Mastercard Casinos in Canada

Mastercard is a payment solution that’s been around for decades – one of the first truly safe credit cards chosen for ease of payment, safety, and prestige since the 1950s. This is why choosing it as a method of payment and withdrawal while gambling at online casinos in Canada is a great way to keep your money safe and your budget on track.

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Mastercard Payment Method

Let’s take a look at the brief history of Mastercard, some great facts to be aware of when it comes to Mastercard casinos in Canada, and answer some questions you might have about the best Mastercard online casinos.

All of the recommended online casinos on our website are carefully selected on the following criteria:

  • Return to player percentage
  • Fast payouts
  • Gambling licenses
  • Customer service & Reliability

The Best Mastercard Online Casinos Canada - March 2023

1. Neospin

$10.000 Bonus + 100 Free Spins
20% Cashback

  • Rated with 5 / 5
  • Live casino
  • Premium cashback
  • Fast payouts
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2. Luckzie

$4500 Bonus

  • Rated with 4,9 / 5
  • Easy registration
  • Fast payouts
  • Free spins
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3. Golden Crown

$10.000 Bonus + 100 Free Spins

  • Rated with 4,9 / 5
  • Easy registration
  • Free spins
  • Lightspeed payouts
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4. Playzilla

$1500 Bonus + 500 Free Spins

  • Rated with 4,8 / 5
  • Live casino
  • Fast payouts
  • Free Spins
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5. Dazard

$7500 Bonus + 100 Free Spins

  • Rated with 4,8 / 5
  • Live casino
  • Easy registration
  • Fast payouts
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6. SlotsPalace

$1500 Bonus

  • Rated with 4,7 / 5
  • Lightspeed withdrawals
  • Easy registration
  • Live casino
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7. WildFortune

$500 Bonus + 100 Free Spins

  • Rated with 4,7 / 5
  • Live casino
  • Cash spins
  • Easy registration
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8. 13bets

$600 Bonus + 325 Free Spins
20% Cashback

  • Rated with 4,6 / 5
  • Easy registration
  • 1 hour withdrawal time
  • Free spins
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9. Fastpay Casino

$100 Bonus + 100 Free Spins

  • Rated with 4,6 / 5
  • Live casino
  • Free spins
  • Several Minutes Payouts
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10. Wazamba

$2100 Bonus + 150 Free Spins

  • Rated with 4,5 / 5
  • Live Casino
  • Fast payouts
  • Free spins
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Some Mastercard Info - How Did It Become One of the Best Payment Choices?

If you read our Visa page, you’ll probably remember that Mastercard was trying to catch up to the Bank of America and their Americard credit card. The market was ripe for a convenient credit card that canvassed all businesses.

Until now, people were used to running up credit at every store they went to. For example, your great-great-grandma would go to the butcher and buy some beef. She would buy it with credit from that store – she would have a special card from the butcher shop, or her name would be written down by the seller. Same for every other store she would visit. At the end of the month, she’d pay her balance separately at each store.

Sound like a hassle? And an impossibility in today’s world. While Visa experimented in California to see if their system would work and managed to keep their profits hidden until the mid-1960s, Mastercard (or Master Charge) was a product of a few California banks joining their ranks to create a new card and become a serious competitor to Visa.

At first, credit card transactions had to be approved by phone – but later in the 1970s, Mastercard already introduced their first centralized computer system to manage transactions and added a magnetic stripe to their cards. As you can see, they have more experience in this than most players in the financial market.

Mastercard in Canada

In 1970s Canada, the only known credit card was the Visa – or Bankamericard (known as Chargex in Canada). Master Charge became the Bank of Montreal’s preferred charge card in 1973, and things took off from there. In four years, there were 8.2 million credit cards in Canada.

By the time online payments became the norm, so did Mastercard casinos. Casinos often follow where innovation leads them, and they couldn’t afford to pass up the chance to include Mastercard as one of their payment and withdrawal options.

Obtaining a Mastercard in Canada

Today, a lot of people were given pre-paid cards when still in high school. This is a great practice to keep track of your money, payments, and budget – a great tool for kids and teenagers to learn about responsible finances and budgeting. A lot easier than writing everything down on the back of a chequebook! We don’t miss those times.

