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Star Entertainment asks permission to continue gambling operations

Last update: May, 2024

Written by: Lisa Cheban Content writer
Star Entertainment asks permission to continue gambling operations

The Bell report concluded that the Sydney based Star Casino was unsuitable to keep its gambling license. According to the report, The Star casino was not following the rules regarding responsible gaming and anti-laundering regulations. Therefore, the report concluded that the Star was unsuitable to retain the casino license from the New South Wales territory.

In response to this report, The Star Sydney acknowledges the fact that the Star Entertainment group seriously failed regarding the illegal use of China UnionPay bankcards to fund gambling practices by Chinese tourists. According to the Star it has already taken the necessary steps to prevent such mistakes in the future. These steps that should prevent future failures include “increased risk, compliance and security staff, approval of upgrades to surveillance technology as well as permanently exiting junkets and closing the Marquee nightclub.”. These Junkets, where Chinese tourists traveled to Casinos in Australia, were one of the reasons that The Star became under investigation. These Chinese gamblers mostly played Baccarat.

Besides that, it presented a remediation plan that should help the company proving in the coming years that it is responsible enough to hold a casino license. SEO Ben Heap about the Bell Report: “We intend to do whatever is necessary, in consultation with NICC, to restore The Star Sydney to suitability.”

Besides, it asks for the Gambling commission to put the Star under strict supervision: “We submit that the appropriate action NICC should take is to allow Star Entertainment Group to continue to operate the licence, under strict supervision and being held accountable to the milestones on the Remediation Plan. Achieving those milestones should give NICC confidence that Star Entertainment Group has restored suitability.”

The Star is willing to adopt better industry practices to keep their casino license: “We are committed to adopting better industry practices expected for an entertainment group of Star’s stature. Star Entertainment Group is aware of the extent of change required and the effort and investment to address the Report recommendations and our thematic root causes.”

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