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Tricks to Winning on Slot Machines

Last update: May, 2024

Written by: Lisa Cheban Content writer
Tricks to Winning on Slot Machines

Tricks to Winning on Slot Machines

Playing video slots is a good way to have fun. But we strive to launch the reels not only for it, right? Winning big is a passion of most gamblers who play for real money. And here we are to explain how to master online slots. We’ll explain how these machines work, what parameters are essential, and what features can boost the bankroll. Go on reading to find out how to increase your chances of winning big!

How Slot Machines Work: Technical Parameters to Consider

To understand how to master online slots, it’s important to understand how these machines work in general. And we’ll describe the features online titles have, as well as the guide on how to play them. So, how to play slots for real money, what features they have, and how to hunt for a big win?

What Slot Machines Look Like

When you see an online casino slot, it’s not the same machine you used to see in real life, though most of the functions are similar. Here, everything is much easier to understand. That’s what online slots look like and how to play slot machines for real money

  • Each casino slot has a certain amount of reels. They spin with each new round and display symbols on their surface. The amount of symbols varies, so the layout also changes. The most common slot grid is 5×3, though you can find 3×3, 6×3, 5×5, 7×7, and other types.
  • The buttons that are usually below the reels allow players to modify the bet. Sometimes you can determine only the total slot bet, and in some cases, the coin value can also be modified.
  • The round button to start the game is usually located on the right or at the bottom. Plus, there is usually an additional similar button to launch the range of autospins.
  • The ‘i’ button displays the menu where you can find basic information about the title and find out about both the bonuses and the ways to trigger them.

RNG, RTP, and Volatility

These are the basic parameters that determine the most crucial things about the game. Each of these terms is responsible for certain ‘behavior’ of the title, so it’s a good idea to get familiar with each.

RNG It’s a Random Number Generator that ensures random results of the games. It means that neither casino operators nor gamblers can influence the results, and it’s fair. It’s your guarantee that the games won’t be rigged: only honest results and random big prizes. The software of the famous suppliers has various certificates from digital laboratories to prove that this parameter is corresponding.
RTP The Return to Player percentage shows how big the amount of money the title pays back to players is. Usually, it’s over 95% and if it’s higher, it’s better. Of course, it doesn’t mean that when you start playing on a slot machine with high RTP, you immediately start winning much money, so you can be lucky enough to win even on a 90% RTP title. But if this percentage is high, your chances of winning are also higher.
Volatility And this characteristic determines the frequency and the size of winnings. If it is high, it means that the risk is also high. These penny slots pay rarely, but the payouts are always massive. While the games with low volatility pay out more frequently, and the awards aren’t that huge.

And here’s a short example to explain how the RTP of slot machines works.


If a game has a 96,1% RTP (eg. Midas Golden Touch from Thunderkick), it means that this amount will be paid back to gamblers, while the rest, 3,9%, will be paid to the operator. If the stake is 100 coins, only 96,1 coins will be paid back. But not to only one player, and not at once. It all depends on the volatility and the number of players who place stakes.


The slot machines you find at online casinos have another parameter that is quite essential. To win at slots, gamblers should get certain combinations of the symbols that are located on paylines. Sometimes you can vary their amount, while in other cases their number can be fixed. Players can meet online slots with 5, 10, 25, 243 lines, or Megaways online casino games where there are hundreds of ways to win. When you vary the amount, be aware that with a fewer number of betways, the stake is lower, but the chance of winning also decreases.

Bet and Max Win

We’ve already mentioned that the stake can be determined by players according to their preferences and the length of the slot machine session. The minimum bet is important for those who don’t want to take risks and are only looking toward getting acquainted with the game. While the maximum bet is considered by high rollers who are sure that it’s easier to win a jackpot when the stakes are high. Don’t worry: it doesn’t influence the odds of winning. But as online slots have limits as for max win, for example, 7,500x on the Scroll of Dead slot from Play’n Go, the higher the stake is, the bigger the prize becomes. Though the risks are also higher: if a small bet doesn’t work, it’s not as essential as when you lose a bigger amount.

Bonus Features of Video Slots

This is one of the most attractive parts of playing slots. When you get familiar with bonus features, you can’t afford to lose: the options are really profitable. All right, get ready to meet the bonus features of slots online explained and with the details!

Special Symbols

If you want to play with profit, these symbols will be your best friends. Mostly, they are Wilds and Scatters. But sometimes there can be additional bonus symbols either. They have various features and each of them increases your chance of winning.



  • Wilds substitute for the missing symbols to form a winning combination. They can be sticky and can increase to cover the entire reel.
  • Scatters pay from any position and on most slots, they can trigger Free Spins when they appear 3+ times.
  • Other bonus symbols can trigger loads of additional bonus games, fill the bonus meter (eg. the meter of rage on the Vikings Go Berzerk slot from Yggdrasil), destroy low-paying symbols, etc.

