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Play’n GO Releases Spellbinding Moon Princes Trinity

Last update: May, 2024

Written by: Lisa Cheban Content writer
Play’n GO Releases Spellbinding Moon Princes Trinity

On March 16, 2023, Play’n GO, an industry powerhouse in creating online slots, announced the debut of Moon Princes Trinity. The narrative of this brand-new slot machine follows the story of three adorable princess protagonists, including Love, Star, and Storm, who produce impressive wins in this classic anime-themed title.

But Moon Princes Trinity isn’t just any other anime-themed slot machine. The magic happens on 5×5 board with a cluster pays system. This means matching symbols disappear to secure even bigger wins on a lucky day.

Players must collect at least three matching icons on the grid to form a win in this slot. Note that the wins can be created either horizontally or vertically. Players can also activate the Clear the Grid, similar to the first Moon Princess installment of 2017. A 50x multiplier awaits players who clear the grid during the base game mode.

Meanwhile, the win multiplier is initially set to 1x. Each time a player rids the grid of all the symbols, the win multiplier goes up by one. The game packs up to five potential highlights in the base game to show its true feminine power. The three cuties on Moon Princess Trinity aren’t just mere displays.

Princess Love will start by transforming some higher-paying and some lower-paying Bell, Heart, Star, or Circle symbols into selected icons to maximize the player’s winnings. The Princess Star can also appear and randomly place 1 or 2 Wild symbols on the grid to improve the likelihood that a player will receive a high-paying multiplier.

As if that’s not enough, Princess Storm can appear and substitute two low-paying symbols on the reels with high-paying symbols or Wilds. This allows the player to experience the princess’s lunar power effects.

Another rewarding feature of this slot machine is the Trinity. Once activated, the trio’s combo ability is activated by filling the on-screen meter with premium symbols. In addition, there is one free round where three Princess skills are used sequentially. The multiplier does not reset once a player clears the grid, meaning wins continue to be added until players get a potentially significant payout.

Commenting on Moon Princess Trinity, George Olekszy, Head of Game Retention at Play’n GO, said: “We’re proud to announce that the Moon Princess series is back. Moon Princess Trinity is great because it captures the essence of the original game, as well as innovating with four excellent new features. This includes a unique ability for each princess and a 50x Clear the Grid prize – wrapping everything up into a neat, anime-inspired bow.”

This anime title is the fourth installment of the Moon Princess story. Last year, Play’n GO released Moon Princess 100, and Moon Princess: Christmas Kingdom in 2021.

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