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Lisa Cheban | 3 October, 2022 12:19 | Last update on: 3 october, 2022 12:19

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Gambling is a form of entertainment that is quite risky. That’s why not all countries equally accept it, be it land-based or online casino experience. However, many regions find this industry beneficial for the country’s budget and prefer regulating it to allowing shady platforms and establishments to operate in that area illegally. That’s why our BetSquare team is here to highlight the countries with liberal online gambling laws, including European countries, Australia, and more!


australia gambling

First of all, here in Australia, you find a wide range of land-based casinos, including The Star (Sydney), The Reef Hotel & Casino in Cairns, The Sky City Casino in Adelaide, and Crown Casino Melbourne. As for online gambling, it also takes place in the country, though there are certain restrictions and controversial aspects.

The IGA (Interactive Gambling Act) in 2001 took place to regulate things in the industry. And it’s worth noting that this law is rather strict yet controversial. Offshore online casino sites are considered to be illegal. Yet, there are no any punishment forms when choosing ones and loads of international platforms offer Aussies to play in AUD and receive corresponding casino bonuses.


finland gambling

The next country that boasts attractive online casinos is Finland. The whole industry is regulated by the state-controlled monopoly of Finland. It’s true for both local brick-and-mortar casinos and online gambling. There are 2 regulators to be in charge of this:

  • RAY, Veikkaus Oy, and Fintono Oy
    The local regulator which controls gambling in the region
  • PAF (Aland Province)
    This regulator controls different gambling activities on 6,700+ islands


The rules of the local government are rigid yet efficient since all the operators working in the country are, by all means, safe and have their services top-notch.


usa gambling laws

Here in the USA, gambling is also accepted and regulated. Actually, each state can have its own regulations, allowing or prohibiting the industry. For example, there are state-run lotteries. Yet, more opportunities are provided for the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988. And the land-based operators have the right to launch corresponding online casinos.

They are available for Americans and cover all the gambling needs, including popular games, fast payments, and even some bonuses, though their wagers are much lower than the ones you access in Europe. This way, when you gamble in the USA, you are both protected and entertained a lot.

The Isle of Man

First of all, this area provides its local gambling license. Besides, The Isle of Man is known as one of the safest places to launch a gambling project. It’s perfect for the sites that want to work internationally and provide their services worldwide. The first licence from this regulator was issued in 2001.

Moreover, gambling operators with the corresponding license can operate in the UK since its conditions and demands are commonly strict. It takes quite long for the online casino to get this document, which means that the control is really serious and aimed at the total safety for players.


Another country where you can enjoy casino games is France. Some of the forms are legalized, including sportsbooks, racing, card games, and more. The country has corresponding laws to legalize them, but the problem is that the taxes here are high and many operators keep on working without a license so as not to lose too much money.

As for gamblers, they aren’t affected when playing at a non-licensed gambling casino since the laws don’t prohibit it. The only aspect is to keep in mind that this online gambling casino must be double-checked to have a pure reputation. If so, it’s a good option for French players to gamble.


japan gambling laws

It’s worth noting that many gambling facilities in Japan are banned. For example, the ones organized by Yakuxa, the local criminals. However, legal opportunities also take place, including online gambling. Local events like lotteries and toto are held under the national government’s control.


Casino resorts are based in Osaka, Tokyo, and Yokohama. The Casino Administration Committee in 2020 was also launched to control and supervise local resort operators. And when we are talking about gambling online forms, the industry allows players to reach international online casinos that have currencies, bonuses, and other T&Cs for locals.

United Kingdom (UK)

uk gambling laws

The legislation of the United Kingdom also accepts gambling, and the country also does it best to make it well-regulated. Since 2005, the country has been accepting online poker, bingo, sports betting, and different online games. But the main condition to let these services be provided on the market is a license from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.


According to this license, there are several conditions to be followed:


  • Players need to be 18+ years old
  • Advertisement of gambling sites among locals is prohibited
  • The online gambling operator must provide clear terms
  • The bonuses should have affordable wagering terms


malta gambling laws

As for gambling in Malta, the county is extremely friendly to this business, as well as Gibraltar. The countries both regulate online gambling, providing perfect conditions for launching this business in terms of taxes. Moreover, it was the first of the European countries to regulate gambling online in 2004. The MGA license is aimed at online projects, so this allows both casinos and providers of casino software to obtain the document to work legally.


If you’ve heard about offshore online casinos, then you’ve definitely noticed the Curacao license. It’s so since the country is extremely friendly to those who launch corresponding businesses in the area. Loads of casinos and providers are working directly from here, having a head office in Curacao.


The taxes here are pleasant, while the demands are minimized and such a license can be obtained even online. But be careful since this approach shows that casinos with only a Curacao license are less controlled than the ones with UKGC or MGA certificates


Here in Canada, specific regulations in terms of gambling are absent and the industry doesn’t have laws that prohibit gamblers from accessing such sites. The only essential aspect that is worth noting is the presence of a license to prove that the online gambling project you access is legal.


Besides, it’s worth mentioning Ontario since here, there is a special AGCO license. Here, casinos online are fully legal and players can access slots, table games, bonuses, and more. The only essential aspect is that these casinos can’t promote their bonuses to fight gambling addiction.


So, are you interested in online gambling? If so, you shouldn’t pass the countries we’ve listed here since they are all friendly to online entertainment, including the licenses operators obtain and the games players reach.


Sometimes, the laws of these countries are somewhat different and you just rely on the fact that online gambling isn’t prohibited. But still, this provides enough space for placing bets and enjoying all these opportunities!


What nationality gambles the most?

Statistically, those in the Netherlands gamble the most (87% or 17.28 million adults), and in the UK, over 66.65 million gamble, but it’s only 68% of the population.


What country has the loosest gambling laws?

Probably, it’s Curacao where gambling sites from all over the world can obtain a license remotely. Loads of operators and providers have head offices here.


Which country has the biggest gambling problem?

Today, this country is Australia and the government is doing its best to both organize local helping centers and predict gambling addiction among other players.


Which country has the strictest gambling laws?

Among the countries that accept and regulate gambling, it’s worth highlighting the UK and the USA. They both have local regulators and strict rules in terms of both advertising gambling and providing bonuses for locals.

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