online casino industry is a highly moving industry  where technology advanced at a fast pace. That´s what makes the Igaming industry an exciting industry.

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