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Lisa Cheban | 6 October, 2022 12:14 | Last update on: 6 October, 2022 12:14

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Playing casino games is real fun. But when these games are for real money, gamblers need to be attentive and responsible since they always take risks when placing bets. And though various rules can’t give you a winning strategy, they can provide you with a safe gambling experience where you control your stakes and spending with no addictions of any kind.

When the basic rules aren’t followed, players may face certain gambling problems, which causes problems with money and uncontrolled spendings. The same is with underage gambling that is prohibited and controlled by operators via obligatory verifications.


So, what is responsible gambling and how to make sure that your real money games are safe? Here you are to learn these details with BetSquare!

Responsible Gambling: Why It’s Important

When you are playing on the sites of gambling operators for real money, this means that you take certain risks by spending real money. And it’s up to you to determine how much you are ready to spend and how often to gamble. That’s known as bankroll management and it’s important to follow your plan and not spend more than you were going to.

Players who don’t follow these rules can face a gambling addiction. Due to this problem, it’s hard to stop on time. Besides, players can make additional deposits, spending the money they weren’t ready to lose, including loans. This causes more serious financial problems, as well as mental problems like depression.

For these reasons, responsible gaming is extremely important. When you control your games and spending, you know how to stop in time and enjoy online casinos, withdrawing winnings when possible and doing it for fun rather than with a goal to earn real money.

Casino Tools for Responsible Gambling

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Decent gambling operators who take care of their customers make sure that their sites are equipped with all the necessary tools to provide conditions for safe gambling. Here are the most common ones:


  • Self-exclusion option that allows players who want to stop gambling for a while to freeze their accounts
  • Different timers (eg. reality check) to let gamblers know how long they’ve been playing
  • Links on organizations for players who faced gambling problems (eg. GamStop)
  • Separate responsible gambling page with tips and questions to find out whether a player has faced an addiction


You can ask the support manager whether the casino site features such options. Plus, you can surf the site yourself to find out these details.

Tips to Avoid Gambling Addiction

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It’s great when you take precautionary measures and never face gambling problems. And to help you maintain this, we’ve prepared several responsible gaming tips to help you avoid the addiction and enjoy safe games:


  • Plan your bankroll before the games and make sure that it won’t be a problem if you lose this amount (eg. it’s not all your money)
  • Don’t combine gambling with drinking alcohol as you need to control yourself when dealing with real money
  • If you lose, don’t worry and don’t try to get this amount back by placing new stakes
  • Never borrow money to place a bet and gamble


In other words, you always need to remember about risks and understand that gambling is always random, so you can win real money, but it’s not a method to get income.

Ways to Find Out Whether You Are Gambling Addicted

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When you know that you have gambling problems, it’s easier to overcome this difficulty. That’s why it’s essential to always pay attention to the red flags which are signals that it’s time to stop or change the gambling models. Below, you find the questions that will show whether you need to take responsible gaming more seriously:


  1. Do you gamble more than an hour per day?
  2. Do you devote more than 2 to 3 days per week to gambling?
  3. Are you too angry when you lose?
  4. Do you continue depositing and playing when you’ve lost your bankroll?
  5. Can you borrow money to gamble?
  6. Do you tell a lie trying to hide your gambling activity?
  7. Can you gamble when drinking alcohol?


If the answers to most of them are ‘yes’, then it’s necessary to stop gambling for a while. You can use the tools like self-exclusion we’ve described on this page. And if the problem is too serious, don’t hesitate to consult a professional.

How can a Gambling Company Stay Responsible?

What is responsible gambling? In fact, this question should be asked not only players but also operators and those who promote online casino games. So gambling operators provide corresponding tools and warn players that they are responsible for the risks they take when depositing and placing real bets.


Besides, operators are doing their best to predict underage gambling. This way, verification is a necessary step to withdraw funds, and during this process, players prove that they are 18+ (or more, depending on the legal age determined by the country).


On our site, we also follow the responsible gambling rules and always advise our readers to play carefully. In addition, we warn our players that gambling is, first of all, for fun and no game, even the one with the highest RTP, will be able to guarantee that you win by all means.


Unfortunately, gambling addiction really exists and it’s a problem gamblers face when spending too much money and devoting too much time to casino games. That’s why responsible gambling rules exist and operators are doing their best to warn players and let them save their money.


What is responsible gambling? It controls everything, including information privacy, safety measures against criminal activities, online payment protection, protection of vulnerable gamblers, protection of underage gambling, creation of a secure online environment, and more.


As a result, when operators are serious about the conditions they provide and players follow responsible gaming tips, hacking attempts and other problems can be avoided, while the games will be designed for entertainment and unexpected wins!


What responsible gambling means to you?

You need to understand that it’s a range of rules to make your overall experience safe. It’s the feeling when you control the situation and can be sure that no outcome will get you upset.

What is the meaning of responsible gaming?

Responsible gaming is a set of rules that allows players to control their casino games, spendings, and gambling behavior in general.

What is the responsible gambling team?

It can be a team of experts or a responsible gambling organization providing gamblers with help to predict or overcome the addiction.

Why do they say gamble responsibly?

Because real money bets are always connected with risks. And when you don’t play responsibly, this can cause problems with self-control.

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