Free Spins

When you not only want to play slot games but also desire to win at slots to withdraw real money, it’s your chance to make your odds of winning as high as possible. This option is available on most of the online slots and is working this way.


  1. 3+ Scatters or any other bonus symbols/action trigger the feature.
  2. It is played at the stake that was available during the last spin.
  3. During the game, slots online can feature additional multipliers.
  4. Sometimes, there can be a wheel of fortune that determines the number of spins and the multiplier.
  5. On some slots, each new Scatter adds +1 FS. And 3 Scatters during the bonus level can retrigger it.


Additionally, some titles have a Bonus Buy feature (eg. Legion Hot 1 from Yggdrasil). Due to it, players can pay a certain amount (some 50-90x bet per spin) to trigger an additional feature and try to win more.

Gamble Feature

This feature is easy to understand and is really risky: you double the winning or lose everything. And isn’t it a chance to win big money at an online casino? On some slots, you are offered to gamble after each winning. There are several variations of the game: you have to guess the colour of the suit (2x bet) or the suit (4x bet) of the next dealer’s card. Sometimes you have to pick a card that will be higher than the dealer’s.

Pick an Item Round

The entertainment value depends on how much you can win at an online casino, right? And this feature gives you another chance to do it. When the bonus round of this kind is launched, you have to pick the items, for example, chests, and if they have cash prizes, you win and go on playing. While some chests can be empty that leads to losses.


Is there anyone who isn’t going to hunt for a progressive jackpot? Or at least the fixed jackpot the slot online has. The first type offers a huge amount to win and it depends on the number of stakes other players place. While a fixed jackpot can’t be higher than the limits of a certain title. At any rate, progressive jackpots on the progressive slots are a good way to win big. The games that have a jackpot feature usually have special symbols that trigger the jackpot level. In most cases, you turn the coins to find out whether your prize will be Mini, Midi, Major, or Grand.

Other Bonus Options

Besides progressive slots and Free Spins, you can meet some more rounds. Some games have expanding reels or the whole grid, while other feature presents for collecting certain symbols (eg. fruits for a fruit cocktail). Plus, some slots online have upgrading bonus features: the more you win, the better the awards of the other additional games are. Isn’t playing slots at online casinos a pleasure with all these options?

How to Choose the Right Slot Machine

Choosing the right game is your way to play slots with pleasure. There are thousands of slots online on the iGaming market, and here we are to help you select the best slot machines for playing online!

Providers: Who Develops the Games

There are loads of brands that work in the casino industry. The most famous names you can meet are NetEnt, Microgaming, Push Gaming, Play’n Go, Yggdrasil, Playtech, and dozens of others. When you select a game from a reliable supplier, you can be sure that it will bring you good emotions and amazing amounts to win at slots. All these brands have certain certificates to prove that the games are tested and have no misses. They are GLI, eCOGRA, etc

Types of Slots: Which One to Pick?

You should keep in mind that slot machines vary and their features can also be different. This fact also influences the potential payout. In general, slots can be divided into the following types:


  • 3-reel slot machines;
  • 5-reel slots;
  • Megaways;
  • classic old-school slots;
  • progressive slot machines;
  • other types.

The Stake You Can Afford

The bet range of video slots should satisfy your needs. If a slot has the betting range that you are happy with, that’s great. Whether you prefer low stakes or really high bets per spin.

The Design and the Theme

Paying attention to the design when playing slots at online casinos is also a good tip of advice. The thing is that the themes of slots are really different, so you can pick the ones that suit you the best. Of course, it doesn’t influence the outcome and won’t let you win more. But why not make the game more attractive? The popular themes of slot machines at online casinos are:


  • slot machines with fruits;
  • Ancient Egypt;
  • Vikings slots;
  • Gods of various mythologies;
  • adventures;
  • Aztec people slot machines;
  • cartoon characters;
  • loads of others.

Technical Features You Are Comfortable with

We’ve already mentioned the technical features that are available on online slots: RTP (Return to Player), volatility, progressive jackpots, and others. When you take advantage of all these options, your odds to win real money at online casinos are much higher. Use these tricks when choosing slots and increase your chances!

Popular Slot Machines: What Titles to Launch

Even when you know everything about the technical characteristics of a slot, it’s still easier to select a title when you know several names of the most outstanding ones. And here comes the list of slot titles that casinos find outstanding.


The Starburst slot from NetEnt is a title about the space and the shapes that form winning combinations. Ten paylines pay both ways, while Wilds can expand or provide re-spins.


The Hell Hot 100 slot from Endorphina is another popular slot casinos represent. It features 100 betways, a 5×4 layout, and a gamble option.


The Book of Rebirth slot from Spinomenal has a max win limit of 5 000x. It also has 10 FS and a Buy Feature option.


The King of Cats slot from Big Time Gaming has a huge max win limit: up to 56 620x. It has 117 649 ways to win, so your strategy is to benefit the most from them.