There are several different ways to get a Mastercard in Canada – some of them are full process, and you have to go through your bank. But some ways are much easier than others. Take a look!

This is a full list of Mastercard issuers in Canada:

  • ATB Financial
  • Bank of China (Canada)
  • BMO Bank of Montreal
  • Brim Financial
  • Canadian Tire Bank
  • Capital One
  • CIBC
  • Collabria Financial Services Inc.
  • Desjardins
  • HSBC Bank Canada
  • MBNA
  • National Bank of Canada
  • President’s Choice Financial
  • RBC Royal Bank
  • Rogers Bank
  • Scotiabank
  • Servus Credit Union
  • Tangerine
  • Walmart Canada Bank

As you can see, there are many choices. All of these institutions provide Mastercard debit cards, so if you bank with them, you’re sure to get a Mastercard debit card or apply for a Mastercard credit card.

Remember that a Mastercard isn’t the same at every institution. There are some banks that give you better perks when you use their Mastercard. For example, this year, the best perks are:

  • Travel insurance (car rental, flight delay)
  • Lounge access at airports
  • Trip cancellation
  • Travel emergency medical
  • Cashback offers
  • Point rewards

Before going to a bank, see if the rewards are right for you!

Mastercard Gift Cards and Prepaid cards

If you’re looking for some freedom from banks and institutions or want a separate money pool to gamble from – that’s also possible with Mastercard.

A gift card or a pre-charged card is a perfect gift for someone because they can spend your gift money wherever they want – be it for grocery shopping, travel, or casino playtime.

In Canada, you can even get it at any Canada Post Office without providing any personal information like credit history or banking records. What’s best is that they have their own perks as well! Some of the best-pre-paid cards in Canada include:

  • KOHO Mastercard – A pre-paid card that offers joint family apps and budget learning tools and is basically as convenient as a ‘normal’ credit card but without all the extra charges and interest. What’s best is that it contains a savings account too! It’s perfect to use at online casinos.
  • BMO Prepaid Travel Mastercard – Best for travellers with unauthorized use protection. It’s safer than carrying cash on your travels!

If you’re thinking of this hassle-free option for your casino dealings, then make sure you research which perks are best for you – you’ll get fun discounts for travel or other services while you enjoy your online casino time! So really, you win no matter what.

Mastercard Online Casino Transition Guide

If it’s your first time at a casino or your first time trying to pay with your new Mastercard, then we’ve got you covered – give these easy instructions a quick read. But don’t worry because this is all so intuitive that you’ll get the hang of it in no time. Just try it!

Mastercard Online Casino Deposits  

Welcome, Mastercard holder! Let’s make a deposit at your casino – and make sure to watch all the extra deposit bonus points roll into your casino wallet!

How to deposit money with Mastercard:

  1. Go to the casino of your choice and log in
  2. Go to the deposit page, choose “Mastercard” from the deposit options and pick an amount you’d like to deposit. Make sure to pay attention to the casino’s minimum deposit guidelines
  3. Provide Mastercard details
  4. Confirm the transaction in the system. It should take a few seconds for the funds to be transferred into your casino wallet
  5. Make sure you get your bonus points! If this is your first Mastercard deposit, you get a first deposit bonus – it’s a lot more generous than a simple top-up bonus! Get ready for some gaming fun!

Casino Mastercard Withdrawals

When signing on at a casino, keep in mind that their withdrawal/deposit payment methods might differ. And no, not just between different casinos, but a method that a single casino uses to deposit money might not work when you’re trying to make a withdrawal.

There, we said it! But having said that, you’re less likely to hit a hiccup with Visa, like with so many eWallets that can be used for deposits but not for withdrawals. This is yet another perk of using a major credit card to manage your gambling transactions across the board. Casino Mastercard withdrawals are very easy, and all of the best online casinos accept this method.

Here is what you do when you want to withdraw in a few easy steps: 

  1. Log in, same as before. Head over to the payments section.
  2. Select the “withdrawal” option.
  3. Make sure your card details are saved in the system – if not, you might have to enter them again.
  4. Choose the amount you want to withdraw – also, pay attention to the limits imposed by the casino.
  5. Confirm the transaction and wait for the withdrawn money to be deposited into your account.
  6. Note that casinos usually take a few days to deposit, depending on your payment method. There usually are no same-day withdrawals. Check with your casino for exact withdrawal times. One of the cons of making a major credit card your withdrawal option is that they tend to take longer than Neteller or PayPal. But don’t worry – you can usually connect your Mastercard to your PayPal account too, and use them both.

