Bluberi Games Enters Canadian Market

Article by Simon Day
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Las Vegas-based Bluberi Games enters the Canadian online casino market, bringing iconic games like Shark’s Lock, Devil’s Lock All In, and African Gems to Canadian players. 

Casinos under the remit of AGLC (Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis) will now have access to Bluberi Games machines, a renowned software provider with various gaming options.

The developer has already gained a foothold in the Canadian market, but only via online game development for platforms you can access from home. The company will supply casino machines to in-person sites for a greater offering.

Bluberi Games is no stranger to setting up studios for Canadian game development, namely in Quebec and New Brunswick.

Now, though, the studio can showcase its game machines and spread the word about the company to an even greater number of people: those who visit casinos in person.

Pixel Jam, Devil’s Lock, & Rocket Rumble Arrive in Canada

Awesome casino slot games, like the newly released Pixel Jam, debuted last year under the guidance of designer Frank Leger and have proved to be treasured productions. Devil’s Lock and Rocket Rumble are two other popular games in the North American market. 

The deal was announced on April 4th and is seen as a big step forward for an already ambitious organization that supplies a “high-quality gaming experience” for players. 

Steve Lautischer, the Executive Vice President of Business Development at AGLC, said, “Alberta players want the latest, most popular slot games, so adding the Las Vegas-based electronic gaming machine manufacturer Bluberi Gaming to casino and racing entertainment centre floors is exciting. Their slot games will enhance players’ entertainment experience while continuing AGLC’s stewardship of a socially responsible environment.”

As part of the upcoming partnership, GameSense, the name of the safer gambling tools heavily featured on the corporation’s platform, will be central to plans for educating players on the dangers irresponsible gambling can bring and encouraging them to assess their gambling behaviors.

If you feel that you are at risk of harming your mental health because of gambling or you can’t help but gamble beyond your means, we encourage you to find out more about responsible gambling in Canada to stay in control. 

What This Move into Canadian Casinos Means

Bluberi’s arrival in Alberta gives gamers much more choice than they had before. Introducing the entire catalogue of Bluberi games into all AGLC casinos means fewer gamers will be disappointed with the choices they have.

Instead, there is greater diversity among the games in these casinos. As a result, finding the type of game that is right for you will be easier, with a variety of interfaces and playing styles to suit whatever your preference. 

In 2022, over three-quarters of casino visitors in Canada were slot machine players, so it makes sense that Bluberi would try to become more involved in this burgeoning market. 

The value of the betting industry stood at around $12.5 billion (USD) two years ago, but these companies must understand how casino guests play and what type of machines can be developed to suit their preferences.

It’s a particularly resilient market that wasn’t greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, which is why online play is so important. 

However, Bluberi has recognized that as the health crisis ended, players are increasingly heading back to casinos in person and have the knowledge and technology to provide sought-after experiences.

As part of Betsquare’s analysis of Canadian casinos and which online platforms offer the best experiences, we assess the machines that are developed by software providers as well. Check out the reviews we’ve conducted, explore our website, and check out the top 10 online casinos in Canada in 2024, where you can get started. 

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