The Book of Dead slot from Play’n Go has a 94,25% RTP, high volatility, 10 betways, and 10 FS as a special addition.


As you can see, each slot here boasts of interesting features and unique themes to entertain gamblers.

Working Tricks to Win at Slots

That’s our main goal: to explain to players the winning strategy to make casino games work for you to provide the best odds on any slot machine you select. Here come the tips that can help you win at slots: get ready to win big!


Learning the rules Start playing on slot machines, the requirements of which are clear. You have to know exactly what bet is available, what symbols trigger Free Spins, how much you get for certain combinations, and other tricks of this sort.
Playing responsibly Remember that casino games are always about taking risks. That’s why you shouldn’t forget about the limit of funds you are ready to spend on the slot and the time session you determine beforehand. Stop playing when you see that the bankroll you’ve prepared is spent or the gaming session you’ve planned is over.
Enjoy Free Spins When a game has additional features like a jackpot or Free Spins, it’s your chance to benefit from a slot machine as much as possible. So one of the most valuable tips is to select a game with all those life-changing options.
RTP & volatility The RTP (Return to Player) is a payout percentage that shows how generous the title is. If you pick video slots that pay a lot, your winning amount can be really impressive. And the volatility you pick depends only on your preferences.
Payout limit The maximum limit slot machines pay is also essential. Select the games where this payout is really big. For example, the Fortune Craft slot machine of 2021 from Belatra has a 50 000x maximum to win.
Test casino games for free Among the best tricks to understand that casino games are profitable, there is one that you can use. Take advantage of free slot games on a demo mode to try out the game, develop the slots strategy, and hunt for a real money big win then.

Strategies of Winning at Slots Online: Yes or No?

You should keep in mind that any slot machine is working according to the RNG that provides random outcomes. It means that, unlike table games, slot machines don’t accept a strategy to win. There are no tricks to cheat or follow a certain guide to multiply the stakes. It’s all up to a matter of chance.


But don’t worry, still, certain tricks can help. They won’t work as tricks to increase your limit to win or odds, but these tricks help players to develop the betting slots strategy systems during the long betting sessions.


  1. The Martingale betting system.
    According to it, players have to double the wager after every stake that didn’t work. This way, the strategy allows compensating for the amount players lose.
  2. The Zig Zag betting system.
    It’s a system that offers to increase the bet as soon as the reels start showing the winning symbols in a zig-zag pattern. But the thing is that this approach is hardly ever working as the symbols are located on the screen randomly.
  3. The Straight 60 Slots System.
    It has a quite easy-to-understand premise: when you win or lose 60% of your bankroll, it’s time to stop.
  4. The Same Game Until the Jackpot.
    This approach is for the most patient players who have big goals. The session can be pretty long, while the bankroll also must be impressive. And remember that it’s always a good idea to stop when you see that your limit is over.


And if you are searching for some more tips, here’s another one. You don’t have to stop on slot machines only. There are numerous other casino games that lead you to win money.


For example, video poker where you make a spin and collect the winning poker hands. Or other table games, such as baccarat and blackjack.


Any slot machine can become your guide into the world of riches and luxury. And as we understand that it’s not that easy to select a slot machine and, more importantly, to start playing casino games like a pro, we provide certain tips.


Due to these tips, gamblers find out that the slot machine they select must have a high RTP, Free Spin options, additional games, a jackpot feature, and other options to win real money at casinos. We also advise not to look for a slot machine strategy as your winning odds can’t be influenced by any of them. What you can do is select the right slot machine, benefit from additional options, and play responsibly. What about making your lucky spin to win real money?

FAQ About Winning on Slots

Playing casino games for real money is a straightforward case, and tips for winning on a slot machine you choose are always useful. And here comes the FAQ list to make your casino experience pure and help your odds on slots increase.

What is an online slot machine?

An online casino slot machine is a type of software that is launched on any device with access to the Internet and provides players with both real money stakes and winnings, including the jackpot.

How to pick a game to launch?

Choosing a good slot machine isn’t that difficult. At first, you have to pay attention to the general characteristics that slots have: RTP, variance, number of paylines. Then, it’s important to find out about the additional features and the potential max win.

How to play on slots for free?

Any slot games that casinos have are available for free. It’s a demo mode that casinos provide to let gamblers get familiar with slots and their features. After that, you can start playing for real money.

What technical features should be considered by players?

No secret, slot machines are packed with numerous additional features, as well as with the standard technical parameters. All of them should be kept in mind: the limit of the stakes, the number of available Free Spins, the limit to win, etc.

What additional features do slots have?

Any slot machine has special symbols (Wilds and Scatters), additional games, Free Spins, options when low-paying symbols disappear, meters that trigger various features when being full, and so on.

How to win big when playing slot machines?

Casino slots can provide both low and high winnings. If you are hunting for the most valuable awards, you should select slots with great technical parameters and place high stakes.

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