Benefits of Mastercard Payment Method for Canadian Casino Players

Using Mastercard to pay for your online casino transactions in Canada is a tested and proven method to get your transitions processed safely and without any mistakes. Mastercard keeps your data safe, and your transactions are protected when dealing with third parties – whether it’s an online store, a service, or an online casino.

Your transactions are handled safely in a Canadian casino or at any overseas casino that you prefer to play at. And let’s face it – the most amazing casinos in the world today are international.
When you pick a Mastercard that offers benefits to match your interests, you earn extra bonus points in your plan when you use your card as a payment method at a casino. It can be travel miles, travel perks like insurance or free services, or points at gas stations and the like.

One of the possible downsides might be the slightly longer processing times – but it saves you the hassle of dealing with PayPal. You can’t use PayPal at any store like you can with a Mastercard, so for a lot of us, the money is stuck in “limbo” until you transfer it somewhere else anyway. Mastercard is a more direct way of getting money to you that’s usable immediately.

Another possible downside depends on your bank and which card you’re using. Some cards might have processing fees, and although they’re never very high, it all adds up in the end. It’s always best to check with the card issuer for any service fee rates so you’re not surprised later!

Pros & Cons: Mastercard in Gambling

Pros and Cons illustration
Pros Cons
This payment method has been proven by years Withdrawals are long and take up to several banking days
Plastic cards are massively used in daily life Payments may be associated with fees on the bank’s side
Both deposits and withdrawals are available
All bonuses are compatible with MasterCard
Most of online casinos in Canada accept MasterCard


Mastercard has been around since the last century and has developed solutions that are innovative and, most of all – safe.

Their financial network is huge, and when using the Mastercard casino of your choice, you can be sure that the money you win and transfer onto your Mastercard is safe and, most importantly – immediately usable anywhere that accepts a Mastercard credit card. Which is to say – pretty much everywhere. Even street vendors take major credit cards these days, so it’s probably the most popular choice aside from cash – and it’s quickly getting to be the number one choice, as cash is getting rejected in favour of the more convenient and safe credit cards.

Being able to connect them through your mobile devices such as phones, smartwatches, and other accessories made this phenomenon even more prevalent – because of how little it takes to hook up your devices to a bank account or a charge card.

Our final word of advice is to use your Mastercard at any casino you wish – you won’t be disappointed, especially since pretty much most online casinos in Canada accept Mastercard deposits and withdrawals.

If you’re looking for a perfect way to budget your gambling and not go overboard, a prepaid Mastercard is ideal for you. Not to mention that if you have friends that want to gamble, gifting them a Mastercard gift card is an ideal gift because they’ll be able to use it at Mastercard casinos indefinitely, as long as they keep on topping it up with funds from wins, or outside money.
We hope this was a helpful article, and if you still have questions, take a look at our FAQ section below.

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Do Casinos give out bonuses for Mastercard payments?

You can get any sort of bonus the casino offers when you pay with your Mastercard – there are signing-on bonuses and bonuses for when you make any deposit (if you care about those, you can search casinos listed at Betsquare for the ones that offer the most generous bonuses for topping up your account and for signing on in the first place). If you join higher tiers of membership at an online Mastercard casino, you can enjoy better perks for premium members.

How do I find the best online casinos that accept Mastercard?

Take a look at our reviews and ratings – we’ve put a lot of work into isolating and describing the best available Mastercard casinos. We rate them in terms of safety, bonuses, and other important criteria for your convenience.

Can I use only one Mastercard for all my casino transactions?

Yes, a lot of people find it convenient and more manageable to have one card dedicated to their sports betting and gambling playtime. It’s a lot easier to keep track of your wins, stats as well as losses when you have a separate pool of money used for this purpose. We highly recommend it!

Do all Canadian online casinos accept Mastercard?

Yes, and we could not find a casino that didn’t accept Mastercards in Canada. Canadian casinos have been around for a long time, and they know how to please their customers.

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