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Betsoft Gaming is Going to the Outer Space

Last update: May, 2024

Written by: Lisa Cheban Content writer
Betsoft Gaming is Going to the Outer Space

Betsoft Gaming, a famous slots supplier, has announced a crash gaming experience to keep players on the edge of their seats with Triple Cash or Crash. This crash-style game is the latest addition to the company’s award-winning content catalogue, promising gamers a thrilling social experience. Players can return with the life-changing 100,000x top prize in the nail-biting space adventure.

To help fulfil your mission in Triple Cash or Crash, you’ll meet three astronauts whose mission will begin after making a wager. Their main objective is to propel the spaceship into the universe as far as possible, increasing the nanosecond multipliers. Players must eject the astronauts from the spaceship right before it explodes.

How far this exciting and rewarding mission can get depends solely on your intuition, strategy, and luck. Remember, the multipliers and winnings keep increasing with greater heights, although the risk also rises. If you’re slow to press the “Eject” button, the rocket will burst, sending you back to Earth to try again.

In the meantime, you can join the “Game Room,” where active players are displayed when several players are in the same Room. Your win will appear alongside the eject spot when you successfully eject an astronaut from the spaceship. The screen’s bottom side will also display each Room’s statistics for each round. Players may also create unique strategies using a vertical indicator of the current Multiplier attained, heightening the intensity.

Excitingly, all participants in the same Game Room share the same crash point. Note that only 30 players can be in the same Room. However, Triple Cash or Crash offers limitless opportunities because once a room is full, another one will open up. Your fate in this social game is entirely in your hands as you can select the betting levels and when to cash out using the built-in Control Panel. Players can cash out automatically using Auto-pay Out or at their discretion.

A possibly unique feature is this game is the ability to wager on and eject each astronaut independently. This deceptively simple and high volatility slot adds a new wow element to gaming with the opportunity to spread the risks and win the astounding 100,000x prize.

Commenting on the game’s launch, Anastasia Bauer, Betsoft Gaming’s Head of Account Management, said: “Triple Cash or Crash is a hugely engaging game. It brings novelty and excitement to players whilst putting them in control of the action. Complete with our signature, high impact graphics and the opportunity for some life-changing wins, we are expecting Triple Cash or Crash to be a big success with our clients and players.”

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