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Australia Asks Internet Service Providers to Block 3 More Gambling Sites

Last update: May, 2024

Written by: Lisa Cheban Content writer
Australia Asks Internet Service Providers to Block 3 More Gambling Sites

The ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) has intensive its crackdown on illegal gambling sites in the country found violating The Interactive Gaming Act of 2001. This is after the body asked local internet service providers to block three more offshore gambling sites.

After thorough investigations, the ACMA found that Vave, Highway Casino, and Online Casinos Australia operated illegally, breaking the Interactive Gaming Act of 2001. According to the Authority, blocking illegal offshore websites is just one of the many enforcement tactics used to protect Australians from unlawful online gambling activities.

Australia has already blacklisted over 700 websites providing illicit gaming services and affiliate programs. In November 2019, the ACMA made its first move to blacklist a gambling website, and since then, it has proceeded to grow its list even further.

As a result of this aggressive approach, more than 200 unlawful gambling providers have voluntarily left the Australian market.

There has been a notable decline in unregulated operators in the country, a reflection of the ACMA’s strict stance on enforcing compliance with gaming legislation and the growing effect of the website-blocking technique. The ACMA stresses the need to raise awareness regarding the dangers of playing on illegal gambling sites.

The Authority cautions Australians against gaming sites that may attempt to look legitimate when they lack the essential customer protection protocols. It says that Australians who use these services risk suffering from financial losses, and they should proceed cautiously. The ACMA advises all persons looking to gamble online to visit its register, which lists all licensed operators in Australia.

This site offers a clear list of legal operators in the country, enabling online gamblers to engage with reputable and regulated gambling platforms. The ACMA says its main objective is to make the industry safer for Australians looking to engage in legal gaming activities online but may fall prey to illegal gaming sites. It plans to achieve this by working with ISPs and closely monitoring illicit gaming activities.

In March 2023, the ACMA published a report (Snapshot of Social Casinos) that offered insights into consumer behaviors and market trends for this expanding jurisdiction. According to the research, Australia was among the top five consumer-spending markets in the first half of 2022.

The report also revealed the widespread social casinos offering online casino-style games where players don’t win real money payouts. Instead, players use real money to make in-game purchases even though they can download and play them for free. The report says these games will generate 5% more revenues globally by 2025.

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